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Four concentric layers of thick and tall walls enclosed the Holy Capital Ahmad of the Kingdom of Yamoda, protecting the city from invaders and wild beasts.

The innermost layer was the wall that surrounded the Royal Castle. The Magic Academy, the Army’s training area, blacksmithing workshops, and the food stores of the city all lay within it.

The residences of Nobles lay within the protection of the 2nd innermost wall. They were all mansions built with stone, so that if the Holy Capital was besieged in any event, they could act as fortresses and strongholds to repel invaders.

The area in between the 2nd and 3rd layer was the Old City. It was the outermost area of the Capital City 200 years go, but with the increase in population over time, the city had to expand, leading to the birth of a new area, and the creation of the 4th wall to enclose and protect it.

Approximately 40,000 people lived in this grand metropolis.

No other city in the whole of Yamoda, no, in the whole continent, could match Ahmad in scale and population.

Valeria muttered under her breath.

She furrowed her brow, still mumbling, obviously deep in thought.

Before long, she frowned, wrinkles forming near her nose. Her ramblings had gone up in speed, evidently frustrated by something.

Even though her face was all scrunched up into a glower, Valeria looked extremely cute, most likely because she had inherited her deceased mother’s beauty. Valeria Costacurta’s mother was once known as the most beautiful woman in Yamoda before her death.

Valeria, dressed only in underwear that exposed most of her smooth, silky skin, was currently staring silently at a gorgeously designed tabard that hanged on a human-shaped closet with a confused expression.

“… Umm… Ojou-sama… you…”

Probably scared by the terrifying silence that permeated the room, the housemaid asked Valeria timidly: “… Oujo-sama, is there something you dislike about this tabard?…”

“I don’t dislike it, but…”

Valeria released her folded arms under her breasts, and lifted the hem of the tabard.

“Isn’t this piece of clothing way too transparent…?”

Within the tabard was a tulle dress. Because it was made with transparent and light cloth, her tight vest and panties would be visible for everyone to see.

“Ojou-sama, but this is the official uniform for Dominus’…”

“I know that, but can’t you do something about thi—”

Valeria, who was mumbling and muttering non-stop, suddenly stopped talking, and grabbed hold of the chair in front of the closet.


A slightly overweight man pushed open the door to her room with both hands and rushed in with a flustered and exasperated expression.

“I-I do not remember to agreeing on this matter with you! O-Our only daughter, the only daughter of the Costacurta family is… Uoooh!”

“Get out! Can’t you see I’m changing here?! OMG, so annoying!”

A chair slammed into him even before Valeria’s words reached his ears.

“Wh..a..h…!”The man was sent flying backwards, landing and rolling on the floor out the door before smashing into the wall of the corridor.

“Nei! Close the door!”

“But, is this really alright…?”


“Yes! I’ll close it right away!”

After ordering her hesitant maid to close the door, Valeria crossed her arms under her breast once again and turned her head to look at the already closed door. Pushed up by her folded arms, her exquisite and rightly-proportioned breasts puffed out, displaying her beautiful and attractive curves.

“Hey! Valeria! Open the door!”

Loud and desperate knocking could be heard from the other side of the door.

“Explain to me clearly what’s going on! I’ve already told you that I won’t be agreeing to this! I won’t allow the only daughter of my Costacurta family to become a Dominus!”

“Why are you still saying this… Isn’t being selected as one of the only 12 Dominus’ in the world a great honour? Father, what are you still so unsatisfied about?”

“You’re right, it’s a great honour… but, but once you become a Dominus, marriage will be…”

“I’ve already been selected! Who cares about marriage!”

Valeria said with furrowed brows.

“Father just don’t talk about this matter anymore! You’re causing so much of a racket that I can’t focus!”

“What are you talking about?!! You also have the responsibility to marry a good husband and give birth to children to continue our bloodline! Since there’s still time left, go and tell the King or the Academy Headmaster that you want to decline the offer of being a Dominus…”


Valeria cut off her father in mid sentence, and extended her right arm to point at him, who stood on the other side of the door, with her index and middle finger.

“– becoming a Dominus has always been my dream, and is the first step to restoring the Costacurta family’s reputation! Please don’t stop me!”

“Wh-What… if it’s for the restoration of the Costacurta family name, I can–”

“Father, relying only your family’s power and connections to restore the Costacurta family to its former glory is a fool’s errand! And anyways, I’m the current HEAD of the Costacurta family, not you! You’re only my guardian! Don’t forget this simple fact!”

“Of course I know that! But, as your father–”

“If you continue to talk about this matter..”

The pupils of Valeria’s beautiful eyes suddenly contracted, and numerous red lines started to appear on the back of her right hand. The countless straight and curved red lines crossed each other to form a complex design, emitting a red light that blinked in and out whilst whizzing about the crest.

“Do I have to send the door flying to get you to leave?”


Valeria’s father wailed in pain, before walking away from the door. His footsteps could be heard, getting softer and softer as he walked further and further away from the room.

Valeria relaxed her tense shoulders and sighed, and the strange glow on the back of her right hand started to fade.

“Is that… Oujou-sama…?”

“What, Marr?”

“It’s not that I disagree with you, but there is logic in Master’s words…”

“Yes. Once I become a Dominus, I’ll have to protect my body’s purity (awww, no popping cherries) until I retire or resign. It’s a rule that has been passed down since ancient times… Because of this, in the 9 years that I’ll serve as a Dominus, don’t talk about giving birth to children, even marriage is not allowed.

“And anyways, in 9 years I’ll only be 25 … but to be honest, it’s kind of late to marry at 25.”

The women who lived in the city usually married and gave birth to children at the age of 20. And there were quite some women the same age as Valeria (16 years old) who had already given birth to children. Even the Ojou-sama’s of Noble Families would usually be engaged in their 16’s or 17’s and marry at the age of a roundabout of 20. In terms of an Ojou-sama, 25 was a rather old age to marry at.

Valeria, who was pouting and still rambling non-stop, shook her head as if to stop herself from thinking off random things, and used her hands to comb through her long hair.

“Anyways! It is my first priority to do my best to restore my Costacurta Family’s former glory!”

“Oujo-sama, it is good that you want to restore the Costacurta Family from the ashes”

“I agree, you’ve worked so hard to achieve the best grades in the whole of the Academy after all. Now that all your efforts have been repaid, I think you need to be self-conscious to become a good Dominus from now on.

“Self-conscious? I’m definitely self-conscious! 120%!”

“I don’t think a Dominus who’s self conscious would dress only in her underwear and wave her fist around to vindicate herself.”

“And if you don’t change your clothes quickly, you won’t be able to attend the ceremony in the Palace in time.”
TL Note: Another maid

“Aaaaa~~Aaaaaa! I can’t hear you ~~ Nah Nah~~”

Ignoring the racket her maids were making, Valeria took the lacy tulle dress from the human-shaped closet and put it on silently.

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