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Chapter 2625: Bombardment!

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The pair of golden giant palms finally folded together completely.

Yuan Lei was naturally bearing unprecedented pressure situated in that void in which the horrifying energy was violently crushing.

The golden divine power gradually subsided after a while and the void returned to its original calmness bit by bit.

Yuan Lei was still standing in that void after matters died down, but his body was covered with blood. Cracks began to appear on the three kilometers tall tree behind him along with his greatly decreased aura.

However, an expert who practiced Vitality Law had the incredible rejuvenating ability. His capability would return in an extremely short time so long the giant tree behind him still stands.

“Still kicking?” Jian Wushuang’s frosty eyes stared at Yuan Lei.

Yuan Lei raised his head and looked at him with a strange smile on his lips. “Jian Yi, I truly have underestimated you. You’re merely an Earth Ultimate God who not only possesses great battle strength but also endless techniques. I’ve lost this battle, but don’t you get cocky now. If my guess is right, the reason you could perform so many techniques is because of the treasures on you—especially the one that could perform World Transformation…

“Hehe, a treasure of such caliber isn’t something an Earth Ultimate God like you could possess. You’d probably have a lot of visitors at your doorstep very soon if I spread the word about you possessing such treasures.”

“Do you really think you have the chance to do that?” Jian Wushuang’s voice was as cold as his gaze.

Yuan Lei’s expression changed and quickly raised his head in the next moment as he noticed something.

His eyes were opened wide upon raising his head.

Extremely powerful energy that previously existed in the world inside the floating scroll painting began to descend from above him.

A gigantic palm print began to descend from within the painting’s world.

That palm print was the Divine Emperor Seal, a technique Jian Wushuang acquired after fusing the first three forms of the Nine Provinces Seal!!!

It was also Jian Wushuang’s most powerful offensive move!!

“That—that’s…” Yuan Lei’s eyes were opened so round and wide in disbelief.

He was situated right under the gigantic palm print and could clearly feel that the palm print’s energy could even destroy heaven and earth.

That energy was a lot stronger than the pair of gigantic golden folding palms unleashed by Jian Wushuang which had severely injured him!!

It was so much stronger.

He had enough confidence to protect himself from the pair of golden folding palms.

However, the descending giant palm print simply made him feel a touch of helplessness.

“You actually have a technique that’s stronger than the one before?” Yuan Lei gave a deadly stare at Jian Wushuang as though looking at a monster.

He truly was a monster.

An Earth Ultimate God who could perform those techniques time and again was enough to shock him to the core.

He thought Jian Wushuang’s previous move that severely injured him was already his strongest move.

Jian Wushuang unexpectedly had something even more to offer!!

It was simply unbelievable!!

The gradually descending giant palm print caused Yuan Lei to even feel that all hope was lost.

He tried his best to project his divine power, so was the giant tree behind him, working hard to block the gigantic palm print.

However, the end was…destruction!

The gigantic palm print destroyed everything in its way and covered Yuan Lei’s Divine Body in the blink of an eye.


Yuan Lei gave out one final hysterical cry before being completely covered by the palm print.

Broom boom boom~~~ Infinite divine power rolled violently and shook heaven and earth.

After a long while, the surroundings finally calmed and quieted down along with the gradually dispersing gigantic palm print and overwhelming divine power.

Jian Wushuang slowly waved his hand as the Golden Prison and Golden God Shadow behind him disappeared. The Sword Principle World around him changed as well and reverted the area back to its original wasteland. On the other hand, the scroll painting world had just rewrapped itself back and turned into a beam of light before returning to Jian Wushuang’s body.

Jian Wushuang then kept the nine Infernal Crimson Divine Swords inside his Interspatial Ring.

Everything finally died down.

Jian Wushuang exhaled quietly and walked forward to the void that was crushed by the Divine Emperor Seal.

There was nothing left in the void—not even a corpse.

Yuan Lei’s body was completely grounded into micro-particles by the Divine Emperor Seal. The only items left were Yuan Lei’s Interspatial Ring and treasure that he had with him which Jian Wushuang tried his best to keep intact.

“A true Heaven Ultimate God—one that deeply understands Vitality Law and fully equipped with extremely potent rejuvenating skill—has been killed by me.” A strange light shone through Jian Wushuang’s eyes as he felt a touch of excitement.

Heaven Ultimate Gods was someone way above Earth Ultimate Gods. A regular Earth Ultimate God—even a Peak Earth Ultimate God—almost had no capabilities to fight back against a Heaven Ultimate God.

Even though his cultivation level was only at Peak Ultimate God which was not even an Earth Ultimate God yet, he managed to slay a Heaven Ultimate God in the end. Furthermore, it was a respectable duel with a head-on bombardment!!

It was truly a bombardment!

He was purely relying on many hidden maneuvers, the Stately Painting, and a few secret techniques he had to suppress Yuan Lei before finally using Divine God of Punishment’s Divine Destruction and the Nine Provinces Seal’s Divine Emperor Seal to bombard him till death.

It would be enough to scare many to death if word of the battle had gotten out.

The matter remains that he had truly achieved it.

Jian Wushuang took a deep breath as the excitement gradually calmed down and his face turned serious again.

“Although I’ve killed Yuan Lei head-on, the reason I could kill him is because of my treasures, secret maneuvers, and hidden techniques. My true capabilities are still a far cry from Yuan Lei’s without them.” Jian Wushuang told himself while reflecting and summarizing the battle.

“Although Yuan Lei was a Heaven Ultimate God, he’s average at best and isn’t considered among the stronger ones if I’m not mistaken. He only had rather strong physical defenses, though his techniques were very normal especially when it comes to offensive maneuvers.

“If I didn’t run into him but a Heaven Ultimate God who’s very good at offensive, I’m afraid I won’t be in such an advantageous position. At the end of the day, it’s really because of my very low cultivation level!

“My understanding of various laws and sword principles aren’t too far from most Heaven Ultimate Gods, but my too low level caused my base divine power being too far behind. I rely purely on secret techniques to fill in the lack of divine power.”