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As the maidservant was poking around where Lady Fang was, Lady Fang spotted her from the window.

Nearly half of the servants in the household had been replaced; it was not like there were many spies like before.

When Miss Jun came here, there were servants outside who could poke their heads in without being chased away by the servant girls; evidently, what was going on didn’t need to be hidden.

Lady Fang gave Miss Jun a look.

Miss Jun gently fed Fang Chengyu his medicine, just like a benevolent and virtuous young bride.

Outside the door, the servant girl hesitantly lifted up the curtain and walked in.

With Miss Jun here, nothing would happen to Chengyu.

Lady Fang strode out of the inner chambers.

"What’s going on?" she asked quietly.

The servant girl stepped forward.

"Mama Yan said that Lingzhi is not feeling well," she reported.

Although she was speaking quietly enough that even Lady Fang had trouble hearing her, the servant girl shot a nervous look at Miss Jun inside.

Miss Jun was bent over Fang Chengyu, wiping away the dribbles of liquid on the corner of his mouth while saying something quietly. Her focus was entirely on him.

Lady Fang frowned slightly.

These days, because Chengyu would occasionally mention Lingzhi, or relax when he saw that she was indeed there through the window, she couldn’t help but feel a bit of concern for the girl.

In exchange for promising to have Lingzhi wait on him after several days had passed, Fang Chengyu agreed to let Jun Zhenzhen visit everyday.

If Lingzhi really was unwell, Chengyu would not take it well.

"Go and find Medicine Woman Wan," she ordered.

Medicine Woman Wan was someone that the old master of the Fang Family had taken in. She was originally a medicine girl in the imperial palace, and when she came of age, he spent a lot of money to snatch her away. She had been with the Fang Family for twenty years; for a household full of a women, keeping a medicine woman was very convenient.

The servant girl rushed out to complete her order.

Lady Fang retreated back into the inner rooms. Miss Jun was helping Fang Chengyu into a half-sitting position.

After a month of torment, Fang Chengyu no longer hurt, though he also had no strength.

"Mother, the weather has been getting warmer, and there are many things needed to be done. It would be better to move Young Master back," said Miss Jun.

She would say this kind of thing every few days. Lady Fang was unconcerned; she had already prepared an answer to it.

"If you let Lingzhi wait on me, I will move back," Fang Chengyu said first.

Lady Fang immediately grew anxious.

"Stop with this nonsense, Chengyu," she said.

As expected, Miss Jun pulled a face and stiffened where she stood.

"Then don’t move back," she said. "Stay here and grow old and die with that hussy."

At this, she turned around and walked out.

Lady Fang pointed at Fang Chengyu, and hurried to follow her out.

"Zhenzhen, don’t lower yourself to his level. He is sick," she urged gently.

Miss Jun had already walked out the door; she turned back to look at Lady Fang who had a grip on her.

"Aunt, I have been charitable enough. I didn’t say anything about you supporting that little hussy, but letting a married woman like me keep an empty room is too much."

The servant girls in the courtyard lowered their heads.

What do you mean Lady is making you keep an empty room? When you married Young Master, how could you not know this would be the result?

Seeing Miss Jun grow hostile, Liu’er, who had been joking around with Lady Fang’s servant girls, immediately rushed forward.

Miss Jun did not give her the chance to show off; she had already shaken off Lady and walked away.

Liu’er gave Lady Fang a nasty look before catching up to her master.

Lady Fang sighed somewhat helplessly before turning around to go back into her room.

"What do you think you were provoking her for," she rebuked.

She knew that she and Miss Jun were putting on a farce, but her son didn’t know. Always provoking Miss Jun was not good.

Fang Chengyu was serene in his half-seated position.

"It’s almost time; it’s almost been a month," he said. "I’m getting annoyed."

Annoyed? Annoyed she came here everyday?

Lady Fang was about to say something when a servant girl rushed in.

"Lady, Lady, Medicine Woman Wan is here," she said.

Lady Fang felt someone angry.

That old woman was becoming more insensitive with time. Just telling the servant girl to say it was enough; no need to have her rush about.

Fang Chengyu was bright; there was nothing to stop his interest now.

"Medicine Woman Wan is here? Mother, are you unwell?" he asked.

Lady Fang smiled at him placatingly.

"Yes, but it’s nothing. I just don’t sleep very well," she said. "I will go and see her."

At this, she sped out.

The corner of Fang Chengyu’s mouth crooked up, and he closed his eyes.

Lady Fang hadn’t stepped out of the room when Medicine Woman Wan tottered in.

"Lady, Lady," she shouted. "That servant girl…"

That servant girl shouldn’t be unwell?

Lady Fang jumped forward and covered her mouth. She dragged her out despite her complaints.

"Quiet down, what are you shouting for. Young Master just got better," she whispered harshly.

Medicine Woman Wan was excited.

"Lady, it’s great news, fantastic news, Young Master is too amazing…" she said.

At her incoherent rambling, Lady Fang frowned.

"What is it? What’s up with that girl?" she said.

Medicine Woman Wan grabbed her hands.

"Lady, Lingzhi has it," she said.

Lady Fang stared at her blankly.

"What does she have?" she asked dumbly.

Medicine Woman Wan exposed her broken teeth in a gummy smile.

No wonder Lady Fang was acting like this. She hadn’t even dared to dream that such a thing would happen.

"Lady, Young Master has an heir," she said. "Lady, you are going to be a grandmother."

Lady Fang stared at her dumbly.

Her heart stuttered twice.

A gong beat in her ears.

There was someone in front of her milling about wildly.

She seemed to find herself standing in front of Old Lady Fang.

"Mother, you were wondering if the blow would land in one try?"

Really, it was a hit.

Old Heavenly Father opened his eyes.

Chengyu had a successor.

The Fang Family would not stop here, without descendants.

In Lady Fang’s eyes, a black person softly went down.

"Lady, Lady."

Seeing servant girls run over to where Lady was, Miss Jun paused.

"What are you doing? Look, those two concubines are going there too," commented Liu’er. "They’re definitely going to discuss how to gang up on Young Miss."

Miss Jun smiled.

"It’s almost time," she said, then paused. "I just hope her greed is not extinguished."

What ‘almost time’? What greed? Liu’er did not understand, but she didn’t ask about it.

At the same moment, atop the brick-bed, Lingzhi was muttering to herself that it was almost time, frightened.

Just a moment go, Medicine Woman Wan had come in and taken her pulse, and asked her if her period had come.

She subconsciously put her hand on her abdomen, scared and terrified.

How was this possible...

But her period really hadn’t come. Medicine Woman Wan wasn’t the most skilled doctor out there, but she was very well-versed in the matters of women.

There were no men and no heirs in the Fang Family, but many of the other married woman came to Old Woman Wan to ask about pregnancy, giving birth, and nursing.

An innumerable number of people had come to Old Woman Wan to have their child delivered in these twenty years.

So what was going on?

Crazy footsteps could be heard outside the door.

"Old Lady, go a bit slower."

"Lady, careful where you step.

It was Lady and Old Lady coming.

Lingzhi bit down on her bottom lip.

It had become so big, did Young Master...


The door was pushed open. Old Lady Fang was the first to go in, with Lady Fang hot on her heels, as well as Concubine Yuan and Concubine Su.

Lingzhi hurried to stand up to greet them, but Old Lady Fang and Lady Fang already grabbed her at the arms.

"Lingzhi, are you, are you really expecting?" they asked in unison.

Young Master did not say anything.

Young Master agreed tacitly.

It was Young Master who wanted her to do this; it had nothing to do with her.

Lingzhi feverishly clenched her hand.

"Lady, Old Lady." She shyly lowered her head and spoke softly. "This servant, this servant doesn’t know."

At this, she covered her mouth and turned around to retch.

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