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The Jinyun Hall was angry.

Lord Lin refused to back down, and neither would the Jinyun Hall. They had to find out the truth in order to clear their name.

Originally, there would be no conflict. Lord Lin wanted to clear his daughter's name, which naturally would clear the Jinyun Hall's name. He never had a malicious intent against the Jinyun Hall, otherwise he would not have been left in.

For the Jinyun Hall to clear its name, they needed to confirm how Miss Lin was harmed. That was logical.

Everything in agreement, the two sides were not in conflict or contradiction, because this time there was a third person.

The third person was in the right position to bear the blame.

But now, the Jinyun Hall seemed to be protecting the third person.

Not just the Jinyun Hall, but also the Ning Family.

The noble son of the Ning Family who should have been of the same heart as the Lin Family, stood on the other side.

Originally it was three against one, how did it suddenly turn into one against three?

Why did this change happen?

Lord Lin felt a bit stupid. At first everything was going smoothly. The Jinyun Hall also permitted him to take that person away, but then the door had suddenly opened and in walked Ning Yunzhao and an attendant.

Ning Yunzhao had spoken to him, the attendant had spoken to the director. Then everything changed.

While Lord Lin was in his stupor, the director was wide-awake. Without any hesitation, he proceeded to question Xianglan.

"Was it the first pot of tea, or was it the pot you went to get?" he asked.

Xianglan had long since gone dumb from fright, refusing to raise her head.

"Didn't you very clearly say the tea was drugged? Why aren't you saying anything?" asked the director.

If you don't answer, the interrogation won't stop.

"My young miss wouldn't do such a thing; it's obvious that she was drugged."

Xianglan raised her head and sobbed.

Her answer was genuine and sincere, and was also a fact, but it also blurred what she said previously.

The director looked at her.

"Why did you say the tea was drugged?"

He changed topics.

Xianglan went blank.

"Why did you keep saying it was the tea? Why not the food?" the director asked curiously. He seemed to be genuinely curious.

'Because if I said that, Master would definitely make Jun Zhenzhen admit it.'

'Because I drugged only the tea.'

'Why did I say this? Because there wouldn't be any use saying anything if this happened to Jun Zhenzhen.'

Xianglan's mind was a mess; she wanted deeply to explain for Young Miss, so of course she needed to say she was drugged. How could she say Young Miss was perfectly happy to do such a thing with that man?

Xianglan was just a thirteen-year-old girl. Before, she had done that to frame someone else, in order to protect Young Miss and to stop anything from happening to the family.

But now, they were confronted with a matter of a girl's reputation, which could almost determine her life or death. Moreover, the plot had been exposed, Young Miss was unconscious, and someone was interrogating her.

No one had taught her what to do in a situation like this.

Xianglan could only lie on the ground.

"The food was also drugged," she sobbed. "Everything was drugged. You just didn't find that, but it was definitely because the tea and food was drugged and Young Miss ate it. It was definitely drugged, if not, my young miss would never do such a thing. What's the point of these questions?"

The director wanted to say something, but Lord Lin coldly opened his mouth first.

"Are you saying my daughter is lying?" he said.

"No Lord Lin, what I mean is that we must confirm whether or not our tea has a problem," the director said.

"Your tea has a problem, it's not that you have a problem," Lord Lin said coldly. "Rather it was drugged by a third-party. Your questions don't have any meaning."

The pitch-pot director smiled.

"What Lord Lin said is correct. Asking someone who did not see what happened personally is meaningless," he said. "Then I must ask Miss Lin and that man to speak for themselves."

Lord Lin's anger intensified.

"When my daughter wakes up and says it was Jun Zhenzhen who plotted against her, what are you going to ask?" he shouted. Having his daughter interrogated about this in front of everyone would doubtless be a humiliation. "That man is a mute, how are you going to ask him?"

"Naturally, I will ask Miss Lin how she fell in a coma, and why she left Section 1, Room 19 for Section 4, Room 7," responded the director calmly. "And if he's mute, then if Lord Lin turns him over, we have ways of interrogating a mute."

How could he let other people question his daughter's scandal.

Lord Lin looked at Jun Zhenzhen who was off to the side like a bystander.

"Why aren't you questioning her?" he asked angrily.

The director did not look at Jun Zhenzhen.

"Because when it happened, she was with me. I can vouch for her," he said.

'As expected, as expected, you're trying to protect her.'

Lord Lin smiled coldly.

"And before it happened?" he said. "Why did you call my daughter out of the room?"

"That was because she hated me, so she wanted to leave," Fang Jinxiu said. "Your servant girl was also there."

Lord Lin sneered derisively. Kids were really adept at lying through their teeth.

"She hates you? You hate her?" He swept his gaze over the two. "I don't see that; I only see a deep affection between sisters."

Fang Jinxiu was also furious. In her heart, she thought, 'Bureaucrats are really good at lying through their teeth. Where is the deep affection between me and her?'

"Why did you let my daughter go to the section 4 rooms?" Lord Lin continued his questioning.

The ever silent Miss Jun finally raised her head to look at Lord Lin.

Her expression was strange.

She seemed to be surprised, but also sighing, but even more so, pitying.


Did she think because the Jinyun Hall and the Ning Family son were protecting her, that she had the position of the victor to pity from?

Lord Lin barked out a cold laugh. He was about to say something, when Miss Jun spoke.

"I was the one who wanted to leave the room, but it was Miss Lin's proposal to go to Section 4," she said. "And the original reason was not because I was avoiding my cousin."

"Then why?" Lord Lin immediately followed-up.

He didn't believe that this girl was speaking the truth. She definitely would make up some lie. No matter what she made up, it was fine as long as she opened her mouth. There would definitely be a hole in her story.

Miss Jun did not respond immediately, but rather gave Ning Yunzhao a look.

Ning Yunzhao hadn't looked at her at all, and there was a slight furrow between his brows.

'I don't know what you did, so how can I speak for you?'

He thought unhappily, helpless.

'I can only say that I called you out, but that would do no good for you.'

He was about to say something, when Miss Jun spoke first.

"I cannot say the reason," she said.

The people in the room all stared.

She couldn't say it? What did that mean?

"Because this matter involves another person's reputation," Miss Jun added. "Previously, I was unsure of two things, but now they have all been confirmed. So I can't say anything."

'What does other people's reputation have to do with you,' Fang JInxiu cursed inside. 'This stupid insect.'

"So how do you want to say it?" Lord Lin asked coldly.

"I wish to speak to Lord alone," Miss Jun answered.

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