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Chapter 11: The Potent energy.


“Where’s the evidence to prove the Temple exists?” Fan Xian was still trying to maintain a modern and rational outlook on things.


“Master Ku He of the Four Grandmasters became one of the continent’s strongest fighters just by gaining the favour of the Temple. Now if that ain’t enough evidence, I don’t know what is.” Teacher Fei replied loftily.


“Maybe Ku He was tripping on ‘roids and used the Temple as an excuse.” Fan Xian pouted.


“Bah! Though I’m pretty jealous of Ku He’s luck myself, he has always been a really devout person and that’s something I admire about him. I don’t think he would use the Temple as an excuse… Besides, what’s this…“ ‘roids” you speak of?


“Oh, it’s a tonic of sorts, kind of similar to an elixir…… He must have used too much. That would explain his baldness,” Fan Xian joked, grinningly.


Teacher Fei ignored him. “The Temple and the Heavenly Vessels are similar – both are divine in origin. The most important part of the royal liturgy in most nations is the temple’s rituals. The Temple, though, has never been willing to participate, much less interfere in worldly affairs. That is why the liturgies are held only within three miles of the Imperial Palace. While there is a large congregation for the Temple in the Qin and Northern Qi nations, they try not to question politics and state affairs. There are a few ascetics who do travel beyond the temple though; they walk the earth and push the boundaries of their bodies and minds.”


Fan Xian continued to grin. He began to question why the Temple even exists. If it is for religious purposes, why don’t they have an actual place of worship? If there is no parish for the common folks, the religion would not have any influence. And without influence, there is no power; without power, no benefit…… That would mean such an organisation does not have a purpose for its existence.


That was why he does not subscribe to his teacher’s belief that the organisation’s existence is one which is supernatural and free from worldly influence.


Deep down, though, he also supposed that having a mysterious organisation that does not interfere in the people’s lives as a source of faith was not such a bad idea after all.






“Alright, alright. You have already been woolgathering quite some time now; you still haven’t told me what’s wrong with the inner energy in my body.”


It was rare that his little student was angry. Sobering up, Teacher Fei solemnly checked his pulse again. “Like I said, the inner energy within your body is extremely potent, to the extent that, despite having only trained for such a short period of time, the amount of inner energy in your Dantian (this is the ki centre apparently ~MCM) and meridian has already surpassed what your body at this age can handle.”


“Is it that serious?” Fan Xian frowned.


“I’m not sure.”


“Sheesh, that means you’re just trying to scare me.”


“I’m not trying to scare you. Imagine yourself as a wineskin; it can only store that much. Now, imagine it being filled with more wine than it can hold… If you continue training, I’m afraid you’ll burst like one.”


Aside from the occasional abdominal pain, Fan Xian has never experienced anything particularly unusual during his daily practices. He was thus rather sceptical about his teacher’s words. “Teacher, I know you’re secretly calling me a good-for-nothing rice bucket (酒囊饭袋 is an insult literally translated into wineskin rice bag, which means the person’s only good at eating ~MCM),” Fan Xian said while shaking his head.


“Why don’t you try exerting your inner energy like you do usually.” Teacher Fei furrowed his brow.


Closing his eyes and concentrating, Fan Xian felt himself slip naturally into the mental state he has while meditating. The warm pocket of energy residing within his belly began to grow, flowing slowly along his many meridians towards his limbs.


Teacher Fei shut his eyes and placed his fingers on the little child’s wrist, examining it carefully. After a while, he creased his eyebrows and said, “Stop trying to hold back the flow. You’re only just a five year old kid; however potent your inner energy is, it can’t possibly hurt me. It’s just that your body is still too small to be able to withstand it. (Yea, I don’t really get this part either ~MCM.)


“Oh.” It was true; Fan Xian has been regulating the potency of his inner energy, willing it slowly from his Dantian to the other parts of his body. Having heard his teacher’s words though, he agreed that his inner energy was probably too meagre to hurt this old and vile creature (His teacher, heh heh heh ~MCM). It would also be difficult for his Teacher to diagnose his condition if he released too little inner energy.


With that in mind, he closed his eyes. The words from the unnamed inner energy technique began to resound in his mind. “Like a flowing river that does not lose its shape, fill one’s body with the essence of the Heavenly Springs……” (It’s actually not supposed to make sense; this is merely an incantation. I think. ~MCM)


Utilising that imagery, the inner energy within his body sparked and erupted out of his Dantian as if on command, flowing along his meridians from his belly to his back before gushing along a very unusual route into his wrists.


A loud but muffled noise rang out in the study.


Teacher Fei’s eyes shot open. The fingers on the child’s wrist were hit by a sudden surge of concentrated inner energy. Unprepared, he was knocked straight into a wall with a muffled thud. His fingers were seared smoking and his chest was in pain. With a sudden cough, he spat a stream of blood.






On the other side of the room, Fan Xian had a premonition. Raising his head, he found his teacher in a pathetic state. Shocked, he ran over to support his teacher.


Teacher Fei motioned wordlessly, signalling that it’s only a small matter. Helping himself up slowly, he wiped the stream of blood on his lips away. He stared at the brat before him strangely; there were a lot of questions he had right now.


“This punk-ass *[email protected]# is only 5 years old…… Where the hell did you get such potent inner energy? If you keep training, you may end up exploding from having too much inner energy,” he muttered to himself.


He was shocked by his teacher’s swearing; he never expected the inner energy of his that was suddenly out of control to be able to hurt Teacher Fei enough to spit blood. Despite being wounded, Teacher Fei’s first concern wasn’t his own injuries but his student’s safety; although he was still pretending to be a child by hiding his emotions at times, he was still rather touched by this.


The wooden door opened soundless and a shale-coloured silhouette slipped in.


The smell of this person was rather familiar, so Fan Xian did not bother to stop supporting his Teacher to see who it was.


“You fools.”


Even in this situation, the blind Five-Bamboo was still as aloof as ever. Pulling Fan Xian aside, he placed one finger on the little fellow’s neck, pausing for a moment before saying coldly, “You are not hurt. You are only flustered from having seen Fei Jie spitting blood.” (What a dick, he cares more for the kid than the old man vomiting blood ~MCM)


Facing Teacher Fei, he dispassionately said, “Fei Jie, your job is to teach him the arts of using poison. And make no mistake; I know you are an expert in this field. However, the Mistress (MC’s mom ~MCM) has said before that your level of martial arts is amongst the weakest in the entire Capital city. As such, it would not be advisable to comment on the things I leave for the Young Master.”


Although Teacher Fei may be just an unremarkable and normal doctor in Danzhou, in the Capital, he was actually a rather well-known figure. Even though his injuries this time was because he was careless, but having heard Five-bamboo’s words, he began to feel rather indignant. Moreover, he was still concerned that the kungfu that Fan Xian was learning was too powerful for one who is only five years old.


His lips began to tighten in resentment.

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