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Ye Chong and Mu did not meet anyone idling around along the way. Everyone stood at their appointed stations dutifully. All non-combatants were sent to the safe room to avoid harm.

There were many flight runways available on Sabre, and that was convenient for Ye Chong.

As the mechs from both sides engaged, Sabre's mechs immediately took heavy damage. The enemy's mechs Nanowaves fired from their flexible ivory-white Javelin Angel-Vs, coupled with an impressive auto lock-on system that even Black Cove mechs found difficult to evade unleashed its full destructive powers on the enemy. The forty two Messengers all fired once, and forty mechs from the other side perished as a result, leaving only 2 mechs that escaped their assault.

Such terrifying aim and powerful guns caused instant turmoil amongst the mechs from Sabre.

At the bridge onboard Sabre, everyone stared in shocked, their faces paled as though the world was ending before their eyes. Captain Hatik's pained expression was twisted horribly, but he quickly gave the order in his hoarse voice. "Squads Two, Three and Four combatants, initiate attack!"

If they ceased to attack now, the remaining mechs would quickly be overwhelmed. Captain Hatik could only hope to use their numbers to his advantage, and so he put all his hopes on this last gamble!

Everyone onboard the ship understood their fates. When the enemy used a warship against them, it implied that they had no intention of leaving anyone alive. If news of their warship was leaked, the enemy would have to face the united forces of the Five Galaxies. No matter how powerful the enemy was, the result was definitely fatal. Surely the enemy would think the same!

Captain Hatik turned to his communications officer and asked, "Well? Any signals yet?"

The officer was on the verge of crying, looking hopeless. "None! Captain, I believe we're done for!"

Captain Hatik felt his chest tighten, but he maintained his calm expression and patted the officer on the back and said determinedly, "Don't give up, continue reaching out! We will prevail! Don't worry! I will bring you all home!"

The officer pulled himself together and nodded clearly, "Yes! Captain!" and continued on with his work, repeating his efforts of trying to communicate with the outside world.

Captain Hatik, however, was feeling a little dismal! Can one truly control one's own fate?

Ye Chong had just exited the flight runway when Captain Hatik gave the order for the supporting forces!

The first squad of combatants knew that they were no match for the opponent, and could only desperately buy time for support. Hence, an array of impressive evading skills were continuously employed in the small battlefield, and the battle was turned into a mass demonstration of evasion tricks!

However, the results were apparent, as the rate of mechs lost was reducing quickly.

The sight of three hundred over mechs launching together was an incredible sight! Even the ever steadfast Ye Chong could not help but feel a rush of excitement! Yu Di and Mu flew amongst the three hundred over mechs, inconspicuous to the ignorant!

However, this was obviously not the time for Ye Chong to be overexcited. He must familiarize himself with Yu Di, a gift from Fred, before he entered the range of the enemy's attacks!

Yu Di's every component was designed and made by Fred the Great himself, most of them very different from the component models found commonly in the market. Fortunately, Ye Chong was knowledgeable in mech modifications, and even if he did not know the exact models used, a few trials and errors was enough for him to have a rough understanding of the mech!

The mech's engines were definitely top of the line. Sitting in the mech, Ye Chong could feel the powerful surge from the mech's engines, surpassing even the capabilities of Harmony of the Winter Aria. "As expected of a master," thought Ye Chong respectfully. One should understand that the most difficult component to modify in a mech was its engines, since technology in engine designs were already mature. To modify even a small part of an engine was an incredible feat, much less redesigning an entirely new model! Besides, this engine model performed wonderfully!

Yu Di's most eye-catching feature was definitely its 4 hands. These 4 mechanical hands were well designed, with a range of motion that surprised even Ye Chong. The hands moved like the tentacles of an octopus, and even the weapons equipped for them were thoughtful.

One hand held a shield, and without any experience with it, Ye Chong did not know its capabilities, as he dared not attempt to test it in the current battle. Another hand clutched a spear, its head made of laser beams. The laser spearhead could even be launched as a weapon, but as for its effectiveness, Ye Chong was equally ignorant.

The weapon held by the third hand was one that Ye Chong was familiar with - a UF magnetic sword. This was one of Ye Chong's favourite weapons, and this particular sword's vibrating frequency was 3 times higher than the top grade UF magnetic swords found in the market. "Heavens, how did he solve the vibration frequency threshold problem? That's a world-class problem!" thought Ye Chong.

The weapon on the fourth and final hand was a bit odd. It was a vase shaped ammunitions launcher. "The old fool, did he really think this is a God?" The thought of the vase shaped design made Ye Chong want to cry, or laugh, or both. However, once he examined the contents of the launcher, Ye Chong felt a chill run down his spine! Magneto-interference grenades, high compression explosive grenades, metal degradation agents … All sorts of insidious auxiliary grenades were found, and in great variety. Ye Chong even found a small gravity grenade. "The man can fit a gravity matrix into such a small grenade! How terrifying!" Ye Chong finally understood that the mech was no God, but an honest-to-God devil of extreme insidiousness! Perhaps the trump card of this mech lay in these weapons!

"What a crafty old man!"

However, Ye Chong was not extremely gratified by the old man, Fred. These weapons, if used appropriately, would have devastating power! That meant that Ye Chong's chances of survival had increased!

Without time for further contemplation, Mu reminded Ye Chong that he was close to the enemy's firing range. Ye Chong immediately gathered his thoughts and examined the situation before him carefully. If he took a hit, even Mu with all his ingenuity could not save him! Fortunately, his hands moved quickly enough to make up for his unfamiliarity with Yu Di.

The MPA warship's commander was obviously confident of the forty two Messengers, and did not direct any of the warship's cannons to provide support. Instead, the cannons continued to fired at Sabre at a steady pace, hoping to breach the starship's seemingly impregnable armor!

Since Ye Chong was still adjusting himself to Yu Di, he was no longer in the middle of the swarm of mechs, but had dropped behind, with Mu flying steadily by his side.

However, with this, he would only need to concentrate on avoiding any stray bullets. He was not foolish enough to rush to the front lines!

Over three hundred mechs of all colours surrounded the forty two Messengers and fired their long range weapons, the canopy of laser beams and heat rays formed a dazzling web of light. No matter how powerful the Messengers were, they could not overcome the force of so many others! The forty two Messengers took their first hit, five of them destroyed by the first round of attacks, and a few of them were damaged!

The pilots were encouraged, as the white mechs image of invincibility was finally shattered!

The remaining Messengers did not stay put, but whizzed away in all directions, flying into the swarm of mechs. The pilots ceased fire for fear of shooting their comrades but the Messengers did not share the same concern; almost everyone around them were their enemies, and they could fire as they please! However, they also lost their long range advantage earlier. However, while their numbers were decreasing, the enemy's numbers were also decreasing, but at a much higher rate, tenfold or more!

Ye Chong carefully avoided the stray bullets. He did fully understand Yu Di's armor and defense capabilities, and this was not the place to experiment on them.

Some distance away, a Messenger was pursued by a few mechs, and was now heading towards him.

Ye Chong laughed coldly inside, his hands moving across the controls in a blur, initiating a sequence of maneuvers. Yu Di lifted its vase-shaped grenade launcher, and a gravity grenade was launched towards the Messenger.

Ye Chong noticed then that his scanning system did not register any trace of the gravity grenade. "Was the grenade shell made of anti-detection material? It must be so! What a sly old man!" Ye Chong was sincerely impressed!

The Messenger was obviously faster than the mechs pursuing it. With just a few minor evasive motions, it could avoid the laser beam attacks from behind.

The pilot of this Messenger also noticed an oddly designed mech some distance away, floating around idly. "What a fool, to space off on the battleground, just asking for trouble. As expected, this is just an assorted crew! The pilot in the mech smiled condescendingly, his Javelin Angel-V already pointed towards the odd looking mech. "Four arms? Does he think he's an octopus? Hehe, I'll show you the taste of some good grilled octopus!"

With just a move of his finger, the idiot would turn into ashes! The pilot's mouth formed a cruel smile!

Suddenly, without any warning, his whole body was heavily weighed down , as though he was falling. In that moment, he felt as though he was bundled together with some iron beams, his body unwilling to move as he wished it to, and any movement became extremely difficult! Before he could react any further, laser beams came from behind towards him.

His face was drained of color, and his eyes widened, panic-stricken; sweat along his forehead rolled downwards like a stream due to the gravitational pull!

*BANG* He knew his Messenger had been hit! Based on his experience, it should be the left shoulder!

A few other laser beams shot towards him, and while evasion was easy before, he could no longer react to anything. He watched hopelessly at the odd mech, and, just before he was completely engulfed in the explosion, he noticed that the thin smile on the mech's face was suddenly the very image of cruelty!

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