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Chapter 2626: Keeping Low-key

Jian Wushuang could not do anything about his cultivation level.

His cultivation time was really too short and spanning only a few decades after all.

It was already an incredible phenomenon for many to be able to reach the level of Peak Ultimate God in such a short time.

“I need enough Divine Elixir Pill to increase my cultivation level. Yuan Lei was a Golden Chief from the Star Picking Pavilion and should have quite valuable items in his Interspatial Ring. I wonder if there are Divine Elixir Pills among them.”

Jian Wushuang immediately investigated the Interspatial Ring that Yuan Lei left behind with a glimmer of hope.

Yuan Lei himself was an authentic Heaven Ultimate God and also a Golden Chief in Star Picking Pavilion. His assets indeed did not disappoint Jian Wushuang and were faithful to his identity.

Merely looking at Primordial Stones were already 30,000,000 pieces of them. In addition, according to Jian Wushuang’s estimation, the various types of cultivation resources had even exceeded the value of those Primordial Stones. Other than that, Yuan Lei possessed quite a fair bit of treasures as well.

There were a dozen Heavenly Treasures that could help offensive skills cultivation. He even had two sets of defensive armor despite being only at the Ordinary-level Heavenly Treasures. Unfortunately, there were no unique items like Mystical Weapons.

Not only did Yuan Lei have the Divine Elixir Pill that Jian Wushuang was looking for in his Interspatial Ring, but there were three of them!!

‘Adding on the one that I have and those three Divine Elixir Pills, I have four pills in total. It’ll help me make quite a bit of progress if I cultivated using all of them, but I’ll still be quite a distance away from becoming an Earth Ultimate God,’ thought Jian Wushuang.

He had previously estimated that he would need around 20 Divine Elixir Pills for him to make a breakthrough to Primary-level Earth Ultimate God from Peak Ultimate God.

Four pills were only one-fifth of that number.

“Hm, what’s this?”

Jian Wushuang was curious when he found a green-colored jade bottle. The reason that bottle caught his attention was because of the Vital Energy being emitted from it. He was even more surprised upon realizing he had never seen the material type used to make that jade bottle.

“There’s such strong Vital Energy coming out from that jade bottle’s content…” Jian Wushuang immediately removed the cork and extended his soul power into it and immediately saw the drop of liquid within.

The green liquid looked like dews on a flower or grass that could be found during the early mornings, but with a darker color shade. Moreover, Jian Wushuang felt a shock on his body and mind as soon as he saw the green liquid which caused a grand sight to rise around him.

That one drop of liquid contained such immense Vital Energy that even shocked him greatly.

“Although I don’t know what this is, the content in this unique bottle carries such strong Vital Energy only means that it’s no ordinary item. Should I find a chance in the future and get someone to appraise it,” said Jian Wushuang.

No one else in Danyang Holy Domain was more qualified to appraise treasures than Star Picking Pavilion—not even in the surrounding Nine Realms of Golden Crow. Every chief in Star Picking Pavilion had an extremely vast knowledge about treasures as they even specially trained several appraisers. Many extremely rare treasures including those that had completely disappeared from the Nine Realms of Golden Crow could be identified by the Star Picking Pavilion.

For example, the green liquid could easily be taken to Star Picking Pavilion for an appraisal so long he was willing to spend some money. He would be able to know about the history and function of that green liquid.

However, Jian Wushuang had just killed a Golden Chief from Star Picking Pavilion and acquired the green liquid from him. He did not dare go to Star Picking Pavilion under such circumstances.

“I’ll head home first. I came out just for the auction but ended up studying the Stately Painting and Transmigration Sword Formation after the auction. It’s been five years since I’ve left, I wonder how Northern Darkstar Territory is doing under Xin’er and Commander Cang Heng’s management.”

Jian Wushuang smiled and very soon left the place for Northern Darkstar Territory.

A few men appeared on that very piece of land which had already turned into ruins only a day after Jian Wushuang left.

The purple-robed man leading the group said with a cold voice, “Someone sensed a humongous fluctuation of divine power in this area. It seems like a big fight really took place here with both sides seems to have incredible capabilities based on the marks left on the battlefield—most probably an epic battle at the Heaven Ultimate God scale. On top of that, even though it’s been a moment, the battlefield is still filled with a thick Vital Energy. It’s probably left behind by Yuan Lei who studies the Vitality Law.”

The purple-robed man was the Star Picking Pavilion’s supervisor. As for the three men following him, two of them were Golden Chief while the other one was the Black Chief who received Jian Wushuang.

“Are you sure Yuan Lei was going after the Northern Darkstar Territorial Lord and not someone else?” The Purple Supervisor looked at the Black Chief.

“Positive.” The Black Chief nodded solemnly.

“Master Yuan Lei had already spotted the Northern Darkstar Territorial Lord early on in the auction, but for some reason did not take action. The Territorial Lord came once again at that time to purchase nine Infernal Crimson Divine Swords before leaving. We completely lost contact with Master Yuan Lei soon after with him not even replying to our messages.”

The Purple-robed Supervisor squinted as he knew the reason why Yuan Lei did not take action.

It was because Yuan Lei and the two Golden Chiefs were receiving orders from Senior Meng and he naturally could not walk away.

“Yuan Lei’s probably dead since he fought against someone here and we no longer heard from him thereafter. The Northern Darkstar Territorial Lord is only a High-level Earth Ultimate God. Even though he obtained Sword Lord Tong Xin’s Transmigration Sword Formation, it’ll be impossible for him to kill Yuan Lei. There has to be someone else who killed him,” said the Purple-robed Supervisor.

“However, all the experts had left since the auction was over according to our intelligence. There are currently only a limited number of Heaven Ultimate Gods in Narcissus Territory other than us and these Heaven Ultimate Gods having no reason nor the opportunity to kill Yuan Lei,” said one of the Golden Chiefs.

“Let’s just stop here and don’t investigate further regardless of who did it,” said the Purple Supervisor immediately.

“Don’t investigate further?” The two Golden Chiefs were slightly surprised.

A Star Picking Pavilion Golden Chief dying was a big deal and yet the Supervisor had no intentions to investigate further?

“This Yuan Lei was looking for trouble anyway. He immediately followed the Northern Darkstar Territorial Lord as soon as he stepped out of Star Picking Pavilion. Although they may have a minor private grudge, he still defied our rules and we have nothing much to say now with him being killed. Furthermore, it’ll defile our reputation if word about this matter goes around, so we’d better keep this matter low-key.”