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[Editor’s Note: This is the first chapter I have edited for this series. I will go back to the previous chapters and make sure that the terminology and use of tense used in this chapter matches up with the previous ones. I don’t know if you noticed this, but the POV changes throughout the chapter. At one point it is from Suimei’s POV, and it is from Felmenia’s POV at other times. It is a little irksome. I can either leave it as is, or edit it to one person’s point of view. Discuss.]


It went just as he had planned. Because Suimei lured Felmenia to the barrier, he can now demonstrate his full power as a mage.


Seeing the gap in power, Felmenia could only stand in fear and frustration. In front of her, Suimei had showed unimaginable knowledge and magic power. (彼女を前に、水明は己が持てる知識を用立て、魔力を漲らせて臨む。)


If anyone here was to witness this, they would know that this is overkill. Felmenia Stingray, no, mages in this world are too far behind in their world’s magic. Then, he should go easy on them. He should reduce the useless magic power and control them. That would be efficient and gentlemanly. Yeah.


But, Suimei has no such intention. Even if he didn’t know the level of magic here, didn’t know the legal use of a magic circle, didn’t know that chanting is essential, or make the magic pool into his body as a mage of this world would, a mage is still a mage.


He prepared the stage for the fight. Since he’s the host, he must not forget the courtesy of giving his full power no matter how low the challenger’s level is. If you’re a mage, do it like a mage; always show your best magic to fascinate the opponent’s heart and make them surrender.


Though, it’s true that he prepared it for another reason, too. In the middle of a fight, as the host, he has to appear full of spirit. That’s, Suimei Yakagi’s pride as a mage.


After the confrontation a while ago, of course, there’s no starting line for this fight, The fight had already begun a long time ago. It’s now left to whoever decides to move first.

Unable to endure the fight’s tension, the first one to move is Felmenia.


“Oh, fire. Become the true flame and burn away those who stray from your path. Burn away everything. Become the white catastrophe. !” (Felmenia)


It’s the true flame she proclaimed earlier. Even if she said it’s a true flame, it’s just a high temperature flame caused by magic. It seems that the previous flame was just a test. There’s a huge difference in the scale. That would mean, the magic power infused into this is large.


Suddenly, the flame started swirling like a vortex. It spread a bit, and then it went at him while twisting like a tornado.


Then, Suimei’s heart changed completely.


The flame is coming towards him. Even if there’s no strong feeling in it anymore, of course, Suimei had no intention of staying still. He took a breath, concentrated, optimized his magic, and he cast it.


!” (Suimei)


This is a magic for defense. When he first came to this world, he already thought of using it. “A Dazzling Golden shield”.


He stretched out his hand, three golden magic circles appeared and turned into a shield.


(TL Note : It did say three… in case you’re wondering about the fourth wall later on.)


If it’s just a hot flame, it would have no effect. The shield is firm. It won’t break from something like a flame. Stopped by the triple magic circle, it can’t help but disappear.


Seventh Article, White Flame, made a thunderous noise in its path, and it crashed into the golden magic shield. Upon the impact, the pure white flame scattered. The white flame is trying to pass through it, and it is making thunderous sounds and sparks. It destroyed the surroundings… 1 second. 2 seconds. 3 seconds. 4 seconds. However, the white flame couldn’t go through it. It was stopped at the second magic circle. The third circle is rotating in order to configure the magic and unravel it. As a result, the dazzling white flame turned back to a red flame. At last, because of the fourth (last) circle’s power, reflection, the flame is scattered in all directions. The magic circle stood there until everything disappeared; this attack was full of rage. (EN: I want to replace the word fourth with last. It would denote the same thing while meshing better with what was said earlier. The number of circles part)

“No! I’m not finished, yet!” (Felmenia)


A voice filled with spirit can be heard. It’s the proof of the next shot. Even though it was blocked, she accumulated the white flame again in the air. By saying “Oh, Flame!” for the second time, she shot again on her command. Once again, the white flame is coming; however, this time, attack approached from the side in order to pierce the barrier.


The flame is moving and changing direction. As expected, the Court Mage title is not for show. To change its direction, control the flame, and attack in a nimble manner, she certainly possesses first-class magic control.


However, if it doesn’t have quality, it’s meaningless no matter how skillful she is. Don’t bother trying to pass through these walls, that magic doesn’t have enough destructive power to scratch these golden walls. That said, if he let go of the barrier, the flame will catch him; even the court floor is reduced to ashes. (かといって防御を解いての遁走でも、炎は己をコンマ一秒を削って追い掛けるが、コートの端にも引っ掛からず一筋の焦げあとも残せないのだ。)


While looking at the white flame that can’t reach him, he decided that it is his turn to counter-attack. Both sides are opened for escape. That’s why, he starts to chant acceleration magic. Reducing Gravity. Reducing mass. As he muttered those words, he’s freed from the shackles of gravity, and his body becomes light. His body is now seemly weightless.


He sprints at her. No, He flies at her.


The black coat is fluttering and cutting the incoming white flame, it’s gliding like a swallow towards Felmenia to attack.


“Too fast.” (Felmenia)


It might be a complaint. Suddenly, he’s already so close to her that she mistakes his movement for teleportation. By the time she noticed, he’s was already three meters from her. Before she finished her sentence, he snaps his finger.


During that brief moment, he possessed eyes cold enough to startle her.


Offensive Magic. Modern mage, Suimei can make compressed air explode just by snapping his finger. Even though it’s simple, the power can be great. Because it’s simple, it’s very fast. Because it’s a physical attack, the effect is obvious.


Bachin !


Like a transparent bomb that causes a transparent explosion, the explosion blows up the ground below it. The explosion is near; however, since she saw before, she managed to evade by hair breadth.


“Guh… Argh…” (Felmenia)


As to block her escape route, he snapped his finger again. Realizing that, Felmenia desperately changed her direction. She’s trying to escape for her life from the serial explosion.


She cried shouting, “Th-This is ridiculous! How can you cast magic so effortlessly?!” (Felmenia)


“Hah…. If you can’t do it, you will lose you third-rate mage. Because the enemy has shot at me, now it’s my turn to shot? We’re not in RPG Game you know?” (Suimei)


That’s right, this is not a game; this is a test with lives at stake. The result can be decided in a split second. It’s different from Felmenia’s mystery.( フェルメニアの持つ神秘とは訳が違う。)


While Felmenia is tryinig to escape, he takes out a vial from his pocket.

And then, he quickly removes it’s cap.

The inside is Mercury. This unique metal is a metal that is in liquid form at normal temperatures. In the alchemhic world, it’s called Androgynous Monster . He has been waiting for this chance to use it.

Then, as it scatters and creates a line in the air, he says, “!” (Suimei)

Gripping the Mercury that is still in liquid form, he’s wielding the mercury that has taken its form of a liquid blade. Of course, he chose the form of a blade; a Mercury-Katana. The material is, Mercury. It can be changed into anything by magic. It is a shape-shifting weapon.


“Oh, Earth! Build your obstinate body, and crush my enemy! !” (Felmenia)


Before Suimei finished building the shape, Felmenia finished her spell. She shot a dirt attracting bullet at him. Before reaching him, the earth bullet had already become large.


“Eat this!” (Felmenia)


“Too soft !” (Suimei)


He cut the boulder with his sword in the blink of an eye. Even if it’s a bullet, it’s not something that he can’t cut. That’s why, if it’s just a rock, it’s not even a threat. Suimei cut the rock with the tip of his katana that’s filled with magic power. He also destroyed the rock bullet from while cutting the large mass of rock. It was elegantly cut with his sword, perfectly.


“You’re a mage, yet you can use sword!?” (Felmenia)


“So what if I can use it? Close-quarter combat skill is indispensable for a mage you know? Well, whether it’s close or far, it’s not a problem.” (Suimei)




“Argh, Damn damn damn damn damn !” (Felmenia)


The stone she shot out of desperation is destroyed; furthermore, not even the pebble can scratch him. There wasn’t even dust on his clothes.


When he slashed the last rock bullet, the rock lost its shape and crumbled.


“Oh, Fire! Penetrate them, Burn the enemy in front of-“ (Felmenia)


“Permutatio Coagulatio vis flagellum” (Suimei)


He chanted at the same time as Felmenia, but because his chant is shorter, he finished it first. A magic circle is created on the Mercury-Katana. Then, he turned his wrist and swung it as fast as he could. Then, the iron-like katana before is now changed into a whip.


Due to the chant, it became a mercury whip. To stop her chanting, he attacked her from the sides.


“Nn!?” (Felmenia)


The mercury strike, surpassing the speed of sounds, made an explosive sound similar to a fired blank. The ground is gradually destroyed. A metal whip’s power can’t be compared to that of a leather whip. The texture, the sharpness, the length, and he can control it all. Even if one had a ridiculously massive body, it would be shredded like a paper. She thought so.


“Ugh…That’s..Impossible..” (Felmenia)


He can take a life with one swing. Facing that truth, Felmenia can’t even move a finger. Usually, she will move while chanting, but her mouth is the same. She can’t even move her mouth. She’s mortified and can only let out a mortified voice.


Her face became pale. Is this the end? No, as long as she’s not on her knees, it’s not the end. Even if she’s mortified, it doesn’t mean she has given up. “I’m standing in front of a predicament.” verses “Where is the recovery room?” It looks like she hasn’t started to think like that. I have to make her unable to defy me, for the second time, from the bottom of her heart.

Then, his magic pool is like burning inside, suddenly, his magic power exploded.




He possess a power so strong, that even the castle shook in his presence. His magic power, a power that had nowhere to go, intertwined in the space around him creating blue lighting. It’s like a dragon’s roar.



Then, He turned to Felmenia in front of him. She has lost herself due to fear, and she is awed by the difference in power; dumbfounded even.

Then, Suimei chanted.


” (Suimei)


Under his feet, a huge magic circle expanded through the garden. A thick blue light that even surpasses the brightness of the stars appears before him. It’s still so dazzling and strong even in this fantasy world.


” (Suimei)


Every time a phenomenon ended, another is created. After the chant, a phenomenon is created; Chanted for, one by one. Different from this world’s magic, his magic’s incantation itself is power. Even while chanting, the world changes, the situation became where miracle is continuously created. Golden particles rise from the ground, floating to heaven and absorbed by the sky. Then, as if mimicking the stars, countless magic circles appeared in mid-air.

” (Suimei)


When she noticed that the air had already filled with countless magic circles. It’s filled with multiple type of wide area spell. The attribute is imitated after Ether. It’s derived from the numerous secret arts from Kaballah, and he then made it compatible with Astrology. It’s modern complex magic. ( 気が付けば、空を彩る星のように天球を埋める魔法陣。種類は多重広域展開型。属性はエーテルと準える空属性。系統はカバラ数秘術及びアストロジーを両立させた、現代魔術の代名詞とも言える他系統複合魔術。)


Suimei grinned, and he delivered the finishing blow with a smile on his face.


“Court mage-dono, do your best to hold out. Ok?” (Suimei)


Felmenia can’t refute those words, she can only daringly put up her defense magic.




” (Suimei)


The finishing blow is delivered. Upon that word, light emitted is from the magic circles. The magic power and stars light mixes with one another to create a sky filled with dazzling lights in a multi directional manner. Just like a falling star, a teardrop falls from the sky with a thunderous roar. It silenced all other noise and destroyed all within its range.


This is magic of starry sky, Falling Star. Befitting of the term Ens Astral(エンスアストラーレ), this is one of Suimei Yakagi’s biggest spells. Not long after the falling star took place, what left is the original White Garden. It’s like all the destruction until now was a dream. There was Suimei Yakagi with his black suit and Felmenia with her tattered white robe.


He proceeded to Felmenia who was unable to move, and put his sword to her neck.


“It’s my win, is there any problem with that?” ( Suimei)


When asked about the result, she said with trembling voice.


“Yo-You Monster.. That kind of power! Who said that you can’t fight? Why you reject to slay the demon lord? If you go, even the Demon Lord…” (Felmenia)


“Can be defeated? That’s stupid. The numbers are not a joke. The history is the proof. No matter how strong you are, you can’t win against the overwhelming number. There’s no need to try. No matter how good the fighter is, it’s nothing against the numberous. I’m just one human.” (Suimei)


Feeling as though he hasn’t said enough, Suimei opened his mouth again.


“If I listen to your request, the one that I have to fight is not only the demon lord Nakushathra or something (ナクシャトラ). There’s his subordinate army of demons too. That Barcodohage (バーコードハゲ) already destroyed country Noshast (ノーシアス) using one million troops; however, if we think about it, what if they gathered their forces? Two times larger? Three times? It’s already stupid to tell me to face those one million troops. Even if you select your few best, there’s no chance to win against that unusual number you know? Whatever I do, there’s no why I can win, damn it.” (Suimei)


“What are you talking about? War is a battle of personal power. If you have that much power, you can’t be defeated!” (Felmenia)


“Are you idiot? I’m saying that quality and quantity is different. Quality isn’t any guarantee to win against quantity.” (Suimei)


“A mage li-….A mage as powerful as you bastard, you still say that?” (Felmenia)


“Hah ? Me ? I’m not a first class mage. Well, I have a bit of talent, but, in my world I’m at best only average. That’s right.. If it’s the top’s top, he might be able to laugh this off. But, that’s doesn’t matter here.” (Suimei)


“……” (Felmenia)


Now, it’s Felmenia’s turn to lose words. Whether it’s because of Suimei’s abnormally terrifying world, of if it’s because of Suimei exaggerated things, it’s certain that she unable to say a thing because of the overwhelming difference.


“Well, I already knew it from the start. This world’s magic is far too left behind. Honestly, our fight wasn’t even that fun. Or, maybe that’s just because of your harsh remarks.” (Suimei)


That’s right, right now Suimei is saying his honest feelings. His delight is of seeing new mystery; a fight with another mage, for him, is a way to see unknown magic. To figure out that magic is the purpose of the battle. However, in this fight, there wasn’t even a single bit of magic worth looking at.


Unexpected, surprised, and easy destruction. “A fight beyond understanding”, that’s why he won; of course, he felt no delight in it.


As it was already bound to happen, he forced the results upon Felmenia.


“Well then, now. Let’s put an end to our play, magician.” (Suimei)


She felt cold upon hearing it. He changed his tone; it was as if his heart suddenly went cold. Felmenia couldn’t even stand up. She couldn’t do anything about it. It was as if she will meet her end, alone. She became pale.


“Ar-Are you going to kill me?” (Felmenia)


“Hmm, that’s right.. How do you think I will end this?” (Suimei)


“Pl-Please ! Do anything but that!” (Felmenia)


Felmenia discarded her pride and prostrated to Suimei. Help me. Overlook me. She swore not to go against him, but his appearance didn’t change.


But, Suimei snorted and with evil intention, saying..


“Oh my, oh my! you came at me with the intention to kill, but you are pleading for your life?” (Suimei)


“N-No ! I have no intention to kill you from the start! I just wanted to correct you…” (Felmenia)


Felmenia shook her head violently. He stared at her with no interest and doubting eyes. In a fight with lives at stake, it’s not a reason to plead. He already prepared for this. He intends to destroy the opponent and at worst get destroyed instead; however, he never considered that this unsightly view is the price she would pay.



I have heard about story of noble princesses. For better or worse, her personality might get affected.


Then, Suimei asked the true meaning of the statement from before.


“Is it true that you had no intention to kill me?” (Suimei)


“It’s true! I swear to Goddess Alshuna, it’s not a lie!” (Felmenia)


“Though I don’t know the weight of your goddess’s name, as a person from other world, a Japanese, I’m not going to get involved. ” (Suimei)


With a clink, the flangeless katana made a sound that a katana with a flange would. (Flange is the katana’s guard that separates the blade and the hold.) Felmenia, who is not Japanese, doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but she can feel instinctively that her life is getting shorter; her attempt at getting Suimei to spare her life became a pathetic appeal.


“Please! I beg you! I don’t want to die yet! I don’t want to die.. Please.. I beg you…” (Felmenia)


It looks like he bullied her too much. If she already faltered this much, it’s probably fine to enter the real thing. Suimei thought that, and he then stopped his bullying act.


He said, as if bored, “Then, as exchange of letting you live, I have terms you must follow.” (Suimei)


“T-Terms?” (Felmenia)


“Yeah, first, don’t ever tell anyone about what happened today. Second, don’t ever tell anyone about my identity as mage. Especially to Reiji and Mizuki. Got it?” (Suimei)


He gave a sharp look. But, Felmenia shook her head with all of her might.


“W-Wait. I haven’t told anything to Reiji-dono or Mizuki-dono, but the king already knows. Th-Then..” (Felmenia)


“Heh..That’s surprising. An overconfident person like you told someone else? That’s surprising. I thought you would have kept it to yourself since you thought you would definitely win. Well, I don’t mind that much. After all, you won’t be able to speak of the details now.” (Suimei)


Since she already avoided the danger from the first term, Felmenia relieved. Seeing this, Suimei stated the last and most important term.


“And third, you will have to sign this document.” (Suimei)


Suimei made a gesture as if drawing something from void; a paper with a pen appeared. He always brings his pen and paper. There’s a list written in a foreign language.


Of course, Felmenia doesn’t understand what is written there.


“Wh-What is this?” (Felmenia)


“What, it’s just a contract. So that you won’t go against the terms I stated before. You can do this much right?” (Suimei)


“I-I understand, I’ll sign it.” (Felmenia)


Felmenia is a bit suspicious but agreed. Even if she doesn’t understand clearly, she has no choice anyway.


After she finished signing, she stamped it with her blood. Since Suimei watched until the end, he said it plainly.


“Ah, I forgot to tell you, if you break it, you’ll die.” (Suimei)


“Wh-What !?” (Felmenia)


“Yup. If you intend to explain the majority of things that happened here tonight to the king, I want you to know that that is not allowed. I don’t want things to get any more complicated than this already has.” (Suimei)


“Wait. There’s no way that’s possible-“ (Felmenia)


“There’s nothing impossible for a mage.” (Suimei)


As expected, this wasn’t out of scorn for her, though. To felmenia, that ask this dubiously, this is the most effective answer. Suimei let go of his mercury-katana and use his finger that is filled with magic power to poke the contract. Suddenly, Felmenia can feel something gripping her heart.


“That’s Stup-, Gu, Guahhh!” (Felmenia)


“By the way, it’s just like this. You can feel the force gripping your heart right?” (Suimei)


He removed his finger from the contract. Felmenia was released from the grip, and she was faintly breathing. Then, she complained faintly.


“Gu.Ha.. I-I never heard of something like that, before.” (Felmenia)


“Even if you know, you have no choice anyway. What? It’s not that hard. I just don’t want you to tell anyone about me. It’s more honest than the folklore of defeating demon lord right?” (Suimei)


“a..u..u…” (Felmenia)


She didn’t respond, and she hung her head in defeat.


(Ara.. Did I overdid it?) (Suimei)


Looks like, she’s spectacularly broken. Felmenia have tears in her eyes; she was dumbfounded and sobbing.


Shown this much, even the culprit, Suimei Yakagi, couldn’t help but to show mercy.

Let’s end this huh? As expected, he’s not that cruel. He’s impatiently says to Felmenia.


“We-Well. That’s why I want you to be sure to protect your promise, ok? Even me, I don’t want to kill pointlessly; it would make me feel bad.” (Suimei)


Somehow, it’s a bit softer than before. Is it because of sympathy? Felmenia’s still sobbing; it’s unknown whether she listened or not. It’s a bit different from his prediction, he’s scratching his head. Then, he decided that he probably won’t do anything more than this. He left the White Garden.


Even though he finished this, this wasn’t exactly what he imagined would happen.


A fight between mages is by no means a life and death fight. Actually, it’s rare for a mage to take another mage’s life. It’s true that he won’t forgive someone that entered his workshop without his permissions; however, other than that, everyone respected each other. A brotherhood that must take each other’s hand.


Recently, Magic is paused by science. A brake is applied to non-stop development. That’s why, those who pursue magic, even then, is valuable. That’s why, in order to preserve magic, there’s a rule preventing one from killing another mage even if the magic lineage is different. For that reason, that contract from back then is often used. For sparing their life, they must not be able to do any harm more than this. This way, the mage can still live, and magic users won’t go extinct.


Though, he omit some exception, therefore a mage fight is not something to take each other’s life, but to compete with each other. In short, precision, power, and technique’s complexity, the class of magic, theory, special characteristic, it is a fight to make them accept each other.


Then, what about this fight? There’s no exceptional magic, so there’s no need to dwell in victory.


That’s why; he can only feel like this.


“Really, they are so far behind..” (Suimei)


At the words he told Felmenia before, he’s now worried. From now on, he would have to live here. He wondered if there’s any mystery that can make him excited.


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