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Aahh, it looks like my class-changing luck has finally run dry…
For my final year of middle school, I finally ended up with His Majesty the Emperor.

Serika-chan was in the same class as well, and was jumping for joy about it.

“We’ve finally done it, Reika-sama! We’ve really had such bad luck so far!”

I’ve really had such good luck so far.

“This year is looking so bright! Don’t you think so, Reika-sama?”

Thinking about it, nothing has gone wrong since that bad fortune. Should I go get purified?
I wonder if theres a famous place for exorcisms.

As I was dragged along to class by the jubilant Serika-chan, along the way we ran into Enjou, who was surrounded by girls.

“Kisshouin-san. Thank goodness. There’s been something I wanted to talk to you about. This is a great chance.”


The girls around us all began screaming because of his words.

“What are they going to talk about!?”

“It can’t be, a confession!?”

“A love triangle!?”

Stop it! Stop with your strange guesses! How could this black-hearted schemer do something as cute as confessing!

“It’s a bit hard to talk here, so could you come with me?”

His smile placed a huge pressure on me. I can’t fight back with my coward’s heartt!

But although I screamed that in my heart, I accepted his request with a face filled with composure.

In the end, I was taken to the base of a staircase.
Suspicious. Super suspicious. What part of this smile plastered onto his face is supposed to be trustworthy.

“You see, I actually have a favour to ask of you.”

“A favour?”

“Yeah. You ended up in Masaya’s class, right? Could you become a class rep, please?”


Class Rep? Why me! Or rather, just, why!

“You should know already that the girls in Masaya’s class are noisy each year. Since this is the last year of middle school, and a year with a school trip too, I think it’s going to be especially bad. A normal girl won’t be able to handle it. That’s why I thought of you.”

“Eh- …But why do you care?”

Worrying about another class? This guy definitely isn’t doing this because he’s filled with love for the school or anything.
If he was a person like that then shouldn’t he have taken the initiative to become class rep last year?

“Mmmm… The truth is that somebody asked me as a favour. The guy who’s going to be your class rep. Since he didn’t think he’d be able to manage on his own, he was thinking of getting you to act as vice. Apparently your homeroom teacher plans to ask you the same. But you refused last year, didn’t you? That’s why he wanted me to persuade you.”

No way! No way no way!

How are you going to take responsibility if I get burdened by stress, go crazy, and start writing poems too!

After watching a certain movie I was influenced so badly that I started reading Rimbaud and Verlaine, and I still remember how I wrote crap about sighs and eternity!

GYAAAAAAAAAHHH! If my family found it and read it, I wouldn’t be able to rest in peacee!

“Kisshouin-san? Are you okay?”

“Eh-, ah, yes. I am fine.”

The past is the past. Forget about it. It’s okay. You definitely threw it away.
UWAAAAHH! But I wrote poems in other people’s signature books! Scary! Actions that leave evidence are scary!


“I am fine.”

Forget it, Reika! There’s nobody who doesn’t have a little bit of dark history, okay!
Poems are something that everyone experiences once.

“Well then, become class rep, was it? I must apologise, but I do not believe I have the ability, so could you possibly ask somebody else?”

I don’t want to get involved with anything troublesome.

“I see. I guess it can’t be helped.”

Enjou showed me a dark smile.

“Say, Kisshouin-san… Don’t you still owe me a favour?”

Hah? Favour? Uh, favour… Favour…?

“When Ririna…”

“Yup. Remember it now? I think it’s time to pay your dues.”

You’re bringing up something from over a year ago!?

My old mum was right. You definitely can’t get involved with debts. It’ll come back to get you with ridiculous interest!

My new homeroom teacher called me out right after.

What on earth have you done, Monk Boy!

“Oh geez, I’m really glad that you agreed, Kisshouin-san. If you’re doing it anyway, how about being the lead rep?”

“No, vice please.”

I’m not good at refusing people, but I’m outright refusing this.

“Um, I’m Bouda(坊田). I’ll be in your care.”

Eh-, the Monk’s(坊主;Bouzu) surname is Monk Field(坊田; Bouda)?
That’s way too fitting.

“Yes, likewise. Please take care of me.”

I’m super unwilling about this, but since I’ve already agreed, it can’t be helped. Let’s get along this year, Monk-kun.

“Bou- …da-kun, are you close with Enjou-sama? To think you would be able to ask him to persuade me.”

On the way back to the classroom, I voiced the question I had been wondering the whole time.
I can’t really picture these two being close.

“Close? Heavens, no. Last year we were in the same class, and he helped me with a lot of things. He’s a really amazing person!”

So Monk-kun is in the Enjou Faction. Looks like he looks up to him.
Enjou just looks like a huge villain to me, though.

“Sensei wanted me to be class rep again, but since there’s the famous Kaburagi-kun in our class, I thought it was impossible for me. At that time, Enjou-kun had just arrived in the staff room by coincidence, and suggested that you act as the vice rep. If you controlled the girls, then everything would be fine, he said. He even said that he would ask you himself. Enjou-kun is just such a kind guy. He’s just so considerate of others, isn’t he.”

Enjou was the one who suggested this!? What the. That’s completely different to what he told me!
That damned schemer! What the heck are you planning!

With no idea what I was thinking, Monk-kun continued praising him to the skies.
Apparently this kid has no eyes for people.

When I returned to the classroom, it was an even bigger fuss than last year’s Enjou thing.

Uwahh… Am I really going to be this class’ vice rep for a whole year?

Ah-! And Serika-chan was right in the middle of it all. She was in the very best spot!

“It’s your turn, Kisshouin-san.”

It’s impossible for me, Monk-kun…

Having spotted me, the girls all rushed over with excited expressions.

“Reika-sama, what was that talk with Enjou-sama about? Could it have been a confession? Kyaaa! How dreamy!”

My stomach started hurting again.
What were the foods good for the stomach again…?

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