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Ye Que took the Firebird's Nest and looked at the terrace on the first floor. Without speaking to anyone, he silently walked to the spot with the best view and began checking the bow in his hand. He cast five illusory incantation seals on the body of the bow. As soon as the seals were cast, they entered the bow and the entire Firebird's Nest seemed to have come to life. Even the bowstring began to emit a soft white light.

In fact, the secret as to why the Firebird's Nest could shoot without arrow lay in this bow. Strictly speaking, it would be more accurate to call this a mobile formation rather than a bow. It was the Targeted Arrows Consonance Formation.

After activating the Targeted Arrows Consonance Formation, one could condense arrows of Spiritual Force by pouring Spiritual Force into the bowstring.


Ye Que took a deep breath. "Come on. How daring of you insignificant Devious Iguanas to do whatever you please in the Human World. Just because you're a little tall and buff, did you really think everyone is afraid of you?"

The number of Devious Iguanas on the deck of the dragon ship was increasing while the defense range of the executives of the Mortal World Pavilion under Leng Wuxin's leadership became smaller and smaller. The power of the Six Earthly Misty Rain Formation that six executives formed was also increasingly suppressed.

The smell of blood became denser and denser.

The Devious Iguanas became increasingly violent after being stimulated by the blood. Often, just as the swords were about to cut the bodies of the Devious Iguanas, they would be stuck in the flesh. The executives would have to spare at least one second to pull their swords out. In such a battle, even the briefest moment of stagnation would present a flaw to be exploited. They would often be captured for the dauntless Devious Iguanas naturally felt no pain.

The beheading of each Devious Iguana would typically cause at least an executive of the Mortal World Pavilion to sustain injuries. The beheading of 10 Devious Iguanas would cause the death of at least one executive. Even though there were more than one hundred of the executives here, they seemed unable to withstand the endless assault.

"Damn it. We're still a little slow in killing the monsters. This will make the flaw in the formation more and more obvious," Leng Wuxin scolded under his breath.

By now, there were already Devious Iguanas that escaped their defense to approach the hall entrance.

Seeing the situation on the battlefield, Leng Wuxin yelled at the nine Grade 3 executives next to him, "Barrier Combined Assault Formation!"

"Behead the demons and get rid of the devils!"

"Guard the dragon ship!"

"Defend the honor of the Mortal World Pavilion!"

The nine Pre-celestial Realm experts bellowed uniformly, their actions carrying both strength and power. Finally, they joined the battlefield as well. Earlier, after they had gotten the situation on the deck after control, they had returned to Leng Wuxin's side. The low-level executives looked as if they were unable to hold on any longer. They had no choice but to step in.

With the oppression produced by the difference in realms, coupled with the aid provided by the Barrier Combined Assault Formation, the assault of the Devious Iguanas was momentarily under control.

The more than a hundred Rank 2 martial artists had also retreated into the hall. They immediately consumed medicines to heal their wounds in hopes of recovering their strength as soon as possible.

Thanks to the Barrier Combined Assault Formation, the Pre-celestial Realm experts were able to behead a Devious Iguana in 10 seconds with the force of their True Energy. Within 15 minutes, each time a Devious Iguana appeared on the deck, it would be instantly killed.

Sounds of acclamation came from upstairs.

"They're experts of the Mortal World Pavilion, indeed. Impressive."

"Those are the nine Pre-celestial Realm experts, after all."

"The destructive power of the True Energy is truly terrifying. They're beheading the beasts like they're cutting vegetables."

"This is the land of mankind. It's not a place for the monsters to do whatever they please."

"We must make these beasts pay a terrible price for what they've done!"


A muffled noise resounded. It seemed to be coming from the depths of the river. The nine Pre-celestial Realm experts who were doing everything they could in the battle didn't notice. Neither did the guests in the cabins upstairs. Ye Que was the only one who was frowning.

One second later.


The three-meter-tall immense waves rose from the surface of the river and crashed onto the deck of the dragon ship. The moment the spray disappeared, all 30 Devious Iguanas emerged from the river. Their huge, razor-sharp teeth, as well as sharpened wolf-like claws, glinted dangerously midair.

The sudden increase of Devious Iguanas immediately doubled the pressure on the nine Pre-celestial Realm experts. In a moment of carelessness, one of them had his sword flying out of his hand after an attack. The Devious Iguana also chomped down on his right arm.

"This is bad!"

"Someone's injured!"

With one injured, the Barrier Combined Assault Formation formed by the other three fell apart without external force. This resulted in an approximately five-meter gap in the defense on the deck of the dragon ship.

"Damn it! Why are the monsters increasing in number?!"

"The executives of the Mortal World Pavilion can't hold on for much longer!"

"What about us? Why aren't the reinforcements here yet?"

When the guests occupying all four floors saw a flaw appearing in the defensive measures of the ship, they instantly flew into a panic. If these Devious Iguanas charged into the hall and climbed up the ship, there would be no hope for their survival. Their fate was as good as sealed.

"We must think of a way to escape."

"Yes! We can't stay in this dragon ship anymore."

"This is a dead end. The Mortal World Pavilion men should protect us as we escape. Let's go downstairs together and find a way to run."

Someone took the lead in suggesting ideas and calling for action. In this life-or-death moment, everyone immediately agreed as if they had finally found their backbone.

The hall on the ground floor.

The moment Leng Wuxin saw the gap in their defensive measures, realization immediately hit him. He knew that the Barrier Combined Assault Formation formed by his nine subordinates wouldn't be able to withstand the repeated attacks of the Devious Iguanas but he never thought that the formation wouldn't even last 15 minutes before a flaw appeared.

"Executives of the Mortal World Pavilion, it's now a matter of life and death. The monsters outside might storm in at the next moment. But tell me, what should we do as long as we're still breathing?" Leng Wuxin addressed the low-level executives in the hall that were just beginning to recover their strength.

Everyone fell into silence for three seconds.

"We pledge our lives to defend the dragon ship!"

Their replies came in unison.

They stood up in unison.

"Unsheath your swords!" Leng Wuxin bellowed.

"Wait a moment!"

Right then, shouts came from above. Soon after, a large group of guests rushed down the stairs.

"Mr. Leng, please wait a moment." The one who spoke first was none other than the plump, wealthy merchant who spoke the most on the terrace of the third floor earlier. "If you lead all your men outside now, what difference is it from jumping into your graves?"

"Look at all these people. How many of them still have the energy to fight? Such a futile defense serves no meaning! It'll just cause the death of even more people!" the plump, wealthy merchant said loudly while brandishing his left arm.

Leng Wuxin didn't reply. He turned his head to look at the group of guests in front of him.

"You don't have to look at us like that. What we're suggesting is that we can find a way to escape this ship. We can't sit here and wait to die, can we? If we wait any longer, we'll really die. We won't even leave intact bodies behind."

The fat and wealthy merchant pointed to the deck of the dragon ship. A Devious Iguana that had failed to get close to the Barrier Combined Assault Formation earlier was now bitting the body of a recently deceased executive of the Mortal World Pavilion. It raised its head and swallowed the body whole with three or four gulps. Blood flowed from the corner of its mouth without ceasing.

"We can't maneuver the ship now. Believe me, I've tried. The moment the boatman dipped his paddle into the water, it'll be instantly destroyed by the monsters around us. We can only defend the ship to the death and await the reinforcements," Leng Wuxin said expressionlessly.

"We know that. There's no way for the large ship to move now but if I remember correctly, this armored dragon ship is transformed out of an imperial ship. There should be reserve boats in the ship," the merchant said in a lowered voice. "We can give up the ship, create a small opening in the rear, and leave on the boats."

The merchant looked hesitant before continuing, "That's a definite solution but if we want to live, we must leave people on the ship to attract the attention of the monsters."

The suggestion sounded simple enough but the real issue soon cropped up.

"Who leaves?"

"Who stays?"

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