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Why would my daughter not harm others, but want to hurt you?

It's definitely because you provoked her ire, it was you who intimidated her first, you who harmed her first.

Additionally, since my daughter wanted to harm you, why didn't you just obediently get hurt? Instead harming her?

That's right. Thunder was rolling through Lord Lin's heart. He had forgotten this.

"Jun Zhenzhen, so it was you!" he said full of anger. "Jin'er was harmed by you, it was you who pushed her into the room, it was you who incapacitated her, as expected, you did evil against her!"

What suggestive words, what drugged tea, what man hidden in the room. She obviously knew all of this. Perfectly aware, she let herself be lured, let herself be drugged. How could she have been fooled?

So her interest in playing pitch-pot was not at all sudden, and she did know why Miss Lin entered the room.

It was obviously deliberate on her part, all her doing.

As expected of her. As expected, she wronged others.

Miss Jun looked at Lord Lin, her eyes clear and her expression calm, just as before. She seemed not to be affected by Lord Lin's rage in the slightest.

"It looks like Lord Lin has made his choice," she said, her clear gaze gradually growing still. "That's right, it was I who hurt her, I who pushed her into the room."

She finally admitted it.

Hatred, rancor flooded Lord Lin's expression.

"You…" he opened his mouth to say.

He hadn't finished speaking when she took a step forward and cut him off.

"Why did I do this? Because hurting others hurts oneself, because after knowing you're wrong you can change. Since she wanted to hurt others, since she didn't know her mistake, then I wanted her to know that hurting others has a price.

"I'm saying the child was not taught by the father. You are a father, and you know perfectly well of your child's mistake, but because of her age you choose not to find fault, believing your child hasn't done anything wrong. Instead, you resent others, pushing the blame to other people. Since you do not teach your children, then it's up to me."

If girls were speaking, no one could stop them. Their voices were crisp, bright, hurried, and quick.

Lord Lin felt like he had been shot with an arrow. A lightning bolt too late to avoid, a rusting hedgehog shot at him.

His remaining words stopped in his mouth, and he lost control of himself.

Miss Jun tipped her chin at him, punctuating each word.

"I want you to know that bullying, hurting others has a price. You must bear a penalty; this is right and just."

This is right and just?

Lord Lin was dumbstruck, then saw mercy appear on her face.

"Lord Lin, if you never know of fear, then in the future you will commit a crime, or provoke disaster. I said, if you still treat shielding your children as love, you are not only hurting your children, but your good name, Lord Lin, is also being squandered," she declared.

This was right and just? This is so that you will know your mistakes, this is for your good?

Who the f*ck do you think you are? A god?

Lord Lin looked at this young woman in front of him with surprise, anger, and jeering.

Who is it that doesn't know fear? He had occasionally heard of Madam saying that Miss Jun was stupid, reaffirming his belief in the importance of the wife you marry. How did Miss Jun's mother raise her daughter so that she saw it fitting to educate their Lin Family's children.

A child can only be so stupid. He did not take her seriously. It looked that now there was stupidity enough to make one speechless.

"Miss Jun, do you believe that Heaven is fair?" He held back his anger, posing a friendly inquiry.

Miss Jun nodded.

"Yes, I believe so," she answered.

Lord Lin sighed, then smiled.

"You are still too young. You have not seen the injustice of the world," he said.

Miss Jun shook her head.

"I have seen it, I have seen injustice of this world," she said. "So that's why I know there is justice in the world."

Lord LIn nodded, as if seriously pondering this.

"Yes, I know," he said. "Right now, you saw that the Jinyun Hall and Noble Son Ning spoke for you, and you feel that you have done nothing wrong. Old Heavenly Father stands at your side."

His words suddenly took a turn, and his expression darkened.

"But today I will still bring you with me. I don't wish to have a conflict with the Jinyun Hall, but I respect those who respect me. The Jinyun Hall knows this. Have you thought about what will happen after I take you away?"

"You will take me to, no doubt, the government office. Then we will engage in a court confrontation," Miss Jun answered seriously. "All the loopholes will be exposed."

"That is not for sure," Lord Lin said. "How could what happened here not be something you did?"

Not waiting for her answer, he paced again, once more wearing a pensive, serious face.

"Some people will testify, there will be interrogation under torture, and this matter also implicates the Ning Family."

He stopped, swung his head to look at Miss Jun, solemn and respectful.

"You child actually constructed a rumor that the Ning Family son wanted to see you. Now you are not Miss Jun, you are Young Lady Fang. You, you said this, something that would harm Noble Son Ning's reputation, bringing shame to the Fang Family. Your guts truly are big.

"The Ning Family will definitely not spare you.

"A girl like you destroyed my Lin Family's daughter chastity, slandered The Ning Family's son's good name, and also the Jinyun Hall's reputation. The consequences of which not just you, but the whole Fang Family cannot bear."

He shook his head at her.

"This time, you have committed much too grave of a crime. I heard the Fang Family wants you to have a child. Where did you find that man?"

Lord Lin was thinking while speaking, his eyes shining.

"But the Fang Family's young master is definitely unable to have a child, so you planned to take this chance to find someone else."

At this thought, Lord Lin suddenly came to realization.

So all of this was for that.

Jin'er planned to do this?

This plan was really perfect, but she was still a child after all. Her thinking was too simple, and there were so many things that could slip by. And it was all within this girls' expectations.

He felt perplexed. He didn't know whether he should be shocked at his daughter's thoughts, or angered that his daughter had such an encounter.

"So you wanted Jin'er to invite you to go out, shaking off the servant girl to another room. You found a mute man who couldn't say anything, who couldn't divulge your secrets. You just didn't think that Jin'er would come before you and enter the room, as a result… this misfortune occurred."

At the words, Lord Lin's eyes turned red.

His daughter, to be destroyed so. Since you knew that Jin'er wanted to hurt you, you could have just avoided it. Why did you have to hurt her?

"Fang nee Jun, you're much too hateful!" he said forcefully.

Miss Jun remained silent, listening to him, when she suddenly smiled.

"Lord Lin wants to frame me?" she said.

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