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Useless things?

Lady Fang looked at her strangely.

"How is it useless? Is it not useful to make the Ning Family not think of you as a thorn in in their side? Having one less enemy is not a useful thing?" she asked with a frown.

Miss Jun smiled.

"Making the Ning Family not think of me as an enemy is of course useful, but I cannot do so by showing weakness," she said. "People who are suspicious and unhappy with me will not be changed just by me showing weakness. Instead, having them believe that I can deal with them is a better plan."

The more important thing was that this tiny Ning Family, those sharp-tongued women, those ignorant young misses, wanted to make her show weakness.

If she revealed her weakness to such people, then when she came face to face with 'those' people in the future, how would she deal with them? Would she just kneel down and admit defeat?

Miss Jun picked up her teacup, gently fondling it.

"When dealing with such people, you definitely cannot concede. It is better to let them know that you know what they think. You know that they are unhappy with you, but you are not afraid of their unhappiness," she added. "You would also want for everyone to learn about who they are, so in the eyes of the people, you officially become enemies. This will constrain their movements, and also, if something happens, they will become a suspect."

Unlike their Fang Family's enemy, who no one knew about. Even if they harmed the family, everyone would just believe that it was the result of the curse.

That said, this was a very logical thinking.

Old Lady Fang's expression was complicated.

"This is just an argument between young ladies, nothing more," said Miss Jun softly. "It is not a big issue. Which young miss wouldn't get angry from time to time."

Old Lady Fang gave her a look.

"As long as the tempers don't flare up too often," she said. "If it happens too much, it will become a big issue."

Miss Jun nodded.

"Yes," she said.

She did say 'yes,' but it wasn't really a 'yes.' It sounded like she wasn't listening to the command, but rather being approving of it.

Approval is agreement, yes?

Old Lady Fang's brows wrinkled.

This girl was being very strange right now. Since she seemed to have appropriate behavior in her heart, then it should be fine, right?

"Did you find the medicine?" asked Old Lady Fang, throwing away this train of thought and getting back to the most crucial problem.

Miss Jun told her what she found.

"But because of the conflict between me and Zuo Yanzhi today, in order to prevent suspicion, I did not find everything," she said. "Tomorrow, I will go out again."

Obviously if she had fought with someone, happily going for a walk and buying things would make people suspicious.

Old Lady Fang nodded.

It seemed she really did think things through.

"Then tomorrow I will have Yuxiu accompany you," she said. When she said this, she thought of something. "Was Yuxiu all right today?"

Miss Jun had not meshed well in previous interactions with her cousins. Although Yuxiu was the brightest of her granddaughters, such brilliance was useless in the face of the strange Miss Jun. She had rushed here without caring to ask the servants if the two people had fought today.

"Very quiet, did not quarrel with anyone. Very good," assessed Miss Jun.

Very quiet? Did not quarrel with anyone?

These comments…

Old Lady Fang did not know what she should say, so she didn't say anything. She found someone to tell Fang Yuxiu to accompany Miss Jun on her outing tomorrow and thought to make the person tell Yuxiu Miss Jun's comments about her.

When the maidservant arrived, Fang Yuxiu was being interrogated about the day's events by her sisters. When they heard the servant's words, the three were struck dumb.

"She actually said that you were very quiet and did not quarrel with anyone?" Fang Jinxiu stared. "Is she an idiot?"

Fang Yuxiu had deliberately made her go to a very busy store. When she was fighting with Zuo Yanzhi, she had remained silent and watched the festivities. Miss Jun had actually not complained about these things to Old Lady Fang, and had instead said that Fang Yuxiu was very good.

"Second Sister is very quiet. Since she wanted to buy stuff, of course, they would go to the best store. As for the fight between her and Miss Zuo, Second Sister, of course, did not have the qualifications to say anything," said Fang Yunxiu.

So she really hadn't seen it.

Fang Jinxiu smacked her lips.

"Second Sister, it's too bad that your actions were too cunning. That idiot couldn't tell at all. That's boring," she said.

Fang Yuxiu smiled, but then frowned pensively.

"What is it?" asked Fang Jinxiu. "If you don't want to go tomorrow then I can. Then I'll tell Grandmother it was my understanding and I'll give her a present."

Fang Yuxiu smiled and shook her head.

"Nothing. Since she is happy, I will go with her," she said, then hesitated. "I only feel that she didn't miss my attitude."

She saw through it? But Jun Zhenzhen, that woman, was always an idiot with those young misses of other families, unable to distinguish between insults and compliments. But when she was with her cousins, she seemed to grow extra sense organs and started looking for bones in chicken eggs, hearing the rain in the wind, seeing the wind in the rain.

She definitely would have found a problem in Fang Yuxiu's attitude. Even if there wasn't one, she would try to find something.

Fang Jinxiu barked out a laugh.

"In order to act out the role of the lady of the Fang Family, she was really laying down the investment," she scorned.

Fang Yuxiu frowned slightly.

"Maybe she didn't care?" she muttered to herself.

Fang Jinxiu scoffed.

"Not caring would be weird," she said. "If she didn't care, would she defraud Zuo Yanzhi out of 150 taels?"

When she said this, she recalled Fang Yuxiu's narrative. A laugh escaped her and then another, and another, until she was straight out laughing.

Although Jun Zhenzhen was very distasteful, what she did this time was not bad.

It was nice, making those young misses get a feeling of being bitten by the dog they always teased.

Fang Yunxiu also frowned.

"What I think is this," she said, after considering for a moment. "She made a scene with Zuo Yanzhi today, and with her personality, Zuo Yanzhi will definitely not leave this alone. What's more, she has many companions. How many people are just waiting to pick a fight with Jun Zhenzhen? And she didn't say she would avoid them. Instead, she said she would go out tomorrow."

When she said this, she fixed Fang Yuxiu with a look.

"She might be taking you along to get you bullied, too."

Fang Yuxiu laughed.

"She isn't afraid, so I am not afraid of bullying, either," she said.

If it was like this, then even more so she couldn't let Eldest Sister and Little Sister accompany Jun Zhenzhen. Eldest Sister has already been bullied, and Little Sister was too impulsive and would be played by people.

"Relax, she asked for me by name. If I don't go, wouldn't I be hurting her face?" Fang Yuxiu laughed. "I won't let her just take what she wants. I am not that foolish."

On the second day, Miss Jun and Fang Yuxiu exited the gates as they had before. Neither of them mentioned what had happened yesterday, like nothing even happened.

Fang Yuxiu, without the slightest restraint, again suggested a nice jeweler to visit. Miss Jun also complied with the suggestion without care.

This time, there were many more young ladies who recognized them, but none of them provoked them like Zuo Yanzhi. Although the pointed stares were uncomfortable, Miss Jun continued with choosing her accessories and then left, smoothly exiting the jeweller's shop.

For things to go so smoothly, Fang Yuxiu didn't know whether she should sigh in relief or be even more vigilant.

"The Western Road has another jewelry store. We can go take a look," she said while getting into the carriage. However, she saw Miss Jun stop in her tracks behind her.

Miss Jun was staring off in a different direction, concentrating.

"What is it?" asked Fang Yuxiu while raising her guard. She followed Miss Jun's line of sight.

There weren't any girls there like she had imagined, or any people related to the Ning Family. She was only looking at a teahouse. At this time of winter, it was full of people. A storyteller had already started speaking. It was not yet meal time; this was the busiest time.

"You want to drink tea and rest?" prompted Fang Yuxiu.

She had not finished speaking when Miss Jun started to walk over to the teahouse.

Who did she see over there? She should've known that she wouldn't so easily go back.

Fang Yuxiu followed her without a word.

Miss Jun did not go past the threshold, but remained outside, watching the activity inside the teahouse.

The storyteller covered his mouth while speaking as his spittle flew everywhere.

"... That's right, you have heard correctly. What I am speaking of now is big news in the capital… our own Northern Administrative Court Thousand-Man Commander Lu is to marry a princess..."

When Fang Yuxiu heard the words Northern Administrative Court, she quivered. People also got to their feet.

The once lively teahouse instantly frosted over.

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