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In the room, Fang Jinxiu was very clear on what was happening.

The Lin Family were bureaucrats, and they and the Jinyun Hall were businesses. The Jinyun Hall preventing them from taking them right away was pretty good, but they could not really make the Lin Family let it go.

Such a big loss. The Lin Family couldn't possibly let it go.

She gritted her teeth at Lord Lin, but then turned to Miss Jun.

"You stay here and finish with the procedures," she said. "I'll leave first."

Lord Lin, of course, knew what she was trying to do. She was going to go back to the Fang Family and tell them the news.

'Do you think that you can leave?'

'You're just a merchant's daughter. Even if you're the wealthiest person in Yangcheng, you're just a blade of grass to his daughter.'

'You ruin my daughter, I will bury all of the Fang Family's daughters.'

The cold light intensified in Lord Lin's eyes. He did not pay attention to Fang Jinxiu, instead looking to the servant on the side.

"Go, tell the bailiffs that Young Miss was slapped several times. Tell them to go outside the Jinyun Hall to look for the perpetrator," he said calmly.

Fang Jinxiu and Jinchuan's faces immediately paled.

Lord Lin's meaning was very clear. Jun Zhenzhen could hide inside the Jinyun Hall, but for how long?

'The moment you leave here, I will snatch you.'

Being snatched on the streets was extremely detrimental to a young miss' reputation.

Fang Jinxiu drooped and clenched her hands.

The carriage was parked at a specialized place outside the Jinyun Hall's garden. The servants that Jun Zhenzhen had brought were chased out by her.

If she went out and was caught by the Jinyun Hall, she could shout loudly and be discovered. Then they would definitely go back and report it.

As long as someone reported it, it would be fine.

As for reputation.

What's the use of reputation. She never intended on getting married.

No matter what, she couldn't let the Lin Family take Jun Zhenzhen away, otherwise Jun Zhenzhen would definitely be branded as a criminal. Even if Grandmother came, she couldn't stop it.

Fang Jinxiu understood this, so she was going to do it.

"Fine. Let's have the whole city see how you bully people with your position," she said stiffly, then turned to run out.

At this moment, Ning Yunzhao was coming in.

If he wasn't mean to, he wouldn't understand. When it came time, he would understand.

No matter what, he couldn't let the Lin Family take her away.

Although why he was doing this, he didn't really understand. He would think about it after doing it.

Ning Yunzhao was in front of the door when two attendants stopped him.

Fang Jinxiu didn't have the chance to go out, because Miss Jun caught her wrist.

"There's no point in doing this," Miss Jun said. "Let Lord Lin think it over first."

Think it over?

Think over what?

Fang Jinxiu felt discomfit.

Lord Lin also smiled.

"Young Miss, you should also think it over," he said. "Don't think that you can use your age as a reason for being innocent."

"Yes, a young person who commits a heinous act cannot be innocent. Seniors also cannot use their age to shirk responsibility. When a young child commits a crime, the detailed discussion should be left up to the seniors. Isn't this called 'to feed without teaching is the father's fault?'" Miss Jun said.

Lord Lin smiled.

"So what you're saying is I should go question your father, and not you?" he said.

"Of course not," Miss Jun said. "I am saying that since Miss Lin was here today, the one being questioned should be you."

Lord Lin was furious.

The pitch-pot director looked away.

Fang Jinxiu was secretly admiring her.

She knew that Jun Zhenzhen was not afraid of threats because she was ignorant and thus fearless. She could speak so honestly probably because she didn't realize the danger.

But at this very moment, with such a strong enemy, in this dire circumstance, it wasn't just fearlessness that could provoke the enemy. This idiot also needed bravery.

"You cheap whore," cursed Lord Lin, unable to maintain his air of a senior official.

"Your father's good name was wasted on you. You're still talking shamelessly here."

"If you keep shielding your children out of love, your good name Lord Lin will sooner or later be wasted by your children," Miss Jun said neither quickly nor slowly.

A strangled smile.

"According to what you said, when something bad happened to my daughter I can't even question anyone, I must reflect on myself three times first [1]?" he said.

"Correct," said Miss Jun with a nod.

'Fuck you!'

Lord Lin's tongue almost slipped.

"Why is that something happened to your daughter? Who is the man with her? Can you identify him?" Miss Jun followed up, looking at Xianglan. "Why is it only you saying that the tea was drugged?"

She looked to the screen.

"Why did only Miss Lin drink the tea and meet with someone privately?"

"Why did you say only the tea was drugged? Why didn't you say the food? Where is the tea? What about the rest? Could we test it?"

"Why was your family's Young Miss all alone? Why weren't your servants there? Why did you reappear after so long?"

She turned to Lord Lin.

"These things, Lord, you didn't ask. You only wanted to interrogate me. Is that right?"

She said those things very loudly and with annoyance, just like a troublemaking child.

Lord Lin looked at her coldly, like he was impatient, but also like he felt pity for an mole cricket.

She was indeed a child.

"What you said is correct," said Lord Lin, his voice somewhat consoling. "We should all ask these things. That's why I asked you for a formal confrontation. Ask away, and it should be fine."

"You take us for children," Fang Jinxiu spat, then sneered. "In your office, whatever you say is what it is."

Miss Jun squeezed her hand.

Fang Jinxiu was angry. When she found her hand was being gripped by Miss Jun she wanted to shake it off but found that she couldn't.

Miss Jun was holdingher hand very tightly, like she was scared she would run off.

"No need to be anxious," Miss Jun said to her. "Lord Lin naturally knows that his is not the only office in the world. Anything you want to ask should be thoroughly investigated, shouldn't be left all muddled."

'What? You, a child, is trying to threaten me?'

'Threatening me that if I trap you, you will report it to some other office?'

'It seems that your dead father truly was an idiot. Even if he didn't teach you the ways of the world, he should at least have taught  you this phrase.'

'That is, officials shield one another.'

'Who do you think you are? And who do you think I am? Your merchant family's grandmother and aunt who you could tyrannize so?'

'Such stupidity.'

Lord Lin could not be bothered to even look at her.

"When will you finish with the procedures," he asked the pitch-pot director.

This was an urging.

The director sighed inside, then looked at Miss Jun.

Miss Jun remained gentle and calm, and took a step forward while looking at him.

Fang Jinxiu also took a step forward. This was not what she wanted; she was being pulled by Miss Jun.

'Are we that close?'

Fang Jinxiu fumed internally.

"Proceed," Miss Jun said to the director.

She was actually hurrying him too?

Complex emotions curled up in him.

Miss Jun pushed Fang Jinxiu forward.

"After the procedures are over, I must trouble you to send her back home," she said next.

With the Jinyun Hall's people with her, Lord Lin wouldn't dare to snatch her away.

A very good elder sister. The director sighed.

Fang Jinxiu's anger intensified.

"I don't need you," she said loudly.

Miss Jun didn't pay attention to her.

"Bring everything, I need and a pen and paper," she said.

The director was just about to issue the order when the door was pushed open. In walked two people.

A flash of surprise went through Miss Jun's eyes.

Ning Yunzhao did not look at her, but rather at Lord Lin.

"Uncle Lin," he greeted. "Please, wait a moment."

Translator's Thoughts Mango Cat

[1] Reflect on yourself three times: a reference to a confucian practice

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