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Concubine Su!

Concubine Yuan let go of the lapels, immediately looking at Concubine Su with an incredulous expression.

Fang Jinxiu felt like there was thunder in her head; she couldn’t hear anything.

Old Lady Fang had stopped in front of them and then had singled out Concubine Su.

What did this mean?

Perhaps it was just lucky coincidence that it was Concubine Su. Or maybe Old Lady liked Concubine Su the best out of the three, so she spoke to her. Actually, maybe there was no other meaning.

Yes, it must be like this.

Concubine Yuan looked at Concubine Su instinctively.

Concubine Su finally lifted her head.

"I don’t really understand," she said woodenly.

It was over.

Concubine Yuan lowered her head and shut her eyes.

The room was deathly silent.

Lingzhi stopped sobbing. Her face was pale and she was both terrified and unfocused. She didn’t know what had just happened.

Lady Fang hurriedly stepped forward, raising her hand to slap her.

"I also don’t understand," she said viciously.

She used so much strength that a bright red handprint was left on Concubine Su’s face.

Concubine Su was still rigidly kneeling.

Lady Fang bent over and yanked on her lapels.

"I don’t understand. Why is it you, why? Concubine Su, tell me, why?" she hissed, her emotions in disorder. She slapped her again. "Why is it you? How have I mistreated you?"

Concubine let her slap her without moving, but she rocked on her knees.

Old Lady Fang grabed onto Lady Fang.

"Don’t be too hasty. Let her speak," she said.

Concubine Yuan hurried up to support Lady Fang.

Lady Fang threw her off and glared at Concubine Su.

"Say it. Why?" she demanded.

The hair around Concubine Su’s temples had fallen out. Her face was swelling. But she still was expressionless.

"Why?" Concubine Su looked only at Lady Fang. "Why did she miscarry right now?"

The medicine she ate would not immediately cause a miscarriage. Instead, it would slowly corrode the fetus in the womb. She would only miscarry three, four days later.

This way the poisoning would not have been uncovered. There was less risk.

For her to flare up right after she ate, it made her into the most obvious suspect.

Concubine Su looked at Lingzhi. Fear was written across her face.

"Could it be she didn’t miscarry?" Concubine Su asked.

Old lady Fang didn’t say anything. Lingzhi tried to defend herself, flustered.

"Yes, yes, I recall Concubine Su giving me some sweet soup; I drank Concubine Su’s sweet soup," she said.

But right now, no one was paying attention to her. Only Liu’er was angrily stamping her feet as she struggled in the guard’s grip.

Concubine Su did not look at Lingzhi.

"And why did you know it was me?" she asked Old lady Fang.

Asking why was an admission.

Concubine Su subconsciously looked at Fang Jinxiu.

She was woodenly stuck in place; she hadn’t moved or spoken the entire time.

Concubine Su had made thorough preparations so that today, Fang Jinxiu and Liu’er would appear with her.

The reason why Concubine Yuan had Concubine Su call for Fang Jinxiu was actually because Concubine Su had reminded her about Lady’s instruction.

So everything today had been within her expectations, whether it be immediate success or an unexpected occurrence.

She called Jinxiu, who had brought along Liu’er, to disrupt Lingzhi’s emotions.

Once she lost the child, she couldn’t lose her future too.

There could not be two tigers in one mountain. In order to secure herself within the Fang Family, she would need to eliminate Young Lady Fang.

As expected, Lingzhi had lived up to her expectations and pushed the crime onto Liu’er. She had even concealed the fact she had brought her sweet soup.

Lingzhi finally reacted. Unable to stand the ache, she sobbed as she crawled forward.

"It’s not so. I didn’t know; I didn’t conspire with Concubine Su. I didn’t purposefully frame Liu’er," she sobbed. "I was tricked by Concubine Su."

Still, no one cared about her. Everyone was focused on Concubine Su.

"Why, in spite of everything, you were sure it was me?" Concubine Su was looking at Lady Fang. "I don’t understand."

Old Lady Fang’s expression was complicated.

"Yes, your preparations were very thorough," she said. "But, she wasn’t pregnant."

Not pregnant?

Everyone in the room was stunned again. Even the emotionless Concubine Su was shocked.

Lingzhi froze even more.

"But, but so many doctors…" Concubine Yuan couldn’t help but blurt out.

So many doctors had confirmed it; could it be they were just faking?

Concubine Su, of course, knew that those doctors were not faking. She suddenly realized.

"So it was like that," she said woodenly. "All this time it was a trap. Old Lady was just waiting for someone to jump in. My preparations were so thorough, yet I jumped right in."

She had said it was strange before; so it was strange since that early on.

Concubine Su shut her eyes. Lady Fang grabbed her.

"Why would you do it? Was Chengyu your doing too?" she shouted.

Concubine Su opened her eyes. She had another epiphany.

"So you knew about Young Master’s poisoning," she said. She smiled bitterly. "That time, it was unavoidable."

Young Master, poisoned?

Concubine Yuan was stunned once again.

So Young Lady was not just spitting out nonsense.

So they had been preparing since then?

Or was it since the day Miss Jun arrived?


Concubine Yuan clutched her lapels.

Enduring the fact that the victim was her son, every moment underneath the enemy's watch. How could she think she was smart when the one she needed to catch was never a step away?

After over ten years of waiting, she finally heard that, the confirmation of the enemy. Lady Fang almost went mad.

"Why? Why? Why did you attack us?" She pounced on Concubine Su and shook her violently while crying. "Was I so wrong to you? Or was it Nianjun? Why would you do this? And Nianjun? Did you kill him too?"

She was sobbing and shouting. She was tired, tired of it all; she didn't have the strength to hit Concubine Su again.

Concubine Yuan cried while holding onto her elbow.

"Elder Sister Su," she choked out, her expression twisted. "Were those ten years of affection all fake?"

Concubine Su still did not move or say anything. It was like her soul had left her body.

"Who was it?" Old lady Fang asked her. "Who told you? Were you under instructions the whole time you were in our household?"

Concubine Su sighed and lowered her gaze.

"Not good!" shouted Old Lady Fang as she pinched Concubine Su's face.

The guards went forward to support Concubine Su.

But they were one step too late. Concubine Su shut her eyes. Blood poured from her eyes, nose, and mouth.

Concubine Yuan shrieked once before covering her mouth.

One of the guards looked over the bleeding concubine, then turned and shook his head at Old Lady Fang.

"There was a poison capsule in her tooth. We're too late," he said.

Lady Fang pounced forward.

"She can't die; she hasn't given me an explanation yet. Why she attacked my Chengyu, she attacked us," she shrieked. She hit Concubine Su who was stiff and not breathing. "I don't understand. I don't understand."

"Help Lady," Old Lady Fang ordered.

Concubine Yuan embraced Lady Fang, who was a deadweight. She felt her heart clenche and ache and she sobbed with Lady Fang.

There was crying and a general commotion, but Fang Jinxiu did not see or hear it. She only saw the guard let go of Concubine Su and how her body fell to the ground.

Since Old Lady Fang had stood in front of Concubine Su and asked that question, Concubine Su hadn't looked at her at all. Even at death, she was facing the ground, not able to spare her a glance.

Fang Jinxiu looked at Concubine Su on the ground.

"I don't understand," she muttered.

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