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Guo Shier scanned the crowd.

"Who’s going to fight?" he wondered out loud.

From the looks of it, though, it wasn't going to be the big battle they expected.

The commotion was just being caused by two ordinary people were arguing—most likely family members of Inner Door professionals, based on their appearance.

A very old man and a skinny teenager were entangled in a haphazard manner while shouting in incoherent curses.

Guo Shier started laughing out loud from hearing their few words.


"If you hit me, my brother will kill you!"

"What about your brother? When my son comes, your brother is dead."

"You let go! Ouch! Ouch! My hair! My hair is falling off!"

"Little Bastard! Let go!"

"I will not let go. You only have a few hairs anyway. They're coming off! They're coming off!"

"I’ll fight you!"

"Ouch! Ouch! Old thing, wah! My eggs are going to break!"

"Let go!"

"No—not until you also let go!"

"Old thing, on the count of three. One, two, three—let go!


"Ah! One two three!"

"Old fart, you’re cheating! Ah! You're killing me. I concede!"

"Ha ha! Ha ha ha!"

This old man sure was cunning. The scrawny teenager begged for forgiveness, but he didn't show any mercy and instead grabbed his eggs even harder until the young man has lost his will to live.

Everyone watching was enjoying the lively show.

The grandfather was a little beaten and bruised, but a lot of onlookers were experts and could tell that he was in no danger. He proudly returned to his little stall while combing what little hair he had left on his head, then said contemptuously, "You dare fight with this old man? Hmmp!"

The teenager continued to cry while walking back to the stall next to his.

It turned out they were both stall peddlers.

The crowd started to disperse, everyone with a smile on their faces.

Guo Shier laughed out loud. "Well, that was hilarious."

Huo Bao couldn't help but laugh along with him. "That was really fun!"

"Ordinary people are like professional fighters, too. I guess all human beings are fighters. Hahaha! But fighting ordinary people is never as bad and generally wouldn't kill you," Guo Shier added.

They walked down the road going back to the silver fox skin.

In his past life, Guo Shier liked the look of fox fur—and in his current world, he couldn't help but like it again. So when he saw a beautiful coat, he wasted no time and bought it.

Ying Mo noticed about this about Shier and thought it was interesting. He asked, "Hey Shier, Why do you like fox skin so much?"

Guo Shier answered seriously. "It has a thick soft fur and has a good color. Why won't I like it?"

"You're buying ordinary fox fur. What you should really be looking for are those with natural Rune lines—those that come from Flower Foxes. Although it's not a Marked Beast, a Flower Fox possesses natural Rune lines on its fur where water can't permeate and snow can't. It can also withstand the strongest winds. That's Flower Fox fur more precious."

Guo Shier was baffled. "I've seen so many stalls, but I have not seen any Flower Fox fur."

The peddler overheard them and laughed, "Only professionals sell that kind of fur. We only have ordinary beast fur here. But although I don't sell Flower Fox fur here, my fur stall is still better than other stalls. Hehehe!"

Guo Shier didn't mind; he went on to buy a few silver fox furs and a few pure black fox furs, then left satisfied with his purchase.

"Let's go find the Flower Fox fur," he said.

"Ah. I’ve killed countless Flower Foxes before," said Ying Mo, somewhat depressed. "I just gave them away to my friends."

Guo Shier curled his lips. "I don't need to hear any of your useless remarks."

Luo Zhan turned to Ying Mo. "Don't tease Shier. It might bite you in the ass!"

"Uncle Luo, what do you think of me?"

The three of them continued joking and laughing while walking towards the next stall. Huo Bao and the other kids each ran to different booths and bought what they liked. Earlier, Guo Shier gave them pocket money.

After seeing less than half of the Free Market, their group decided to walk home. It was getting dark.

Guo Shier returned to his small courtyard and found his Master waiting there.

"Shier, you bought a lot of things today. Did you find any valuable treasure?" Luo Jie asked jokingly. He himself felt incredible every time Guo Shier found treasures.

"Nothing that valuable," Guo Shier replied. "I only bought a pile of furs and some gadgets."

Luo Jie nodded in approval. "The beast furs produced by the West Rune Sect are very famous, while the best silk satins are produced by the South Rune Sect. Our North Rune Sect also produces fur—but they are not quite as good as the West Rune Sect's. Except if the fur came from the Northern Wilderness—then it will have really good quality. Hehehe!"

"How about you, Master? Where did you go today?"

"I just went to meet some old friends."

Qi Nanshan interrupted their conversation. "Shier, can we eat here tonight? Your master's friend will come and visit later."

Guo Shier laughed. "So do you want me to cook some Rune food?"

"Smart child! Go get ready. The man will be there in a minute."

Guo Shier looked for Chen Hong and said, "Little Hong, take the ingredients out. Let's cook some Rune food. Hehehe! I didn’t expect my craft to be quite popular."

Chen Hong moved right away and took the other kids into the kitchen. Some ingredients needed to be prepared in advance.

"Shier, cook some Earth Dragon meat. Hehehe!" suggested Luo Jie.

The meat of the Earth Dragon is usually served only to entertain more distinguished guests. It is not generally given to normal visitors. This was top-rated stuff, and Guo Shier was not willing to casually cook it out to entertain just anybody. He mostly serves to his own group. Still, he acknowledged his master's wishes and turned to the kitchen.

Luo Jie Watched Guo Shier leave, then asked, "Da-Shan, should we take them to the Wild Beast Secret Realm? What do you think?"

"Wild Beast Secret Realm? Let’s go for it," Qi Nanshan agreed. "Shier need to increase his knowledge. Although the Wild Beast Secret Realm has powerful Marked Beasts, our team is quite powerful. Moreover Shier's combat power is comparable to a Grandmaster. He also received an ancient Insect Glyph so his battle force has been upgraded. I think we can handle it."

"I originally wanted to go back first," Luo Jie said "You know, after the Altar and the Multi-World Linking Realm, the other Secret Realms no longer seem attractive to us. Hehehe! However, we had a great harvest the last time we went into a Wild Beast Secret Realm. Although there are some dangers, it’s probably not too early to go in again."

"Yes!" Qi Nanshan concurred. "After advancing from the Altar, I'm confused, too, on how to further develop. That Li Ran fellow is right—maybe we are frogs in the bottom of a well."

A servant came in to the room and told them that the guest has arrived.

Luo Jie ordered the servants to call Guo Shier, then with went out with Qi Nanshan to greet the guest.

"Tan Laoxi. Hahaha! I didn’t expect to see you again. You're actually still alive, it really surprised me!" he said in jest.

Guo Shier was startled from his Master's vulgarity. It was his first time hearing his Master say those words.

Tan Laoxi—who looked much older than Luo Jie—did not seem to get offended. He was visibly surprised.

"What the fuck! How did you become so young? While me—I'm practically dead. What have you guys been eating?" he asked incredulously, then turned to Qi Nanshan.

"Hey, is this Da-Shan? Holy shit, you also become young? Fucking hell!" he shouted.

Qi Nanshan smiled. "Old Xi, you won't believe this, but I advanced again!"

Tan Laoxi was puzzled. "You advanced? Didn't you fucking advance a long time ago? What kind of advancement? Convince me on how you did it."

Guo Shier can't help getting confused. This old man was so foul-mouthed, speaking without impunity. Even master and Grandpa Nanshan were in on the same nonsense.

He took a closer look at the guest and found him to be very old. All of his hair has turned white, but his energy was high. His waist and back were very straight, but his eyes were those of a thief, his eyeballs looking around nonstop.

"Convince you?" Qi Nanshan asked.

Tan Laoxi clearly didn't believe them. He said, "You’re talking nonsense. Damn it! If you can advance, then Beasts on the grasslands don't eat meat. Motherfucker!"

His gaze then turned to Guo Shier.

"Old Luo, is this Guo Shier? The recent uproar these recent days—the Grandmaster level apprentice?"

Luo Jie proudly nodded. "Shier, meet your Grandpa Tan. He is a famous loner from the West Rune Sect, Beast Artificer Grandmaster."

Guo Shier moved towards them and smiled. "Guo Shier greets grandpa Tan," he respectfully said.

"I know you," Tan Laoxi said. "Every day, I always hear someone mention you. Your name is like the sound of thunder strike that continues to echo in my ears. You're famous little guy. Hehe! Are you really a Grandmaster? I’m surprised—just your master’s stinking level can teach a grandmaster level apprentice? This is so full of shit!"

This was Luo Jie's previous heartache. He had a lot of disciples, but no one advanced to a Grandmaster. After accepting Guo Shier, Qin Han advanced to a Grandmaster.

"Tan Laoxi!" Luo Jie interrupted. "Now I have two Grandmaster level apprentices—that's one more than you! One more than you! Haha!"

Tan Laoxi shook his head in disbelief. "You're full of it! The last time we met, you were mourning the fact that you had no apprentice that advance to Grandmaster. Didn't that happen recently? But it feels like we haven't seen each other in decades."

"If you plan to continue to bicker, go find a room!" Qi Nanshan joked, laughing. "Old Xi, after all these years your mouth still stinks! For Shier's sake, let's go inside. He prepared some Rune Food for you."

"I’ll go to the kitchen first," Guo Shier said.

Tan Laoxi continued his nonstop swearing while walking into the living room. Luo Jie and Qi Nanshan accompanied him.

These three people were sparring with their mouths.

Luo Jie and Qi Nanshan were a tag-team battling Tan Laoxi, who didn't seem to care that he was outnumbered. He was a master of foul language, starting and ending his sentence with 'fuck'.

Sat down for dinner, Tan Laoxi sighed. "Augh fuck! Old Luo, tell me how did you become so young? Let this Old Xi become young again. I mean really seriously, no fucking around!"

Luo Jie smiled. "Old Xi, I just really advanced. It's just that, if we are talking about advancing, there's no way to do it. It's true! I'm not fucking with you!"

Guo Shier heard his master swearing out loud as he walked in. He almost fell down. When did his master start using such words?

Nevertheless, he felt a sense of affinity. He also used to be a foul-mouthed soldier during his past life in the army. He was even more vulgar than Tan Laoxi.

"Fine, Old Luo. I'm so old, do you sincerely plan to let me die?" Tan Laoxi said.

"That’s right, my plan is to let you die you old bastard!" Luo Jie replied, joking. "Can't you fucking talk without using foul language you motherfucker?"

Tan Laoxi laughed back. "That's the spirit! I love it when you cuss!"

The crowd was silent for a moment.

Luo Jie helplessly shook his head, "You old rascal. Never mind, I have nothing more to say! Shier, are you done preparing?"

"I'm done cooking, Master. I'll start serving the Rune Food."

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