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The battlefield had already descended into chaos. Everyone was fighting for their own lives, while some bandits were sneaking through the groups of the soldiers towards the carriage.

"Kill!" exclaimed Manager Gao, wildly swinging his knife.

Correct form and professionalism were not important right now. Just cutting people down was good.

The mountain bandit dodged, but when he turned around, he was slashed by the timely attack of a guard.

Manager Gao breathed a sigh of relief, but the next moment, a fierce attack came his way. From the corner of his eye, he saw a bandit with a sly grin and a scary knife.

At this rate, he couldn't dodge it, and the guard next to him was caught up in his own conflict and could not rescue him.

This was death.

Was he actually going to die like this?

It wasn't too bad.

Manager Gao only felt his minds go blank, but there was no fear.

Was this the feeling before death?

But the next moment there was an explosive yell, and a wooden stick came flying out of the carriage. It pierced through the bandit's chest like lightning.

With a cry, the knife and bandit fell at Manager Gao's feet, the knife scraping his shoe dangerously.

This was…

Manager Gao looked over and saw Lei Zhonglian, who had jumped out of the carriage. His hand still held wooden stick that had been run through the bandit. He was also holding another wooden stick in his other hand. The man was still standing on the edge of the carriage, his body leaning forward. Although it should have looked strange, it was somehow majestic looking.

The corners of Manager Gao's mouth hooked up.

"Old Lei, you're not too shabby," he said stiffly.

He hadn't finished speaking when Lei Zhonglian jumped off the carriage.

"Children, your Grandpa Lei is here," he shouted. He threw down the stick in his hand, picked up two spears from the ground, and yelled at the incoming bandits.

Manager Gao was shocked.

Lei Zhonglian was a useless person who had not used sharp weapons in over fifteen years. What was he doing?

"Has he gone mad?" he murmured.

If he's mad, he's mad. Right now, he was not just going to be killed, but be crazy enough to take those bandits down with him.

It was worth it to die this way.

This thought flashed through Manager Gao's mind, and his eyes widened.

Lei Zhonglian, armed with two spears, ran into the crowd. Then, not only was he not immediately hacked to death, but the spears in his hands began to dance wildly.

This was a dazzling display, like a blooming lotus, but just like the lotus, it could only be observed from a distance.

The cold light swept through, cutting down everyone it touched.

Manager Gao had heard of this, but had never seen it before. There really were people who could wield two spears and produce a shower of attacks.

"This is the Dual-Spear Lotus," the Manager Gao whispered, as his scalp went numb.

Zhu Zan ripped his sword from a bandit and stared at Lei Zhonglian.

"What the hell!" he said. "It seems his life costs more to buy."

There was no one else in Lei Zhonglian's eyes, only the fierce mountain bandits.

The long spears in his hands were not his usual spears given to him by Master You, but so what. Any spear could dance in his hands.

Fifteen years.

His hand had been trash for fifteen years, but he had never stopped practicing for even one day in these fifteen years.

In the dead of night, while everyone was asleep, he would dance again and again in the carriage yard. The clogged, listless right hand collapsed countless times until even the horses and donkeys were accustomed to the sound.

He didn't know why he kept doing that, and what meaning there was to his actions.

He could no longer serve as a bodyguard, and he could no longer kill the enemy, no longer get his revenge.

Why did he keep dancing so late at night? Yet he kept madly dancing with the spear until he was exhausted.

Now he knew. Old Heavenly Father was preparing him for the day when justice could be served.

Now, it was fair.

In the carriage, the long acupuncture needles had pierced his arm one after the other, pricking densely from his shoulder to his fingers. Even his fingers were pricked, the pain penetrating the soul, but it was like flames were alighting in his body. His whole arm started to blaze.

"You will burn, but only this once," a woman's voice said softly. "You must think about it."

Of course he'd thought of it.

After getting his confirmation again, the woman pulled out the last needle.

Bend forward, whirl left, whirl right.

First spear, second spear.

One person, two people, three people.

Pierce the throat, pierce the heart, and out the back.

His body and spears turned into phantom images, and the sound of spears sliding into the flesh was like a zither player plucking the strings with his skillful technique. His movements were smooth; man and zither as one.

"Brother! So amazing!"

"My brother, I'm here to help."


He seemed to hear the shouts of his brothers around him, their countless figures wound together, brandishing their weapons to kill the bandits.

At that time, they were caught, deceived by the enemy and caught unprepared. With enemies at the front and back, they had lost before even starting the battle.

This time, they had a chance to make a comeback.

Wails followed the death and injury wrought by the spear. The wounds on the fallen mountain bandits spurted out blood like a blossoming flower because they were pierced so quickly.

Anguished wailing filled the battlefield. The guards stopped moving, and even Zhu Zan did not wield his weapon against the bandit charging at him. Rather, he kicked out and sent the bandit stumbling to Lei Zhonglian's side. The shadow of a spear passed through, sending the bandit to the ground with a thud. He lay there, motionless.

"It's so splendid, like fireworks." Fang Chengyu sighed.

The carriage's curtain had ben lifted when Lei Zhonglian came out. Fang Chengyu and Miss Jun could clearly see the scene outside.

This scene was not exactly good-looking. Dead bodies were everywhere, and the stench of blood assailed their nostrils.

"To be so splendid, even it's for a moment is quite enough," Fang Chengyu said.

Miss Jun smiled.

"You will be this splendid for a long time," she said. "I promised you that I can cure you, and not for just a moment of splendor. I won't give you the chance to smash my sign."

Fang Chengyu laughed.

Lei Zhonglian's madness cut down the last bit of the bandits' courage. They could no longer bear the casualties and finally fled.

But Lei Zhonglian's eyes were already red from killing. He would allow these people to flee.

"Leave some alive to talk," the other guards had to remind him to protect the bandits who had fallen and surrendered.

It seemed that in a blink of an eye, the mountain bandits in the valley had been decimated, and the remnants were tied up by the guards.

"Pretty good results."

Zhu Zan took a quick headcount of people, and came to this conclusion of the battle.

"When the bandits arrived, there were over a hundred people. Now, seventy-six were killed, eleven were seriously injured, and thirteen are prisoners, not accounting for those who escaped."

He looked at the guards who were covered in streaks of blood, not stingy in his praise.

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