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Chapter 11 – Improvement to Potions and Magic Additions to Weapons and Armor

After separating from Archbishop Clinka, we went to supply ourselves with ingredients and potions. ‘If I improve this potion and magic potions, I can make more efficient ones, can’t I?’ I thought. In reality, just by putting in ingredients (mainly fruit) including matching magical power into the potions and magic potions a little when the two were sleeping, they became delicious. When I taught this to the owner of the tool shop, she was so delighted she jumped up. It appeared to be more delicious than normal ones, as upon tasting it, she downed the entire thing. The effect had also risen about 1.5x.

“Miss, no, Sasha, thank you. This is an extraordinary breakthrough. No way, just by putting magical power into the ingredients and adding them to the potions and magic potions, the effect rises by this much. Thank you, really! If possible, can I have some finished products?” (Shopowner)

“Yeah, it’s fine. And, this is the recipe.” (Akane)

“Hey, is going as far as giving me the recipe truly okay! I’ll talk to that doctor, and get him to rapidly make them at once.” (Shopowner)

Huh? Someone would be doing this much? I hadn’t thought she’d be this delighted.

“Finn, Eris, did I something outrageous?” (Akane)

Both of their facial expressions turned into those of shock.

“Onee-sama, I thought you did that while knowing.” (Iris)

“That’s right, Master. Up until now, research regarding potions and magic potions is being done throughout the world even now. Recovering physical strength and magical power is good, but I think you also know that, Master, but in any case, you’re clumsy. Doctors are piling up research desperately, but if something unrelated is added, all of the effects will be lost, regardless of the type. Never would anyone think ‘it’ll succeed by just adding a fixed amount of magical power into the ingredients’ or something like that.” (Finn)

Huh~, I did a standout action again. Next time, let’s definitely be careful. Well, who did the selling was the owner of that tool shop, so I wouldn’t stand out.

Switching my mood, I headed towards the blacksmith. It was around the time that the mithril claws would be completed. If they had been completed, I’d have a special-make jewel put into them.

When we arrived at the blacksmith, the mithril claws had been completed, and Dolk-san brought them.

“Finn, how’s the feeling of using them?” (Akane)

“This, is amazing. They don’t feel uncomfortable, and the magical power transmission is fast.” (Finn)

“Gahaha, I’m glad you like it.” (Dolk)

“Dolk-san, sorry for doing this immediately, but can you furnish this jewel into the mithril claws?” (Akane)

“I don’t mind that, but is there something in that jewel?” (Dolk)

“Yes, the recovery magic『High Heal』is added.” (Akane)

Before entering the cathedral, I bought several jewels suited for Finn. While the two were sleeping, I investigated what kinds of magic could be added. Depending on the type of jewel, the magic which could be added was different. And, high level things like Max Heal and Holy Bolt couldn’t be added, as they would destroy the jewel itself. What could be added were up to intermediate level ones. Aquamarine was the jewel prepared for Finn, and recovery magic was what was possible to be added. I added『High Heal』. With this, Finn would be able to use recovery magic as well.

“What, you can add recovery magic to gems!? That’s absurd! The weapons which can have magic added should only magic swords from dungeons!” (Dolk)

“Why is it surprising? There are jewels on the grip part of magic swords. Magic is included in there. The principle is the same as that. I select a jewel corresponding to the magic I want to add, and insert it into the weapon. If you do so, though it cannot go as far as a magic sword from a dungeon, you are able to add up to intermediate level magic of superior attributes into the corresponding jewel. However, in regards to holy magic except recovery magic and space magic, they can’t be added due to them being advanced. By the way, it won’t work with just the jewel by itself. And, please also be careful in how you install it into the weapons and armor. If a novice installs it unreasonably, the jewel, weapon, and armor will probably crumble at the same time as invoking the magic. Balance is important.” (Akane)

If I didn’t tell him like this in advance, a novice might really do that.

Huh? Everyone was open-mouthed. Why?

“, alright, as a test, I’ll try to insert that jewel into a place that doesn’t interfere with the mithril claws.” (Dolk)

Dolk-san returned to his workshop, and started working on inserting it at once.

“Sashchan, if this is a success, it’ll be outrageous.” (Irumi)

Irumi was really excited. When I turned towards Finn and Eris,

“Master, if you look like that, you don’t understand, huh.” (Finn)

“Onee-sama, it’s the first one in the world if this succeeds. Humans will have created the same magic sword as the dungeons!” (Iris)

No way, I did it again!? I didn’t intend to do that. I had thought ‘surely, somebody somewhere in the country will have announced it’.

Dolk-san returned in about thirty minutes.

“Well then, Finn, try to do『High Heal』on Dolk-san at once.” (Akane)

“Fue~! All of a sudden? I-, I’m nervous. Will I be able to do it?” (Finn)

“It’s alright, you can do it.” (Akane)

“I’ll do it.『High Heal』” (Finn)

Dolk-san’s body shone. When the light settled, Dolk-san’s eyes were wide open.

“I can’t believe it, I’m recovering! My fatigue from a bit ago is gone!” (Dolk)

“Alright, it’s a success!” (Akane)

“M-, master, uwaaaan, I’m happy. I used recovery magic~.” (Finn)

Finn was crying a lot. She was very happy, I guess.

“You, this is a serious matter. Recovery magic could only be used by suitable people until now, but with this technology, we can include not just recovery magic, but numerous magics.” (Dolk)

“, ahh, yes, that’s right.” (Akane)

“Onee-sama, you’re amazing. Even if there was a war, with a technique like this, we can avoid the deaths of many tribes.” (Iris)

For some reason, I felt like the scale of what I had done was rapidly becoming bigger. The one who made it go that far was me, huh?

“Can you sell that technology to me? I’ll pay you as much gold as you want.” (Dolk)

“Wha! No, no money. If many tribes can be saved with this technology, I’ll hand it over free of charge.” (Akane)

“B-, but, that’s too much.” (Dolk)

“Then, how about I exchange it for the mithril claws?” (Akane)

“Is it okay…with something like that!” (Dolk)

No, mithril claws should be about 100 gold coins.

“Yes, it’s fine with that.” (Akane)

Negotiations complete. I informed him about magic and the corresponding jewels. Just that. With just that, my advancement payment of gold coins was returned. Hmm, I wonder, was it really okay?

“It’s with trouble, so how about I add one more weapon for sale? Currently, I have a topaz with the thunder magic『Lightning Bolt』put into it, so I think if you include it into a mithril sword, it will become a considerably powerful magic sword.” (Akane)

“Is that true! I’ll do it, if I make a sword like that, all the adventurers over B-class will buy it.” (Dolk)

In the end, we used not only the mithril swords with the thunder magic『Lightning Bolt』put into it, but also all the jewels I had now, and manufactured many weapons and armor. When the manufacturing finished, it was the evening—17:00.

“Sasha, thank you. It’s been a long time since my time was spent so meaningfully.” (Dolk)

“No, it was good you were pleased. Tomorrow, you need to sell the weapons and armor with gems put into them, okay?” (Akane)

“I’ll do it with Irumi. I’m glad I have a stock of aquamarine. To start with, I feel like everyone wants recovery magic. It’ll be serious after tomorrow.” (Dolk)

The three of us—Me, Finn, and Eris—added『High Heal』to the aquamarines, so they were a bit tired. Finn was happy though, huh.

“Well then, please do your best after tomorrow.” (Akane)

“Yeah, thanks for today, really.” (Dolk)

“Regarding adding it to the jewels, it’s faster to make a request to the guild. I think they’ll probably do it efficiently.” (Akane)

“Haha, that’s right. At any rate, there’s nothing I can say if Iris-sama is found safe with this.” (Dolk)

If it went as planned, tomorrow morning, the Pope himself should do the report of her being safely found.

Parting from Dolk-san and others, we ate dinner at the inn and returned to our room. There was a bit more time until 20:00.

“Master, I’m very happy now. I dreamed of things like being able to use recovery magic.” (Finn)

I was happy you were pleased.

“Onee-sama, after tomorrow, it will probably be very tough for the tool shop and the blacksmith. Delicious potions and magic potions, weapons and armor with magic added, it’ll be good if it doesn’t result in an uproar.” (Iris)

“The potions are still in production, it’ll probably be fine. Regarding the weapons and amor, they were saying that they’d go advertize it to friendly stores, so it seems there’ll be an uproar then.” (Akane)

“Eh, Onee-sama, will it be okay?” (Iris)

“In regards to what we made this time, we wanted it to be bought by high level adventurers, so we decided to do it auction-style. And, since it appears to be for the first time in the history of the world, we plan to trial run them one by one. It appears that magic tools of『Barrier』and『Silent』can be borrowed from the guild, so it’ll be okay. But I wonder, why aren’t there any magic tools of recovery magic?” (Akane)

“Master, truly in just a flash of some sort, you thought of adding it to jewels. Mithril and orichalcum are used in the center of magic tools, so they were adding magic to those metals. They also used special metals, they were really expensive. Magic tools are also being studied throughout the world, but only attack magic and recovery magic were repelled for unknown reasons. Thinking now, it can be done with a jewel, so it simply isn’t dealt with.” (Finn)

“I see, it’s like that, huh. Though I didn’t know, I created an unthinkable technology, didn’t I? But, I just thought ‘they can deal with the evil tribes coming to attack here, even if only a little bit’ and taught them it, okay? I thought that someone announced it already.” (Akane)

“Onee-sama, you thought of Sphereart that much!? Here, it will be announced tomorrow that I’m alive, so moral will also rise.” (Iris)

“Yes, afterwards, how will the evil tribes come to attack? Tomorrow, the remaining four brainwashed people will know, so the evil tribes should start to move big.” (Akane)

The improvement of potions, the development of new magic tools, and the announcement of Iris’s discovery and the oracle; in the state where moral was extremely high, the evil tribes would probably come to attack. Probably, the tools wouldn’t be accessible by everyone, but everyone should help each other out.

Afterwards, how would the evil tribes move?

Classes have started up again for me, so I’ll be slightly more busy.

If you guys notice anything wrong, please let me know!

See you ….perhaps soon?

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