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"You really can save him?" interrogated Old Lady Fang.

Since she had learned of what Miss Jun had said, this was the first time she had asked her anything. After all, asking her anything meant that she believed her.

"I want to try, for myself," said Miss Jun. "I have died before."

When she said this, she paused, seeming to sink into reverie. Her voice wasn't all that cheerful.

She was referring to when she had hanged herself in the inn; death was definitely not a joyous topic.

Old Lady Fang and Lady Fang thought of the doctor they had asked to see Jun Zhenzhen after she returned from Beiliu. The doctor had described the marks on Jun Zhenzhen's neck.

Sufficiently fatal.

The feeling of practically dying must have definitely been hard to bear.

"I do not want to taste the flavor once again," Miss Jun said next. "I want to live well and spend my days happily. That's why I must save Little Cousin and let him support the Fang Family so I may rely on you."

This was for herself. Not because of any familial feelings or some righteousness. She simply said that she would try for herself.

A truly straightforward person.

"Then you can try," said Old Lady Fang after a moment of silence. "Anyway, if you fail, we won't lose anything."

When she said this, she got to her feet.

"Discuss it with your aunt, what you want to do."

This was the conclusion of the subject. Lady Fang suddenly recovered herself.

"Okay," said Miss Jun, standing to send her off.

Old Lady Fang walked outside. Lady Fang did not follow her. On one hand, Old Lady said she was leaving it to her, and secondly, she also wanted to know what Miss Jun would do, how she would cure her son.

"What medicines do you need?" she blurted out.

"I must think it over," said Miss Jun. "I also need a few records."

"A medical book? We have many medical books here," Lady Fang hurried to say. "We have a large study here."

While they were talking, Old Lady Fang had reached the doorway.

"Jun Zhenzhen," she suddenly yelled out.

Lady Fang did not notice, but Miss Jun made a sound of agreement as she stopped talking to see.

"What commands does Grandmother have?" she asked, her expression deferential.

Old Lady Fang's expression was grave.

"Do you need to keep this matter a secret?" she asked.

They had forgotten to talk about this. Since Fang Chengyu's poison had been a scheme by an enemy whose whereabouts were yet unknown, then detoxifying the poison should be even more of a secret, lest the enemy found out.

Lady Fang hurried to watch Miss Jun's reaction.

Miss Jun nodded.

"It should be kept a secret," she said. "A cat plays with a mouse because the mouse is in its grasp."

That person let the Fang Family women out of the way and only went after the male heirs. Their goal was naturally the shortening of the Fang Family's incense sticks.

Right now, he had already succeeded and had probably relaxed his guard. If he discovered that his target was being healed, he would full out attack the Fang Family once more. If that happened, the Fang Family would be in even more danger.

"The matter of Chengyu being poisoned is only known by me and you. And from now on, only three people will know," said Old Lady Fang.

The added person was Jun Zhenzhen, of course.

"The things said just now will only be known by us three," continued Old Lady Fang.

Lady Fang nodded twice. Old Lady Fang continued on her way, but after taking two steps, she paused.

"Change the metaphor," she said, looking at Miss Jun. "I don't like the mouse."

Miss Jun seemed to not have anticipated that she would say this. Her expression was slightly surprised, but she immediately agreed.

"Whatever you're thinking of doing, tell me," said Lady Fang after a slight hesitation. She followed after Old Lady Fang, personally pulling back the curtains. Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law left.

When she heard the sound of movement, Liu'er immediately went to look. When she saw Old Lady Fang and Lady Fang's appearances, her heart involuntarily pounded.

Lady Fang's face was somewhat pale, like she had received a fright but had not fully lost her composure.

Old Lady Fang was even more enchanted.

She just knew that Young Miss would not be able to beat these two. Liu'er did not care to spare them another look and hurriedly charged inside. Miss Jun had already gotten up and was walking out.

"Young Miss," said Liu'er in concern.

Miss Jun's expression remained unchanged, and she was also sending off Old Lady Fang and Lady Fang respectfully.

Lady Fang, who was facing toward the courtyard gate, turned back for a look. Miss Jun was standing next to the door, like the other juniors in the family, respectfully seeing off their senior.

"Zhenzhen really is thoughtful," she couldn't help but say.

Respectfully sending them off?

Old Lady Fang also turned to look. She felt that the girl was just standing by the door, neither respectful nor seeing them off. She was only watching them. If Old Lady had to describe the feeling, she would say she was like a spectator.

Old Lady Fang's heart started to beat faster again.

Who was she?

Was she truly Jun Zhenzhen?

There was nothing about her like Jun Zhenzhen, except for her appearance.

She had said that after dying once, she had realized nirvana and rebirth.

But was it possible that she had died, then was possessed by a lonely, wandering soul?

Old Lady Fang thought about what the doctor had said about the marks on Jun Zhenzhen's neck, that they were sufficiently fatal. Perhaps Jun Zhenzhen truly had died, and right now, that person was not Jun Zhenzhen.

So that was why she had taken advantage of the moment when Jun Zhenzhen and Lady Fang were talking and suddenly yelled out Jun Zhenzhen's name while leaving.

It is said that a person is most sensitive to their own name and would respond much more slowly to other people's names.

But Jun Zhenzhen had immediately turned and responded to her name.


Lady Fang's voice rang in Old Lady Fang's ears, interrupting her reverie.

Old Lady Fang looked at her, and Lady Fang looked back.

"Mother, is this real or fake?" she asked again.

"I do not know," said Old Lady Fang in a mutter.

If she was not Jun Zhenzhen, then this would be too outrageous. If she was her, then could it be that such a thing as a person becoming enlightened, like waking up for a dream, would make her shed her mortal body and exchange her bones [1]?

Lady Fang's expression was apprehensive.

"Then, what do we do?" she asked quietly.

"What do you mean, what do we do?" Old Lady Fang asked, somewhat not comprehending. This response indicated that she hadn't been thinking about what Lady Fang was asking.

Indeed, Old Lady Fang was being very absent-minded, but what had just happened was truly too surprising. Countless times before they had thought of the issue as a mirage or despair.

RIght now, of course it could only be a mirage.

"When she said she could cure Chengyu, since we don't know if it's real or fake, should we let her?" asked Lady Fang in a whisper.

The servants were already sent far away.

Old Lady Fang gave her a look.

"If she cures him, then we will know," she said.

Jun Zhenzhen had said she knew how to cure him. Anyway, there would be no loss to them if she couldn't.

Old Lady Fang also had said as much today.

So the matter had been decided.

Lady Fang suddenly felt cheerful, and an airy breeze floated through the courtyard.

Concubine Yuan was already waiting there, anxious.

"Lady, what happened?" she hurried to ask nervously.

Lady Fang went blank.

"Nothing," she said without thinking.

An awkwardness flashed through Concubine Yuan's eyes.

Since yesterday afternoon when she had left and up till now, her expression had been unable to hide her distractedness. The servants had also seen her crying as she ran out from Jun Zhenzhen's courtyard.

And she said there was nothing?

Ever since Old Master had passed, she had been with Lady Fang like a sister. But she also knew that as a concubine, she was still a servant in Lady Fang's heart.

After all, she didn't even seriously try to lie to her.

To know was one thing, but to truly see and hear was completely different.

Concubine Yuan squeezed out a smile.

"That's good," she said with a sigh, while personally opening the curtains. "The accounts for this month have been sent out. The managers of the other families are prepared. Lady, when do you want to see them? I already arranged everything before going out."

She immediately changed the topic, like she hadn't asked anything just now.

Lady Fang was silent as she sat down and took the tea from Concubine Yuan.

"Old Lady is reneged," she said.

This out-of-context sentence made Concubine Yuan go blank. She then immediately waved at the servants in the room, and they left in a hurry.

"Lady, why did Old Lady renege?" asked Concubine Yuan softly.

Lady Fang's expression was absent-minded.

"I don't know how I should say it," she murmured. "Old Lady does not allow us to speak of it, she wants me to keep it a secret."

Concubine Yuan's eyes gleamed.

To keep the matter a secret was definitely within Lady Fang's expectations, so she was a bit absent-mindedly answering now. However, the thing she was supposed to keep secret was unbelievable for her, so when she was interrogated, she would blurt out a revealing answer.

What sort of thing happened to make Old Lady, who hated that granddaughter so, make her not want to send her out to be married?

"Lady, there is no need for you to say something," said Concubine Yuan. "You are very tired, first rest a bit. No need for you to look over the accounts today."

As she said this, she stepped backward, but Lady Fang's words stopped her.

"She said she could cure Chengyu," she said, her voice suppressed.

Concubine Yuan was shocked.

[1] Shed the mortal body and exchange the bones: turn over a new leaf

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