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Chapter 112: Another Episode
A large group of mechs and people armed with heat ray guns were moving towards them in a mighty formation. Pedestrians avoided the mob, scattering into hiding. From their practiced motions, it was obvious that this was not the first time something similar had happened.
Ye Chong immediately deployed Yu Di. The mob did not seem friendly, and Ye Chong was no fool, guessing that they were probably here for him. "Must be friends of the gang earlier today," thought Ye Chong!
He swiftly slipped into Yu Di’s cabin and activated the scanning system. A swarm of red dots appeared before him. "They are a large group," Ye Chong muttered to himself.
Shang’s toned turned dismissive. "Ye, you’re capable enough to handle them yourself. The threat level is not high enough, I can’t help you. Ah, such a pity! It’s been so long since my last battle!" A touch of regret was apparent in his words.
"Alone it is!" Unless the situation demanded it, Shang would not interfere. While he did not fully understand the reason, Ye Chong also did not intend to rely on them too much! Being too dependent on them would rapidly reduce his combat skills! His own strength was more reliable than someone else’s!
In such a complicated neighbourhood, passivity and retaliation after the enemies made their move would only spell death! If battle was inevitable, it was best to make the first move.
Qu Fa sat in his beloved mech, watching his lackeys move quickly and orderly towards the target. Once they circled him, the opponent will not escape their grasp. To face against these three men, he had deployed even his precious small team of mechs. These mech pilots were all with at least intermediate piloting skills. Apart from that, the 3 team leaders were all reputed as expert level pilots.
Qu Fa was cautious in nature. He had always behaved warily, and had never used his small team of mechs, its presence merely in anticipation of grave situations!
While many members of the Orbit Syndicate were skillful due to strict membership qualifications, competition within the Syndicate was still rife. Who was someone as insignificant as him to claim the title of an expert mech pilot? The 3 team leaders under him were hired after much relentless persuasion. He was not particularly inclined to recall those days!
In all honesty, this open conflict in the current sensitive period was not something the careful Qu Fa was willing to initiate.
However, more than a dozen of his members were murdered in the streets today. If he did not make a show of power, then he would quickly lose his place in the syndicate, and there would probably no more lackeys with him by tomorrow! On Haleyson, survival was difficult without some support. A weak organisation would also be quick to disperse!
Suddenly, a loud *BANG* was heard. Brick debris sprayed out in all directions. The small house was immediately swallowed by a swirl of yellow dust.
Qu Fa was startled. The circling formation was not yet formed, and yet the opponent had noticed them. They seemed to be quite wary. It looked like the battle today would inevitably be a hard one! Fortunately, there were only three of his enemies. No matter how capable they may be, they will surely falter from being outnumbered! For now, Qu Fa could only hope that the other organisations would not interfere with the battle, or he would be in real trouble!
A black mech emerged from the dusty clouds, unperturbed by the situation! "It looks like they’re underestimating us," Qu Fa thought to himself, laughing despite his rage. In fact, he was wrong about Ye Chong, for Ye Chong was not prone to underestimating his opponents, no matter how weak they seem to be. As for his current entrance, it was most likely a suggestion from Shang to create a psychological pressure on the enemies.
Before Qu Fa could give the orders, the four-limbed black

mech moved.
After so many days, Ye Chong had grown quite familiar with Yu Di. In Fred’s eyes, Yu Di was not exactly a mech of the highest grade. The 4 limbs may look many, but for the average pilot, they were excessive. After all, how many pilots could move their hands as fast as Ye Chong? However, it was as though the mech was designed specially for him. His impressive hand speed had always been restricted by the mechs he used. With Yu Di, Ye Chong’s hard work in improving his hand speed was finally paying off!
With time and effort, what could Ye Chong and Yu Di’s combination be capable of?
Ye Chong had no intention of questioning his enemies. Yu Di moved like a huge octopus, lunging ahead. Before anyone could react, he was already at the edge of the mob’s formation.
In the blink of an eye, Yu Di had already counted the enemies, a total of 37 mechs. They were all above average, but Ye Chong had grown used to mechs of this level, no longer surprised by them. The only mechs that could interest him now were the Black Cove mechs, MPA’s internal mechs and, perhaps, the few mechs by Fred the Great that he left behind.
Shang was howling excitedly in Ye Chong’s mind.
Yu Di did not make any feints, but rushed straight towards the mechs.
Ye Chong’s first opponent was a Skyway-III model. It looked like a wolf, and was an expert level mech. Its 4 mechanical limbs were obviously modified, looking menacing! Yu Di’s lunge did not faze the mech, as its concealed gun chambers opened up, and the firepower was aimed towards Ye Chong with full force.
However, with his experience with the MPA’s nanowave guns, this level of shooting attacks were like fireworks to Ye Chong, pretty and without substance. *SHING*! His shield, ready before his chest, expanded to meet the assault. The beast’s eyes instantly lit up like fire.
Skyway’s pilot did not expect his attack to be blocked at such a short distance. Before he could escape, he suddenly heard a buzzing sound from his mech. In his confusion, a violent explosion engulfed him ruthlessly like a beastly flood!
Ye Chong moved fast. He shielded himself with the shield and the UF magnetic sword. The sword was like a lurking viper, ready to deliver the fatal blow. Ye Chong was reluctant to use his grenade launcher, since the grenades were limited. If he finished the ammunition, the grenade launcher will be useless! Without Fred the Great with him, there was nowhere for him to replenish the curious grenades. Each one of them was unique! Ye Chong did not feel like wasting these precious resources in the current battle.
The thirty over mechs were mostly long range mechs.
It was definitely a nightmare for the long range mechs to be so close to a close range mech! Besides, no matter if they were long or close range mechs, being close to Ye Chong’s Yu Di was the mother of all nightmares!
Yu Di was like a meat grinder. Everywhere it went, mechs scattered in pieces, their parts flying off. The sound of mechs exploding did not subside.
Qu Fa’s face twisted with pain and suffering. All his hard-earned fruits of labour were gone!
Qu Fa’s death was unremarkable, garnering little attention, since he only represented a small gang from Hoth. However, the battle had won Ye Chong an enormous reputation! No matter how small the organisation was, it was still an amazing feat to defeat one single-handed!
Ye Chong was ruthless, and no one was expected to survive from his attacks. Besides, he showed impressive battle skills, and had an odd but frightening mech!
Ye Chong’s merciless methods were the cause of hesitation for many linchpins. He would be an ideal murdering tool for them if appropriately handled. However, with any misstep, he could be trouble, with a blade to their necks!
Many of these gangs had extended their olive branches to Ye Chong, but Ye Chong did not respond to any of them! He did not wish to live a restricted life, as a weapon in another person’s hands. Had he thought otherwise, which of these organizations could be more powerful than Black Cove?
Ye Chong was finally left alone. Understanding that Ye Chong did not plan to join any of the gangs, most of them were relieved, since this was an acceptable outcome for them!
Ye Chong walked leisurely on the streets. He was planning to familiarize himself with the local environment, but was interrupted last time. Now, he could finally take on the task!
The people on the streets all avoided Ye Chong. His infamous "killer" reputation in Hoth was unchallenged. He was described as being cold and merciless, a bloodthirsty murderer. Overnight, Ye Chong was smothered with the image of a butcher! Ye Chong did not mind it. Given the situation, it was more useful to be intimidating to others!
Without any interference, Ye Chong walked casually down the streets by himself, Shang in his alternate dimension. On the streets, a single-armed mech trailing him would be a sore sight. Besides, Ye Chong felt that Shang would better serve as a secret weapon. He was also feeling physically well recently, and this was just a stroll, as there should be no complications! Such were Ye Chong’s thoughts.
Ye Chong did not recognise the trees by the streets, and naturally did not know their names, but that did not stop him from taking a liking towards the flora!
Ye Chong examined the buildings that lined the streets on both sides as he strolled aimlessly around the neighborhood.
"Huh!" Ye Chong could not help but exclaim, seeing the strange architecture before him. A light green house, tinged with nature’s graces. The design kindled calm and peace within Ye Chong.
A faint and mysterious fragrance made Ye Chong’s nose a little itchy, and he suddenly found himself stepping onto the short wooden steps before the house.
Just as his right leg landed onto the steps, Ye Chong suddenly felt his mind shuttered, and was immediately alerted. He tried to reach out for Shang, but found his senses completely isolated from the mech! "This is not happening." Ye Chong felt helpless!
Soon, Ye Chong did not even have time to dwell on his helplessness, as a mind-piercing pain engulfed him like a tsunami wave!

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