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Jun Zhenzhen temporarily protesting being sent out was expected, but asking Chengyu to go with her was truly out of left field.

"Big Sister Jinchuan said that Young Lady said that if they wanted her to leave, then fine, but Young Master had to go with her. Otherwise, he would die with Lingzhi," the servant girl said nervously.

That wild Jun Zhenzhen really dared do this.

Ling Jin’er wanted to trap her; as a result, she was toppled in a merciless attack. Even her father was too afraid to save her.

But Fang Chengyu, since he got ill, scarcely left his courtyard, let alone leave Yangcheng.

How could he go outside like he was? What would happen if he got into an accident. 

"Old Lady agreed," said the servant girl quietly.


Fang Jinxiu fell silent for a moment.

Other people’s claims that the women of the Fang Family were merciless wasn't just wind from an empty cave.

Fang Chengyu was doomed to meet with a mishap, whether it be at home or outside.

Someone who was destined to meet with a mishap, destined to die, weighted against an unborn child that bore the hopes of many, was insignificant. Of course he would be abandoned.

The room was dead silent.

In the servant girls’ brief moment of anxious hesitation, Fang Jinxiu suddenly stood up and ran outside.

"Third Miss," the servant girls shouted out after her.

Just as she stepped out of the room, Fang Yunxiu and Fang Yuxiu were going into her courtyard together.

"Third Sister, have you heard…" started Fang Yunxiu.

But when she spoke, Fang Jinxiu had already gone straight past them.

"Where do you think you’re going?" Fang Yuxiu asked.

"To Grandmother," spat out Fang Jinxiu. She was already running out the courtyard entrance.

"What is she going to do?" Fang Yunxiu asked uneasily.

Fang Yuxiu gave her a look.

"What she can, to fight for justice," she said.

Fang Yunxiu’s worry intensified.

"Second Sister, do you think what Grandmother is doing is appropriate?" she said.

It looked like letting Fang Chengyu leave the house was indeed something many people could not accept.

Fang Yuxiu pursed her lips.

"Eldest Sister." She looked at Fang Yunxiu. "I believe in Grandmother."

Fang Yunxiu stared at her.

Believe in Grandmother? Believe in what about her?

Believe that Grandmother’s decision was a careful deliberation, believe that she isn’t senile, believe that she isn’t without emotion?

"If Grandmother really was someone without emotions, without justice, the Fang Family would have long since fallen." Fang Yuxiu smiled at her sister.

At the moment, Old Lady Fang was not in her courtyard. Rather, she was with Lady Fang in Miss Jun’s living quarters, continuing to persuade Miss Jun.

In order to show their sincerity, they sent back Fang Chengyu in front of the servant girls and maidservants.

But leaving home still wasn’t going over too smoothly.

"Is it really okay?"

Lady Fang had already asked this countless times.

"There really is no problem with Chengyu? His condition seems not too good."

Miss Jun, from where she sat on the brick-bed, gave her a look.

"You have watched him for so many years. Have you ever seen him stand up, or be able to sleep with a servant girl?" she retorted.

Can you only see that he is unwell, so much so that you can’t see that he’s better?

This child; here we go again.

Lady Fang flushed red.

"If I say it’s fine, it’s fine. You don’t need to worry," said Miss Jun. Then she paused. "Anyways, you don’t have other options. Your enemy is already unhappy; it’s too dangerous for him here."

Lady Fang, like Old Lady Fang, grew more resolute when thinking of impending danger.

"I will definitely not let them harm my grandson." She clenched her fists and ground her teeth together as she thought of the heartache she had gone through when Chengyu was sick.

Old Lady Fang’s expression was much calmer, knowing there was a chance that this grandson might not exist.

"What’s a good place?" was her only question.

The Fang Family did not have any other businesses except for buying quite a few properties.

"I will think about it some more," said Miss Jun, picking up a scroll from the table. 

This indicated she was ready to see them out. Old Lady Fang also had many things she needed to arrange. She stood up from the brick-bed.

"Read them slowly, Zhenzhen," she said.

Old Lady Fang had stood up, so Lady Fang had no choice but to follow. When she was walking through the courtyard, she caught sight of the central building.

"I will go and see to Chengyu," she couldn’t help but say.

"There’s nothing to see there," said Miss Jun. "You should go back and look after your grandson."

When she heard her young miss say that, Liu’er immediately blocked Lady Fang’s way.

"Lady, go back and look after your grandson," she parroted.

Really, how domineering. A lamb in a tiger’s den.

The servant girls and maidservants on the side showed expressions of sympathy and sorrow.

"Yes, didn’t you just see him, there’s nothing there," Old Lady Fang remarked.

Lady Fang wasn’t just pretending. She really was worried about her son. A mother’s worry about her son would never be falsified, but she could only helplessly leave.

The small courtyard returned to quiet. Miss Jun turned around and walked back into the study, and Liu’er went to the main building.

Maidong and Baishao were there. When they saw Liu’er come in, they started to tremble in anticipation, particularly Maidong. She was the one who had pointed out that Young Lady had forced Young Master.

Young Master wasn’t the only lamb entering the tiger’s den. She was too.

"I’m here to remind you two it would be best to first decide how you’re splitting it," LIu’er suddenly commented to them.

Split what?

Puzzlement appeared on Maidong’s and Baishao’s faces.

Liu’er circled around them, but unlike before, she was not stone-faced and rebuking them. Instead, she smiled with her eyes.

"Split who goes first and who goes last," she said slowly. "Young Master can probably go once with his body. Since you want Lingzhi’s good fortune, you better decide who gets the first round."

How crass!

Maidong and Baishao immediately turned red and dropped to their knees.

"Miss Liu’er, we wouldn’t dare. We would never dare," they sobbed.

Liu’er ‘peh!’d.

"What don’t you are? Don’t dare want it or don’t dare do it? Each of you looks human, so at your young age you should know that males are robbers and women are prostitutes," she insulted them.

Fang Chengyu, reclining on the bed, saw this through the bed curtain and sighed.

Most about returning to his room was good, but it was just a bit too noisy.

Lady Fang also sighed when she returned to her room.

Concubine Yuan served her a cup of tea.

"Lady, do you really want Young Master to leave?" asked Lingzhi in a trembling voice as she exited from inside.

Now, she had been moved into Lady Fang’s inner chambers.

Concubine Su was behind her, in charge of taking care of her.

Lady Fang gave her a look, but her expression was gentle.

"This is better for you and better for Chengyu," she said.

"Can Young Lady take care of Young Master well?" asked Lingzhi with tears in her eyes.

"She can. Seeing you has given her up. We will have her take care of Chengyu, give the husband and wife some alone time. Maybe Chengyu’s body will recuperate and she can have a child too," said Lady Fang.

The servants in the room nodded, so this was how she persuaded Young Lady.

"Don’t worry, Young Lady knows that she needs a child to have a foothold in the house. Right now, you have the child, so she wouldn’t dare needlessly torment him. Otherwise, how could she have a child," added Concubine Yuan.

Lingzhi calmed down slightly.

"You just take care of yourself now," said Lady Fang. "Hurry and go rest."

Lingzhi turned around. As she listened to Lady Fang and Concubine Yuan and Concubine Su talk quietly behind her, she could not help but clench her fists. Excitement lit up in her eyes.

If Young Master died outside, it would be good.

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