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Spring came, and I entered Year 5. In 5th Grade, our classes change around. Perhaps my desperate prayers worked because I avoided the Kaburagi-Enjou duo again. My own luckiness terrifies me. Given that we change class two times, I thought that I would end up in one of their classes at least once. There are only four classes each time after all. But despite that, I won with a powerful draw! Aahh, with this, I’ll be able to spend my time peacefully until I graduate from primary.


Now that I was in Year 5, the number of my underclassmen continued to grow, and the number of Enjou and Kaburagi fans grew as well. As for the girls in our grade, my two followers glare at the younger girls and say stuff like “I would really appreciate it if younger students knew their place, and stopped acting so friendly with Kaburagi-sama and Enjou-sama.”. Not only that, girls in the same classes as those two had their guards particularly high. Even when some brave underclassman gains the courage to stand outside their class to watch, those girls never let them close. Truly an impenetrable defence. When I watch all those girls, I start to want to scream ‘Don’t be fooled by their appearances!’.



Fukioka-san started attending cram school. Even though Akizawa-kun was supposed to have fully explained things, as I thought, she still hadn’t cleared all her misgivings about me. The girl her self is from an all-girl’s school, so I suppose it can’t be helped that she worries about Akizawa-kun going to a co-ed. It would be better if he was at least in an all-boy’s school, huh?

“Sakurako. Kisshouin-san is the one that suggested you come to cram school, okay? Get along with her.”

“…Good afternoon. Um, thank you for inviting me.”

While quietly holding onto Akizawa-kun’s sleeve, she greeted me. Mmmmmn. A Japanese-style bishoujo. And with a cuteness that makes you want to protect her, I see.

“Thank you for coming. Isn’t it wonderful that you can spend more time with your beloved Akizawa-kun?”


“Hey-, Kisshouin-san!”

Fujioka-san flushed red at my words, but Akizawa-kun flew into a panic.

Give it up already, Akizawa-kun. Being a kind person like you, it’s already impossible for you to escape from her. If your cute Childhood Friend-chan starts crying in front of you, I doubt you’d be able to leave her. To begin with, as a fellow girl, it seems to be as though the types that boys like to protect are actually the most stubborn and firm ones, aren’t they. Although almost none of the boys ever realise it, huh? Just how many times in my old life had I been used and betrayed by those types…? No, it’s not like I’m saying Fukioka-san is like that, okay?



Ever since that first greeting on the first day, Akizawa-kun and Fukioka-san have been sitting together, and I’ve been by myself. Being the kind person that he is, Akizawa-kun invited me to sit with them, but Fukioka-san looked unhappy about that, so I decided to pass on it. I don’t have a hobby of interfering with other people’s romances, okay? And so, for the first time in a while, I went to the convenience store. There were new sweets out, so I bought them to try. And while I was at it, I wanted the taste of the plebs, so I bought a nattou roll as well. Quite a good haul.

It was about time to head back to class, so I had

decided to go to the bathroom when I suddenly heard the sounds of girls gossipping.

“Drill Hair got her boyfriend stolen by the new girl, didn’t she?”

“Yeah, yeah. She got dumped, and now she’s all alone.”

“The poor thing~ Isn’t it tough to go to the same class as your ex and his new girlfriend?”


“She’s probably too proud to quit.”

“Well yeah, Drill Hair looks like the proud type.”

“She’s a Suiran kid after all~ And she’s even got drill hair, so.”


──What the!?

It looks like that’s how everybody else interpreted what happened. What completely off-base accusations.

And what’s more, they actually all call me ‘Drill Hair’…? ‘Drill Hair’… At least call me Rococo or Antoinette or something. Doesn’t ‘drill hair'(JP: vertical roll) sound like the name of some sort of bread? Uwahh, I’m getting depressed. I’m not a proud type, you know? I do have drill hair though…

If we’re talking about the Kisshouin Reika in the manga, then she absolutely wouldn’t allow such a rumour, but I don’t have any of the courage needed to march up to them and complain, so I just walked right past the bathroom and went back to class. When I got home, I binged in stress.



There’s one other thing I should mention about cram school. Up until now, I’ve only been attending classes for Japanese and maths. But my grades in science and social studies are starting to become dangerous, so this year I’m attending those classes for cram school as well. The truth is, I’ve actually been suspicious about these last few years of science and social studies. When I’m in class, the content makes me wonder if I really actually did this stuff in primary school. Well, of course I probably did. I guess I just totally forgot. Basically the only thing I remember about science in primary was playing around with magnets and iron sand. Even Orion is basically the only constellation I remember.


As for social studies, the merging of cities and towns has been really intense, and the names that come up are all places I’ve never heard of. I don’t know much about the regional specialties of Japan either. Far from it, I don’t even know what prefectures are in the San’in region. I have nooo idea about the names of rivers. I can’ttt remember the names of fields. I have no advantage at all over the other kids.

I’ve completely lost all academic advantage from my previous life…

Useless… Old Me, you’re useless! It’s because you did nothing but relax with sweets everyday as you giggled to yourself reading shoujo manga, you brain-rotten idiot! Even though you remember all this useless stuff, you forgot everything you learnt at school! If that brain of yours is only going to remember fujoshi crap like how Tokugawa Iemitsu was a h*mo, then just have some dignity and forget everything to begin with!

So far I’ve somehow managed by studying by myself and getting Oniisama to tutor me, but the classes are getting harder, and Oniisama is busy with his own studies, which is why I decided to go to cram school for those subjects too. In my new science and social studies classes, there were a few boys from Suiran. But none of them spoke to me like Akizawa-kun did. Although they seem to be glancing my way for some reason. Hmph. I bet they’re afraid of my drill hair.

Thinking about it like this, Akizawa-kun was pretty precious. I only realise it now that I’ve lost him. How blessed I was to have him. That feels nostalgic to me now.

I’ve been feeling a little sentimental these days.






Her final line is written in a style that Japanese diary entries often end with.

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