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Could it be she could really do as she said?

Vanish illnesses with medicine, wonderful skills that could bring back spring! Much too laughable.

Who cared about her anyway. If she could waste her herbs, then there was no need to cause a fight. Everybody wouldn’t have anything against it.

Since there wouldn’t be any fight, the group of people obediently lined up for their diagnosis. If Miss Jun were to say Doctor Fang’s prescription was wrong no one would care. Anyways, they would still get their medicine, and also a free batch.

Hu Gui was speechless.

What was this called.

The nephew’s face was filled with envy.

"This is called the value of wealth," he said. "Any problem can be resolved with money; a problem is not a problem."

Hu Gui didn’t know what he should say. Instead, he walked forward.

Taking advantage of the time where one patient’s prescription was being fulfilled and no one had sat down yet, he bowed to Miss Jun.

"Miss Jun, there is something that I shouldn’t say, but I cannot help it," he said. "Even if you have money, you cannot play around like this."

He eyed the lame young man sitting behind her.

"The Fang Family is a family of business people. There are no business people who would not strive for money and instead just throw it away. You shouldn’t broke your maternal grandmother’s family like this," he said sincerely. "This building is not worth this price."

Miss Jun smiled.

"Uncle Hu, I really am not doing this for the house," she said. "And I am not throwing money away."

This isn’t called throwing money?"

Hu Gui frowned.

"The money I throw now will be earned back in the future," said Miss Jun. "Very soon, at that."

What? How was she going to earn?

Right now the free medical services had been going on for a half a month. Could it be that after half a month, it was no longer going to be free, and she was going to earn money? What a joke! Without the free services, who was going to come seek her for treatment. Who did she think she was? Doctor Jun never had this much confidence, and she…

Ai? Now that he thought about it, she was a granddaughter who grew up far away. How could she have inherited Old Doctor Jun’s medical skills?

"Self-taught, with inherited medical books," Miss Jun answered seriously.

What the hell!

Hu Gui stared.

Self-taught? What joke was this?

"I’ll tell you, niece, don’t think that altruistic acts, this money, can win over the hearts of the people, that people will stick out their necks for you," he admonished. Sincerely, he added, "You see after this long, has anyone asked about what happened to the house?"

Miss Jun gave him a look.

"Actually, you might not believe me, but I think that it’s excellent what happened to the house," she declared. "Because the more exaggerated it is, the more it attracts people’s attention, which spreads the name of my Jiuling Hall much more quickly."

Did this child’s brain have an illness?

"So what if people know of it?" asked Hu Gui. "People who know of it will not act fair on your behalf."

This time, Miss Jun laughed.

"I do not need to curry fairness." She wagged her finger at him. "Because I am fair."

Hu Gui rolled his eyes.

An illness, for sure.

"You–" he attempted to speak but was interrupted.

"Doctor! Doctor! Doctor Jun!"

A deranged voice was yelling, destroying the relative quiet.

Everyone couldn’t help but search for the source of the voice. They only saw a tall and thin middle-aged man stumbling forward. He was excited for some reason and waving his hands back and forth.

"I’m better, I’m better, I can leave the sick bed, I can walk, I can run!" he shouted joyously. He charged through the crowd to Miss Jun’s straw shack.

"Divine Doctor, Divine Doctor!" He fell to his knees.

What the hell!

Hu Gui took a step back in shock from the kneeling man.

Did they plant a customer? His performance was much too grandiose.

The man’s sobs were quite penetrating, and attracted many people’s attention.

The audience watching blocked the gazes of the people on the outside, but they could still try and speculate on what was happening.

"What is it? Why is he crying so much?"

"Was someone dying cured?"

The young miss of the Jun Family returned to revitalize the Jiuling Hall. The building had been pushed down, and Miss Jun had announced from the rubble that the Jiuling Hall would be opening again and giving free treatment half a month ago.

Everybody was clear where the grievances should lie, and everybody had a definite conclusion on who wronged who, but Miss Jun’s medical skills hadn’t quite been acknowledged.

"The free medicine was just a trick. This Miss Jun’s treatment is not reliable at all."

"She’s so young, how could she?"

"You see, now she’s finally cured a dead person."

Everybody was gossiping and trying to squeeze forward, but when they got closer, their speculation was cut off.

"She didn’t cure someone dying; it was Dali Haiping that was cured," someone at the front turned around to announce.

Dali Haiping?

Dali Haiping was no stranger to the people of Runan.

His surname was not Dali, it was Geng, name Haiping. Because when he was fifteen, he had represented Runan county against neighboring counties in a lifting competition. He had lifted the seven chi long, three cun in diameter weight fifteen times to claim victory, obtaining the moniker eDali.

Haiping worked as a laborer in a stone quarry outside of the city carrying bricks. His father died when he was young, so his widowed mother raised him. He had worked at the quarry since he was young. Fortunately, Heavens had blessed him with a strong back so he could help with the family finances.

In the blink of an eye, he had married a wife, had children, and was still supporting his old mother. He leased a plot of land after several years of carrying stone. It seemed there was something for this family to strive for! However, Haiping was injured at the quarry.

His injury was not serious. It looked to be just a flesh wound which would be better in several days. But the strange thing was, he could not straighten his waist afterwards. He asked countless doctors and they said there was no wound. Money was spent like water and he consumed pot after pot of medicine, but nothing alleviated these symptoms. Afterwards, walking became difficult, not to mention working at the quarry.

Once Dali Haiping had fallen, the Heavens fell on the Geng family. The hard-earned house had to be sold, and the whole family was relegated to living in a straw shack on the streets. His old mother’s eyes were blinded by tears, his wife had to sell herself to settle debts, his three children went begging everyday to support themselves. Haiping, as he reclined on his brick-bed, had attempted suicide countless times, feeling not worthy of being his mother’s child.

They spent these years without hope. Haiping had already decided to wait for his mother’s death, then he would die together with her.

When the knews of the Jiuling Hall’s Miss Jun’s free treatment spread, Haiping’s blind mother and his three children desperately carried him over to see her. Even if he could not be cured, some medicine should do them good.

They had not seen a doctor for many years for medicine.

Miss Jun, a child not even older than Haiping’s own children, pricked him with her needles and gave him a decocted medicine to drink, as well as externally applied medicine. His whole family still did not have any hope. He didn’t imagine that three days later, he could get off the bed, and then ten days later he could stand, then run.

The stick frail and messy-haired Haiping kneeled in front of the straw shack and sobbed loudly.

"I did not hope to be cured as good as new, I just didn’t want to lie around like a useless person and be able to go fetch my own meal," he sobbed, kowtowing to Miss Jun.

"Saying it like that is a blow to my face," said Miss Jun, calmly.

Dali Haiping nearly jumped in fright, shaking his head.

"I do not dare, I do not dare," he choked, his expression terrified.

"Then why would you say I can’t cure you as good as new, you just want to go fetch your own meal?" Miss Jun said. "I, Jun Jiuling, promised to vanish all ills with medicine and wonderful skills that can bring back spring. If I couldn’t cure you as good as new, then wouldn’t I have broken my promise?"

What the hell!

Hu Gui looked at her like he was seeing a ghost. Anyone who heard this would feel embarrassed.

a third of a metera thumb's lengthtranslates literally to 'great strength'
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