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Running at a trot in the camp that was ruled by a restless atmosphere due to the preparation for dinner, Dimitar caught up with Lucius.

「—What do you think, Lucius?」

「About what?」

「Those people intend to head for Aurillac with the mood of a parade, you know」

「In a country where the populace’s dissatisfaction towards the government is becoming chronic, the royalty will make a round of visits to every place in the form of “imperial tour” and make the will of the people settle down. It’s a common move」

「Speaking of typical of this country where political situation is unstable, this is so like them」

Dimitar looked around his surroundings while walking side-by-side with Lucius. Although the people from the Seal Chivalric Order weren’t non-existent, the ones who were moving around in the vicinity were mostly the Gale Chivalric Order, namely Haiderota’s people only. It wasn’t possible to say remarks which might be interpreted as criticism towards Haiderota openly very much.

Perhaps he was aware of that, Lucius’s voice was also extremely low.

「…To be honest, the effect is doubtful with just Sigibert-kakka, but if it’s that Diaghilev-geika, the populace’s support can be obtained. For a country of warriors like Haiderota, a Dominas who stands at the army’s vanguard and fights is considered more of a hero than an unskilful soldier」

「I understand that. —However, they plan to involve even Our Eminences in that monkey show, you know?」

The Gale Chivalric Order probably intended to push its vice-leader, Clotilde, rather than its leader, Sigibert, to the front, assemble a brave file of troops and go towards Aurillac. Valeria and Karin would then be shaken in the carriage, with the appearance of being protected by them.

But in that case, Valeria and party might become appendages to Clotilde. The leader of the alliance was, to the end, Amaddo; Dimitar believed that the situation where the leader country’s Dominas were eclipsed by another country’s Dominas should be avoided.

「…That Dominas has the height and her appearance is eye-catching too. With those, she’ll inevitably stand out if she straddles an ostentatiously decorated horse. Unless they (Valeria and Karin) also dress up very strikingly and show their faces, the leading part of the parade will be taken by that woman as things are, you know」

「Is that situation so bad?」


Noticing Lucius who was staring at him and smiling bitterly, Dimitar who had asked so in return narrowed his eyes.

「What do you mean? That’s definitely bad, right?」

「It’s better if it’s in Amaddo; this place is Haiderota, you know? As expected, it’s impossible that both Her Eminences of our country disregard Diaghilev-geika and play the leading part in the home town of the other party」

「Even so」

Dimitar knitted his brows and then folded his arms.

「—I can’t tolerate our country’s Dominas being treated like those people’s extras」

「This is unexpected, Dii. You’ve that much patriotism」

「It isn’t patriotism in particular. I’m merely not pleased with those people’s way of doing things only」

「Is that so? Maa, it’s a good inclination either way. Whatever your reason may be, the fact that you’re thinking about Valeria-jou’s position like that means」

「Of course. This is related to my success in life」

Dimitar felt as if there was an implication somewhere in Lucius’s manner of speaking and was in no way comfortable. Even though Dimitar had been worrying about this and that purely because of political reasons, Lucius was reading too much into such a matter of his own accord. For Dimitar, things had turned out contrary to his actual wish.

「Look here, Lucius—」

「You don’t need to worry so」

Lucius interrupted Dimitar’s words and hit the area around his upper arm with a “pon”.

「His Highness had foreseen that it might become a situation like this from the beginning. Upon discussing with Haha-ue, a plan has been prepared properly」

「A plan? Is that true?」

「Yes. It has been factored in that the other side will start something. After all, it’s said that the person called Sigibert-kakka has a rivalry spirit towards His Highness one way or another since he was a child. No matter what kind of trivial thing it is, he’ll compete with His Highness and try to win. …But regrettably, he seems slightly simple and ignorant of the ways of the world to compete with His Highness」

「I knew that he’s simple and childish once I saw him…」

「Anyway, things won’t turn out as those people want」

「Is that so…」

Although Dimitar didn’t know what kind of plan His Highness had worked out exactly, he probably didn’t have to worry since Lucius stamped his seal of approval.

「—What? Did you go out of your way to leave the dinner party just for that reason, Dii?」

「Iya, I remembered that I left Gacha Pink alone」

「If it’s Bettina-jou, she should be helping to put up both Her Eminences’ tents, most likely at the instruction of Lindegoa-kyou’s side, but…」

「I see. Then, I’ll go and help a little. …I want to give her a warning」

「A warning?」

「Even if we’re in an ally’s territory, her armour is a mass of military secret. I should have said that to her on the occasion of a mission, but she’s simply lacking the awareness. Even though she has nothing to do, she’ll wander aimlessly at once and act in a behaviour that will attract people’s attention」

「Now that you mentioned it…I recalled something」

Lucius, who was walking side-by-side with Dimitar, stopped suddenly and scratched his head.

「I’ve also forgotten to convey a few words to His Highness」

「What’s it? Is it about Jorkera by any chance?」

「Yes…it’s about His Highness; he might see a suitable time and boast of the new sword to Sigibert-kakka. Sigibert-kakka is a gentleman who can’t use magic too, so this is a perfect opportunity to make him feel bitter, right?」

It seemed to be something that mischievous His Highness would really do. If it was to make Sigibert who would try to compete with him on everything stamped his feet, he’d probably flaunt one or two military secrets nonchalantly.

「Dii, return immediately and convey this matter to His Highness. I’ll talk to Bettina-jou myself」


「And one more thing」


「You probably have thoughts regarding Diaghilev-geika, but don’t show it in your attitude, all right?」

「Those are words which you should say to Our Eminence」

Setting Karin aside, Valeria who was ignorant of the world’s severity and malice most likely hadn’t notice the scheme of Haiderota’s side yet. The image of her who had realised that making her face bright red and screaming vehemently seemed to come into his mind.


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