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When Manager Gao heard De Sheng Chang and Cao, he breathed in deeply.

So it was like this.

Old Lady could really scare people.

So she knew that it was dangerous from the start, so she had invited a military escort to bring Young Master Fang home?

Actually, in taking this trip, besides his loyalty to the Fang Family, Manager Hao had also his own motives.

Since Head Shopkeeper Song had fallen down from his horse, there were going to be big personnel changes in the exchange firm. With his qualifications, Manager Gao did not covet the head shopkeeper's position, but he still had a chance for a higher rank

So he was very positive about this whole trip. After all, he did not think that this task would be hard; they were surrounded by guards in order to guarantee that Young Master Fang's journey would be comfortable. He hadn't thought for a moment that it might be like this.

As he recalled the slaughter, although there had been this many elite soldiers hiding, they had went through a very intense experience. The elite soldiers had not come out immediately, but waited until the final villains came out.

This was not being merciless to the guards. The Fang Family had also been very callous regarding Young Master Fang.

This was just like throwing Young Master Fang to a pack of wolves. Under such circumstances, nothing could be guaranteed.

You can't escape the wolf without losing a shoe - this is really a true saying.

This time, there was unexpected danger, but also unexpectedly pleasant outcome.

Manager Gao looked at the knife he was carrying.

He had undergone danger and killed for the young master of the Fang Family, the future owner of the De Sheng Chang. This level of camraderies was unprecedented.

So perhaps, he could be considered for the position of head shopkeeper…

This was wealth obtained from danger that would not be taken away by Heaven. Old Heavenly Father was truly fair.

Manager Gao took a deep breath, straightened his expression, and accepted the wooden plaque.

It was familiar but also strange.

Familiar because of the De Sheng Chang's logo emblazoned on the pair plaque, but strange because someone of his rank had never touched this pair plaque before.

Even if he hadn't seen it before, he examined it seriously, and then he turned to Miss Jun.

Miss Jun took it and looked at it before giving to Fang Chengyu.

"This is Grandmother's plaque," she said. "Now you are the owner of the De Sheng Chang."

Fang Chengyu took it.

He did not ask why his grandmother's plaque was in the officer's hands or why this officer could gain his grandmother's trust. He did not even ask why his grandmother could order around this officer.

And although the officer said that the authority would be given to Young Lady Fang, when Miss Jun handed it over to him, he did not reject it.

If you give it to me, I'll accept it. What you want me to do, I will do.

"You've worked hard, sir." He got up and got out of the carriage without anyone's help, without crutches. He stood steadily and bowed to the officer. "I am the De Sheng Chang's Fang Chengyu."

The officer looked at him.

This boy was no older than fifteen years old and had a handsome face. Although he looked a little emaciated, his posture was graceful and his manners elegant. Even more admirable was his expression. He was calm and gentle, as if he had met his senior on a calm and peaceful road and was giving a smooth greeting.

Not at all like he had just experienced a bandit attack.

This kind of steady state of mind was not achieved from being accustomed to bandit attacks, but because he had seen life and death.

Either way, it was not something children of his age could possess.

However, the families of extraordinary wealth would always bring up extraordinary children. The wealthy De Sheng Chang must be backed by powerful people. People who were bearing such responsibility could not be compared to ordinary people.

The officer smiled and nodded.

"Pretty good," he praised.

Fang Chengyu stood straight.

"Then I must trouble sir to handle the interrogation," he said softly, the tenderness in his eyes like fine jade. "Why did they come here, and on whose orders? What identification do they have, how many people are in their group, and how did they keep in contact?"

After he said this, the officer immediately stopped smiling and looked serious.

It was like he was facing his own commanding officer. The respect he gave Fang Chengyu was as if he wasn't just a thin teenage boy.

"Sir, we will hand over these soldiers posing as thieves to you. I hope you will diligently find out the truth and ferret out all the moles so that my Fang Family's decades of grievances may be brought to justice. We are putting our hopes on you." His voice was calm, but forceful.

The officer straightened up.

"Noble Son Fang, do not worry. Your order is understood," he stated.

After the guards watched the officer stride away, they looked at Fang Chengyu with respect. Manager Gao was even more moved and delighted. His eyes sparkled with unshed tears.

The young master rumored to die within the year, who was now traveling along the road like a spoiled young lady, turned out to have such an elegant style.

He never panicked in the face of slaughter and did not fear the ferocious general. His manner was gentle, his speech orderly, properly stepping up and stepping down, just as everyone at De Sheng Chang had always dreamed.

The person in question turned in looked at the carriage.

"Jiuling," he called, looking serious and uneasy, wringing his hands. "Did I do well? I almost died of fright."

The guards either looked at the sky or looked at the ground to avoid paying attention.

'In any case, the young master is still a child,' thought Manager Gao as he rubbed his face.

Miss Jun smiled.

"You did a good job." She laughed. "And you don't have to be scared. We don't have to be scared. Now, everyone else has to be scared."

Ze Prefecture government office, Yangcheng County.

It had been scorching hot the last few days. Although there were usually a lot less people on the streets early in the morning, there was an obvious emptiness now.

A carriage rode down the street, which was obviously not carrying an ordinary person.

The carriage arrived at a certain restaurant outside the city gates.

The shopkeeper was already outside of the building and ready to greet the guest. Before the carriage had even stopped, Old Lady Fang was helped off the carriage.

"Old Lady is early today," the shopkeeper complimented with a smile.

Old Lady Fang laughed.

"Early, but not earlier than you," she said.

"I would not dare. I learned this from Old Lady. I thought that when I accepted this restaurant, you would be busy with the business. At that time, I secretly decided to compete against you. Since then, for a whole year, you went to the shop earlier than me everyday. I admit my defeat," joked the shopkeeper.

Oh, tback then. The family had been undergoing great changes. She thought that after marriage she would be fed and clothed, but she had to take over the family business. There was nothing she could do but work hard.

"Years have passed by in a blink of an eye," Old Lady Fang said with a sigh.

The shopkeeper nodded.

"Grandmother, are you commiserating?" asked Fang Yuxiu as she descended from the carriage.

"Second Miss, you are a rarely seen guest," said the shopkeeper with a smile.

Old Lady Fang smiled and took Fang Yuxiu's arm. She continued laughing while entering the restaurant with the shopkeeper.

The people passing by cast curious glances.

"The old lady of the Fang Family has come to drink tea every day recently," someone said. "A summer holiday?"

"How can you have a summer holiday here. It's nicer at the Fang Family's garden," someone replied.

"What summer holiday; they're trying to clear their minds. Don't you know, something big happened in the Fang Family," someone else immediately said.

The entire Yangcheng knew that what was previously discussed could no longer be discussed.

"What's so annoying? He was already caught."

"But Young Master Fang was injured."

"No, I heard that Young Master Fang was fine."

"How could he be okay? He was harmed for so many years."

"Why hasn't' Young Master Fang appeared yet? It's probably because he was killed."

"Then no wonder they're trying to clear their minds. This is really depressing."

While the people outside chattered, the private room in the restaurant was quiet and peaceful.

As in the past, Old Lady Fang sat by the window, looking at the road intently. She could see very far from here.

Although it was early in the morning, many people were already walking on the road.

Yet even though she could see very far, her sight was not always clear.

Fang Yuxiu also stood behind Old Lady Fang and looked outside.

Could she tell which person was carrying the letter?

This thought had just flashed through her mind when she saw Old Lady Fang jump to her feet.

"They're here." Her voice was hoarse.

This is a plaque made out of wood and carved with a name. It is divided into two halves. It is used as identity confirmation for families to withdraw money.
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