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Chapter 344
344 Bear-san Invites Lurinsan



Finally, we’re leaving for Mereera in the early morning tomorrow .

I greeted Gran-san and promised to take care of Misa . Well, Marina is there so she would be escorting her instead of me .

Thanks to Sherry’s hard work, the swimsuits for Misa and Marina were able to make it in time .

Then, when I went to the orphanage to check the situation, there’s already a person who’ll take care of the birds, and I saw him taking care of them with the children . I’m glad he came .

If he didn’t come by, I would worry .

Then, while I’m on my way to Bear-san’s rest shop to get the ingredients that Tiruminsan asked, I saw Anzu and the others who were about to buy souvenirs . Their store has been closed since yesterday . Tiruminsan is taking a break early because she’s checking the schedule when the tunnel management changes the flow of traffic .

When I arrive at Bear-san’s rest shop, Morin-san and Karin-san were preparing breakfast and lunch for tomorrow .

Misa is exploring the town of Crimonia together with Noa, Fina, and Shuri . They also visited my house . Their target is Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear . they want to play with Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear all day long . Those children are really energetic .

And so, we will leave tomorrow . I knew it, Lurinsan and Gil didn’t come back . The children might get lonely, but it can’t be helped . Even those two are working .



I’ve decided on the number of people going to Mereera, so I went outside of the town to remodel the Bear Bus . Then after leaving the town alone, I arrived at the place where I made the Bear Bus with Fina and Shuri from the last time .

It should be okay here because nobody will notice me here . With that in mind, I took the Bear Bus out from the Bear Box .


[What is this weird thing?] ???


A voice came from behind me . When I look back, there was an unexpected person standing there .


[Shia?] Yuna


Shia is in front of me . Next to her is Lurinsan .

I can’t grasp the situation .  Why are these two here together?

And why are you standing behind me in the first place?


[Etto, why is Shia in Crimonia? Also, why are you together with Lurinsan?] Yuna


For now, let’s try to sort out some questions .


[I’m here because I saw Yunsan walking . ] Shia

[Then why are you in Crimonia?] Yuna

[I came from the royal capital . ] Shia

[Why did you come here all the way from the royal capital?] Yuna

[To go to the town of Mereera together with Yunsan . ] Shia

[…………] Yuna


Shia answered my questions plainly . But she shouldn’t hear anything about going to the town of Mereera from me .


[Did I make you a promise?] Yuna

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[No, you didn’t . ] Shia


Yeah, I haven’t done that . I don’t have a memory of that .

The other day, after giving a report for delivering the water magic stone to Dezerto, I donndonna by Eleanorsan . At that time, I remember talking to Noa about going to the sea . And, I remember the envious Shia, however, she never said anything about going with us .


[Aren’t you a student? What about school?] Yuna

[The school is closed . I’m on a long break . And I thought I wouldn’t make it in time if I use a carriage, so I came here on horseback . But it seems that it was good timing that I saw Yunsan leaving the gate so I followed you . ] Shia


I’m sure it wasn’t just a coincidence .


[You didn’t say anything when you saw me . ] Yuna

[I wanted to surprise Yunsan and Noa . And my mother didn’t allow me to go until the last minute of the school closing . ] Shia

[Speaking of which, is Eleanorsan with you?] Yuna


I confirmed my surroundings .


[She isn’t . My mother is at work . ] Shia


She’s not here? I’m a little relieved .

If Eleanora was here, it’ll turn into a big mess .

Well, I understand why Shia is here .


[If you told me earlier, I would’ve changed the date . ] Yuna


There’s no problem with just a few days’ change in the schedule . I don’t need to book an inn . I’m not even hiring carriages . The only ones who have problems with it are the ones who’ll take care of the birds .


[Then I can’t surprise Yunsan and Noa . ] Shia


To surprise me, huh . You don’t have to do that .


[So then, Shia and Lurina, why are you together?] Yuna

[That’s because I happened to be in the royal capital and I was asked to protect Shichan . ] Lurina


Lurinsan answered my question .

According to Lurinsan, She and Gill went to the royal capital for work . So, after finishing their work, Lurinsan and Gil were looking for a job that goes along going to Crimonia, met Shia, who came to ask for the request .

So Lurinsan said she has been escorting Shia to Crimonia as requested .

But Lurinsan and Gil went to the royal capital . So that’s why they didn’t come back sooner .


[So, when I talked to Lurinsan, she was surprised because I knew that she was acquainted with Yunsan . ] Shia

[There’s only a handful of adventurers in Crimonia who are friendly with Yunchan after all . ] Lurina

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That, that’s not true, you know?

I’m sure there are many adventurers who also happens to be close friends .

There are adventurers like Jade-san and his party which is based on royal capital . Blitz’s party are adventurers who wander around without a fixed base . Marina and her party are adventurers based on the city of Sheleen . And the only Crimonian adventurers I get along with are Lurinsan and Gil .

Later, four new adventurers will be added .

After some reconsideration, I realized that I’m not really close to these adventurers, because I did not form a party with them or do a request together .

But I don’t feel lonely since I don’t need a party because I have my Bear Equipment, so I’m used to it .

I’m not pretending to be tough .


[While returning to Crimonia, I enjoyed listening to Yunsan’s story in a variety of ways . ] Shia


What? That’s my personal information you’re talking about . But if Lurinsan knew what Cliff knows, then, Eleanorsan would naturally know .

[Yunsan . You seem to have beaten up Lurinsan’s former friend . ] Shia


I see so that’s what the story is about .

Certainly, Lurinsan knew more about what happened in the adventurer’s guild and Deborane .


[I also enjoyed talking about the Adventurer’s Guild . ] Lurina


Maybe it’s about the infamous Bloody Bear? Somehow I feel like she’s talking about something I know nothing about .

I have to ask Lurinsan what she said later .


[So Yunsan . Is this a vehicle? Are you perhaps going to use it to go to Mereera?] Shia


Shia has been circling around the Bear Bus for a while now, it seems she’s very interested .


[Yeah, that’s right . ] Yuna

[Isn’t it too big?] Shia

[I think so too . How many people can ride in it?] Lurina


Is that so? Though I think that there are horse carriages of this size, like a large carriage that carries luggage on top . But you’ll need many horses to pull that .


[I’ll take all the children in the orphanage along with the people who work in the shop . If it’s not big enough, they won’t be able to ride in it . ] Yuna

[But how will you move such a big thing?] Shia


Shia asked that question . After that, Shia goes around the Bear Bus once more, and Lurina looks at the Bear Bus’s face from the front .


[Maybe Swaying Bear-chan and Hugging Bear-chan are the ones going to pull it?] Shia


I knew you would say that .

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Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear will cry when they hear that .


[No they won’t . ] Yuna

[So horses then? How many do you need?] Lurina

[In that case, it would be better to just bring a few more carriages . ] Shia


To Lurinsan’s words, Shia’s words are more like common sense . Well, if we’re using the same number of horses anyway, it is easier to just use multiple normal carriages instead .

But I don’t think anybody knew that it uses magic to move .


[It’s a golem-type carriage driven by my magic . ] Yuna

[Golem carriage? And it uses Yunchan’s magical power to move it?] Lurina

[It’s like moving an ordinary golem . ] Yuna


I made a normal earth bear golem and pour my magic power to make it move . The bear golem ran around the Bear Bus .


[Like that . Though it uses a lot of magical power . ] Yuna

[It’s usually difficult to make golems since it consumes a lot of magical power, but move such a big thing . ] Lurina


Lurinsan looks at me and the Bear Bus alternately with astonishment .

By the way, Marina’s party knows that I made a big bear golem before, but Lurinsan doesn’t .


[But as usual, Yunchan makes bears . ] Lurina


It can’t be helped . I can easily create stuff using the image of a bear, and if I make the same thing, I can reduce the magical power consumption . Furthermore, the strength is higher just like the Bear House . There is no reason not to make it a bear because the merit of making a bear is far too great . If I put up with it, the magical power consumption will be suppressed and the children will be safe .


[Yunchan, can I ride it a little?] Lurina

[You can get on it if you come along with us to Mereera, Lurinsan . ] Yuna

[Ara, I can come along?] Lurina

[I was going to invite Lurinsan and Gil to this trip, so I asked the adventurer’s guild to tell me when you came back to Crimonia . ] Yuna

[Is that so?] Lurina

[But you never came back . ] Yuna

[Sorry . ] Lurina


I’m not asking for an apology, though . I just want to say it .


[But isn’t it a trip for people involved with Yunchan?] Lurina

[Lurinsan and Gil know the children so there’s no problem . Besides, there are some people I haven’t even invited . ] Yuna


I glanced at Shia who’s looking around at the Bear Bus .


[And the kids will be happy with you two around . ] Yuna

[Fu fu, that’s right . Though I’m afraid Gill is more popular with boys, anyway . He’s quiet, but he carefully takes care of them . ] Lurina


Gill seems to be playing with the children with an expressionless face, but he doesn’t seem to dislike it .

I don’t even ask him for it, but he sometimes comes to the orphanage .


[So, you’re not together with Gill?] Yuna

[We were together . But then we said we’d follow Yunchan, Gil said and went home to the city . ] Lurina


That’s Gill alright . But I might have noticed him if Gill who has a big body followed me .


[So Lurinsan, why don’t you and Gill come with us?] Yuna

[That’s true, I don’t mind escorting . ] Lurina

[I’m not paying the request fee, but I will give you a place to stay and a meal . ] Yuna

[A place to stay, is that the big Bear House?] Lurina

[Have you seen it?] Yuna

[Everyone knows that if you go to Mereera, you’ll see it . Yeah, it’s okay . I’ll go with you . I’ll tell Gill later . ] Lurina



I’m happy that Lurinsan is here, but I don’t have a swimsuit for her . Even if I ask to make it now, it will not be on time . Though when I told her that…


[Swimsuits in the sea? Swimsuits hmm . It’s okay . I have the swimsuit that I bought when I went to Yufalia last year . I’m sure my figure hasn’t changed . ] Lurina


Lurinsan touches her body lightly . She has an adult-like body . I don’t have to panic because I can reach the age of Lurinsan as well .

Also, I was interested in the swimwear, but a place came up with a name that I have not heard before .


[Yufalia? What’s that?] Yuna

[Yunchan, you didn’t know?] Lurina


Yes, I’m from a different world so I don’t know . You don’t have to be so surprised, you know .


[Yufalia is also known as the city of water . It a city with a big lake . ] Lurina

[It’s a very beautiful city . Wealthy people and aristocrats go there during hot seasons . ] Shia


To sum up their story, it seems that the city was built around the lake .


[I happened to go to work there last year . At that time I bought a swimsuit . ] Lurina


However, there is such a city . I want to go there once .  But I won’t go because I’m reluctant to wear a swimsuit .

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