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The words said by Miss Jun had made everyone at the scene blank out.

Able to cure his illness, able to prevent his death. These were the things that the Fang Family dreamed about. If anyone could accomplish them, Old Lady Fang and Lady Fang would be so excited they would even give their lives to him.

However, hearing this girl say those words, the people were not shocked or ecstatic.

Young Master Fang jeered.

"Miss Jun, what a frightening threat," he said.

Miss Jun smiled and grabbed the wrist he had resting on his wheelchair.

Because he was paralyzed, Young Master Fang's hands were very cold. When one of them suddenly came in contact with a warm hand, as well the special tenderness of a girl's hands, he couldn't help but stiffen up.

Miss Jun had already flipped it over his hands, and her fingers were pressing into his pulse.

Young Master Fang felt warmth flowing through his veins and circling through his body. His face turned humiliated and angry.

He was actually touched by this woman.

He knew that other people would not dare to say it to his face, but internally, they rejected his useless body. His mindset toward it was that if they spurned him, then he would spurn them.

If they thought that this body was dirty, then he would think they were dirty.

Young Master Fang wanted to shake off Miss Jun's hand, but she had already stood up straight and let go.

"You are not sick," she said. "You have been poisoned."

Young Master Fang scoffed.

"Rubbish," he said.

Everyone knew that he had been sick as a child. When his mother was carrying him, she was overly sad because of his father's passing and almost miscarried. He was barely saved and was born premature. Although he had lived without troubles until he was five, he later contracted an illness.

Poisoned, does this woman really think he's a child that can be fooled?

Miss Jun did not say anything more and took several steps back.

"I will go back and think about this. I will probably be able to find a way detoxify it," she said. Without waiting for Young Master Fang to continue speaking, she left.

She walked neatly and nimbly, while Young Master Fang was slow to recover himself. His expression while sitting in his wheelchair was complicated.

How laughable.

What was with him today? Not only did he go up to talk to that woman, but he had also actually listened to her words.

For the past ten years, his grandmother and mother had brought famous doctors from every river and mountain to treat his illness. There was not one who had said that he could be cured. But now, this ignorant, trash woman actually said she could treat him?

What was even more funny, was that for a single moment he had actually been excited.

Excited because of being able to be cured? He had actually believed her.

As his biological countdown came nearer and nearer, he had already thought himself unafraid. He had thought that knowing about his death for almost ten years meant that he could calmly accept it. But it seemed that that wasn't the case.

In the face of his final moment, he was actually so scared that he would grasp at any straw to save his life. Even one from this woman's words.

Watching the girl in the distance, Young Master Fang wanted to laugh loudly. But in the end, he only coughed twice.

"Let's go," he said neutrally.

The two servant boys covered the surprise in their eyes and hurried to push the chair. On this winter day, the only sound was of the creaking as they walked through the desolate garden.

"Young Miss, Young Miss, your ways are truly good," said Liu'er with great delight.

Miss Jun looked at her, uncomprehending.

"Fooling that little cripple," said Liu'er in worship.

Miss Jun smiled, but didn't say anything else. After walking for a while, she paused at a broad stretch of land.

This seemed to be a martial arts training ground.

All wealthy families had training grounds, while scholarly families had the Six Confucian Arts. In the Ze Prefecture, there were many families who emulated them, so, naturally, their descendants had to train in these skills.

Only, there were no men in the Fang Family, but this training ground seemed to be often used.

"Young Miss, Young Miss, come see, come see. This is Old Lady's wooden post that she hits." Liu'er stood in front of the wooden stake and pointed at it.

Miss Jun walked up to look at the stake used to train fists. It didn't look as exaggerated as Liu'er had said. She smiled while she hit the place where Liu'er was pointing.

"Aiya, Young Miss, be careful so your hand doesn't get hurt," said Liu'er hurriedly.

Miss Jun smiled while taking back her hand.

"This place is pretty good," she said, looking all around. "We should set up an archery target here."

Liu'er did not understand.

"What are you going to do with an archery target?" she asked.

"Strengthen my body," said Miss Jun, as she lightly hit the wooden stake again.

It would not be easy to ride in a broken boat. At the very least, she should prepare for any jolts and shakes.

Liu'er wasn't all that excited about strengthening the body, but she listened to Young Miss' every word. She immediately found some servants to set up a straw target, as well as find them a bow and arrows.

The Fang Family servants had never predicted that this master and servant would make such a request. They were not allowed to talk with this master and servant pair, and they were not allowed to let them leave.

But right now, this Miss Jun was not asking them about the family's private matters, and neither did they want to leave through the gates. So were they supposed to listen to Miss Jun's order or not?

The maidservants pretended to go and cater to the request, while they actually went to speak with Lady Fang first.

"What is she planning on doing?" asked Concubine Yuan with a frown. "How does she want to strengthen her body? Does she need to strengthen herself?"

Concubine Yuan was hinting at something. When Fang Jinxiu and Miss Jun were fighting over the handkerchief, although Fang Jinxiu was ferocious, Miss Jun was not at a disadvantage. She had been clutching a lock of Fang Jinxiu's hair.

"This is good; always lazing about without moving will lead to her imagination running wild," said Lady Fang. "Do as Miss Jun instructed."

The maidservant made a soundof affirmation, but did not leave.

"Lady, Miss Jun met Young Master in the garden," she said after hesitation. "I do not know if this is the reason she is doing this."

When she heard something involving Young Master Fang, Lady Fang sat straight up in her chair.

"Who let her appear before Young Master?" asked Concubine Yuan anxiously. "No, how it happened isn't important. I'm only afraid of what she would say if she saw Young Master."

By 'what she would say', she meant words ridiculing the crippled young master.

Lady Fang sighed and reclined back in her chair.

"Chengyu knows what kind of person she is. There is no need to care too much," she said. "I will go and speak to him in a moment. Miss Jun is a guest, and these past few days she hasn't been in the garden."

Concubine Yuan could only sigh helplessly.

"Truly an evil. How could Old Lady's daughter raise such a thing," she said, while waving away the maidservant.

The maidservant hurriedly retreated.

Lady Fang was still slowly looking through the ledger, but Concubine Yuan knew that her mood was not good. As expected, after she finished looking through the account book, Lady Fang stood up.

"I will speak to Old Lady about the Zhao Prefecture matter," she said, looking at Concubine Yuan. "You speak with the scholar and propose a marriage before the end of the year."

Before the end of the year? Concubine Yuan could not help but be shocked.

There wasn't even a month left till the end of the year. It looked like this was going to be an extremely rushed marriage.

"It's not sudden at all. Not even talking about getting married in a month, but it would even be fine to get married three days from now. Is our Fang Family unable to arrange this?" asked Lady Fang.

This meant that she wanted her to immediately disappear from their sight.

Concubine Yuan did not say anything more. She helped Lady change her clothes and sent her off. Then, she stood for a moment at the door before calling over a servant girl.

"Go speak with Third Young Miss. Miss Jun was insulting Young Master in the garden," she instructed in a low voice.

The little servant girl made a sound of confirmation and trotted away.

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