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For some reason as I was translating this chapter, I kept thinking of midoriha…

It was our job to get a list of names and club affiliations in order to bring to the Student Council. We had our classmates fill out the forms, but just when I was about to head to the Student Council room to deliver it, Class Pres suddenly suggested,

“Why don’t I go alone?”

“Why ever would you do that?”

“Eh-, I mean, look, people say that the Pivoine and Student Council don’t really get along… And you are technically a Pivoine member.”

What is ‘technically’ supposed to mean? How rude.

“There is no issue. More importantly, it was implied that this task is to be taken as a way to introduce ourselves to the Student Council, and I shall thus be accompanying you. We will be leaving right after, at any rate.”

“I’m fine if you are, but…”

“Then let us tarry no longer. The sooner we complete this task, the sooner we can head home.”

After waving the papers in my hand to urge Class Rep to hurry, we headed to the StuCo together.


It’s my first time coming here. There aren’t any 1st years in the Student Council, so we’re rarely familiar with them at all. After knocking on the door and stating our purpose, we were given permission to enter.

“Please excuse me.”

Inside the room were desks, shelves and lockers, as well as a sofa and table in the middle. Quite a simple room compared to the Pivoine salon. But well, if you use the Pivoine as your standard, then most everything in the world would feel simple. The room had a really meritocratic feel. Even so, being a room in Suiran, the furnishings were of high quality. After the two of us introduced ourselves, we stated our purpose once more.

“Ah, the club registrar. It goes in the box over there.”

I followed the senpai’s instructions and placed it in the box. …Well that was quick. Just as I was about to excuse myself, the door suddenly opened with a bang.

“Oi! I’m back with food, so let’s eat! To be honest I nicked it from the Pivoine though!”

My heart skipped a beat.

“President! This girl is a Pivoine!”


The newcomer’s eyes focused on me. A powerful and piercing gaze, a daring smile, and a presence like the sun. The moment I saw him, it felt like a grand orchestra played in my mind. A throbbing melody in my heart. This person is almost like Orff’s O Fortuna!

“Why is there a Pivoine girl here?”

What do I do? I can’t look away. My heart is pounding. What do I do, it’s pounding!



Oh no! I think I might have fallen in love!



After that, I somehow managed to pull myself together and smooth things over. Thankfully, the upperclassmen in the room had conveniently taken my pause to be shock from “I nicked it from the Pivoine”. The President simply said, “Geez. Let’s keep this a secret from the rest of the Pivoine, okay?” with a dazzling smile. I swore in my heart that I would die before I talked.


The person who made the dramatic entrance against the backdrop of O Fortuna, turned out to be a third year in middle school, Student Council President Tomoe Senju-senpai. That’s all I know for now. But even that much is plenty. Since then, Senpai’s theme song has been playing endlessly in my head. Uu-, my heart hurts each time I think of Senju-senpai’s face!

But that smile was so cool…

“Let’s keep this a secret from the rest of the Pivoine, okay?”


I rolled around and around in bed. By the time I got up, I was completely dizzy.


But still, what do I do from now on? We’re in different grades. I’m not even a StuCo member so I have no point of contact. And what’s more, he’s the President of the organisation that’s been at odds with the Pivoine for years. There’s no chance of getting close at all. If only Senpai wasn’t the StuCo President at least!

Mn? …Isn’t this kind of, Romeo and Juliet-ish? UKYAAAAAA~~! If Senju-senpai is Romeo, then that makes me Juliet! Romeo, doff thy name!

…Let’s calm down. I’m part of the Pivoine, so I can’t enter the Student Council. To begin with, he’d have graduated middle school by the time I entered. There’s no point in doing it. …Senpai is graduating. Romeo-senpai is graduating! Romeo-senpai is…!

…Calm down, me. To begin with, let’s have him remember my name and face. Ah-, today he went to get food, so maybe he gets hungry after school. What if I made him handmade cookies?

“It’s delicious. You’re talented as expected, Juliet.”

“Oh goodness, Romeo-senpai…”

If I got told something like that, what would I do!? What!? Okay! Cookies it is!

All that’s left is… I pulled out a new rubber from my drawers.

Um, you know, it’s not like I actually really believe in this stuff, you know? But I mean, like, when I was a middle schooler in my past life, for a while I was really into this. It’s just this charm that goes, “If you write the name of your beloved on a new rubber, as long as nobody else touches it before it runs out, your love will be requited”. Like, I reallyyy don’t actually believe it, you know? But like, I mean, I may as well, so I’m just going to try a bit. You know? I pulled off the case, and wrote in small red letters,

“Tomoe Senju”

Putting the case back on, I prayed to Rubber-sama. Please, God! Grant me a chance!



Using my head makes me hungry. It’s already time for dinner. Lately Oniisama has been coming home early. Today he was home in time to eat dinner with us. Eating together with family really does make things yummier. Aahh, but my heart is so full that I might not be able to eat… I’m being tormented by an affliction of the heart. Oh my! Beef cheek simmered in red wine is my favourite!

Each time our eyes meet, Oniisama smiles at me kindly. Hmmm. If Romeo-senpai’s character theme is Orff’s O Fortuna, then Oniisama’s character theme is Ravel’s Bolero I guess. Then Aira-sama’s is Liszt’s La Campanella while Yurie-sama’s is Schubert’s Ave Maria. Enjou is Satie’s Gnossiennes, while Imari-sama is… Hm, maybe In a Persian Market.

Which means Kaburagi is Mussorgsky’s Night on Bald Mountain.



A few days later, Mr. In a Persian Market, Imari-sama, came over to play, so I secretly went to consult him.

“Eh-! Reika-chan, there’s a guy you like!?”

“Please remember to keep this a secret from Oniisama.”

“…Ahhh, yeah.”

Without telling him exactly who it was, I asked him for a way to get closer. Unfortunately I didn’t get any good advice from him. But he did tell me that handmade cookies were a bit intense to get from somebody you barely knew, so I followed his advice and stopped it. It’s true that handmade Valentines chocolates aren’t really favoured at Suiran, so maybe cookies get the same treatment. But geez. I even went out of the way to practice. Tsk.


Ah-, but since falling in love, I’ve been having fun every day!







Kaburagi: (LOL)


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