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Chapter 89: Shocking People Once More

The news of a girl throwing a full pot spread through the Jinyun Hall like the wind.

Of course, being able to throw a full pot was not a rare thing. The strange thing was that the girl had said that she was doing an in the pot.

It should be known that the bets for a full pot and for an in the pot were on totally different levels.

An in the pot was ten taels, while a full pot was at least 100.

This was the light of the gate, forcing everyone to carefully consider her talent. Next, would she bring out the real swords and spears?

This girl was interesting.

"This girl actually has such talent," said Fang Jinxiu, standing by the window.

Jinchuan put her hands together.

"Thank heavens! Young Lady can play pitch-pot," she said.

Fang Jinxiu snorted, looking at the girl standing on the stage.

"Of course she could. If not, she wouldn't do such a thing," she said, with a sneer. "If you drown often, you can play with water."

Zuo Yanzhi and the others stood by the window. Naturally, they had a clear view of Jun Zhenzhen's smooth movements. Their expressions were full of surprise, and the room sunk into silence.

"It's good we only bet ten taels," came a murmur.


Ning Yunyan cursed inside, glaring at the girl who had spoken. The girl realized her slip of tongue and curled back.

"If that woman had no skill, she wouldn't go up. Now that she's tasted success, she's the fish that bit onto the lure. Her provoking might catch other people, but it will also catch her." Ning Yunyan looked out the window before saying coldly, "See, we do not need to be polite. The next round we will definitely bet a lot more."

Just as she finished speaking, the director's voice came from the main hall.

"Bets for through the ear."

If this was another time, through the ear would be about a hundred or so...

"First section, nineteenth room bets three hundred taels," came a sudden shout.

Of course, this room having played this game for half a day would make no exception now.

"I'm looking forward to seeing whether her through the ear is just a through the ear," said the young man sitting by the window to his companions in the room. "So I'll try betting a bit higher."

"I never thought that this girl would truly have talent," said another noble son.

"She is just ignorant and fearless. Since she dares go up, she must have planned in advance," dismissed Ning Yunzhao, carefully ladling his tea. "She is different than those rash boys. This girl is more steady."

Although he was praising her, he still hadn't looked out.

"So I suggest you lower your bets, because you will lose."

Everyone laughed.

"How poor of you," they said.

One of them raised a hand to the door and shouted out a number.

"Two hundred taels."

"One hundred."

"One hundred fifty teals."

"Two hundred."

Voices filled the halls. As expected, they were greater sums than the through the ears before, and there were more people placing bets.

"Didn't I say it would be like this?" said Ning Yunyan, looking at Jun Zhenzhen outside.

"If I lose this silver, then she will have it."

She laughed.

"I hope that she wins this time, making everyone bet even higher."

Zuo Yanzhi looked at her.

"Then next time we shouldn’t bet?" she asked.

"Why wouldn't we," Ning Yunyan said.

"Didn’t you say she would win?" Zuo Yanzhi asked.

Nign Yunyan scoffed.

"She will win? Are you afraid of her?" she said. She looked at the maid. "One hundred taels."

The servant went out.

In the room next door, the servant near the door was feeling anxious.

"Third Miss, what are you doing? What are you saying, if we win its our money, if we lose it's also our money," Jinchuan said. "Stop creating a disturbance.’

Fang Jinxiu raised her eyebrows.

"That’s right, it’s all our money. What’s there to be afraid of? I’m promoting Little Brother’s wife," she said with a not-smile. She looked out. "Good luck, may everything hit."

The drumbeat signaled the end of the betting. The whole hall fell silent, only murmurs remaining.

This was different than last time. The music even felt more noisy.

The director signaled Miss Jun to begin, the twelve arrows having been gathered again.

This time she shouldn’t be doing it all at once. After all, there wasn’t room for 12 arrows in the ears.

Miss Jun picked up two arrows.

Two arrows, so she was going for successive hits through the ears.

The director silently nodded. Although the full pot was a dazzling start and successive hits through the ears was slightly inferior, it was pretty good.

"Then I’ll start," Miss Jun told the director.

The director respectfully stepped back, watching Miss Jun step before the pot, lifting her arms at the same time.

From the windows all around, many eyes were on her. Both rooms far and near could clearly see the two arrows in her hands.

Successive hits through the ears.

Everybody clearly grasped it, but they were stunned by what happened next.

The director’s who was standing nearest face changed.

The girl, raising the arrows, suddenly turned around. Before anyone could recover, she tossed both of them, which soared through the air and flew into either side of the pot.

Surprised applause and shouts erupted.

"What is this? Blind toss?"

"Books say that Shi Chong could toss from behind a screen. Is this the same as that?"

Many gave up their reserved demeanors and leaned against the windows, discussing heatedly.

"Yunzhao, Yunzhao, stop fiddling with your tea. That girl is equally matched with you."

"Throwing backwards, and still managed to get successive hits through the ears."

His companions spoke loudly. Ning Yunzhao raised his head, eyes flashing in surprise.

"Backwards throwing and didn’t miss?" he said. "That truly is too amazing."

Ning Yunzhao finally put down his tea and looked out the window.

But his companions were squeezed together in front of the window, so he could not see the girl on stage.

Jinchuan cheered happily, unable to hide her excitement.

"She did it," Fang Jinxiu was surprised, but still disguised her praise. "I never thought she had such talent."

Then she remembered what she had asked Fang Yuxiu.

"The Jun Zhenzhen you describe is not the same Jun Zhenzhen we know?"

She felt that the Jun Zhenzhen before her eyes was totally different from the one she knew.

Fang Jinxiu leaned against the window, her expression complicated. In the room next door, Ning Yunyan hit the window frame, unable to disguise her emotions.

How was this possible? If this Jun Zhenzhen really had such talent, she would have shown it off when she first came to Yangcheng. Why would she wait till now?

If she had known that she was so talented earlier, she would not have made such plans today. Or at least, she would have responded differently.

"Yanyan, what do we do now?" Zuo Yanzhi asked, her voice trembling. "Do we still bet? We don't have any money."

No money? The money they had gathered had been spent like water.

Ning Yunyan bit her lips.

Why wouldn't they dare to place bets? Because they were scared she'd win? Why were they scared? Could it be they thought she couldn't lose?

"First section, third room, bets five hundred for an inverted ear."

"Fourth section, eleventh room, esteemed guest bets five hundred for inverted ear."

Bets were placed as discussions continued, and the bets were getting  larger and larger. The frenzy had swept the whole building.

Bets before were like this too, but because of the exclamations of surprise and unending duscussions, the music in the room was drowned out, causing it to seem like the elegant atmosphere had disappeared.

Bets were made one after the other, all more than four or five hundred.

The girl signaled at the director.

The director had lost his calm from before. When he saw the girl's signal, he became nervous.

This girl had tossed twice: the first time was negligible, but the second time far surpassed several people combined. A rough estimate was already several thousand taels.

This was no small quantity, and the next bet sum would definitely be even higher. That means the if she lost, she would lose much more. The money she won might all just fly away.

Getting it than losing it. Many youths and experienced men could not let such a thing happen.

Moreover, she was just a young girl.

If she said she didn't want to play, the director could understand it. It was just regrettable.

This was the biggest chance of the 3rd day of the 3rd month for the Jinyun Hall to make a profit.

"Young Miss, you still want to play?" Not waiting for her to speak, the director couldn't stop himself from asking.

Miss Jun frowned slightly.

"Why? Can I not play anymore?" she asked, sounding unhappy. "You said that there were no limits for me throwing."

The director was stunned.

Do you mean that you can continuously win?

"You still want to play?" he asked.

"Of course," Miss Jun said, her voice sweet. "I was just starting."

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