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Chapter 961: 961

Sima You Yue’s condition wasn’t too optimistic as her body started appearing slits, as though she was being cut by a knife . Blood stained her clothes and directly dripped onto the ground .

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 “Halcyon, what’s the matter with Yue Yue?” Little Seven looked at Sima You Yue in this state and she was shocked as she asked anxiously .

 “Her internal breathing is disorderly as the dark and light auras are clashing with each other . If she isn’t able to direct it in time, then I’m afraid… . . ”

 “Die from explosion!” Little Seven cried out as tears brimmed out and filled her eyes speaking in disbelief, “How did Yue Yue’s aura suddenly lose control for no reason? What should we do? Halcyon, do you have a way to control this?”

 Halcyon shook his head and said, “We must think of a way . If this carries on, it won’t even take an hour before she dies from the explosion . ”

 “We don’t even know what to do in this kind of situation and Old Bi and the others are in the little realm . Without Yue Yue, we can’t even open the door . ” Little Seven said .

 “We must think of a way even if there’s no way!” Halcyon howled, “We can’t let anything happen to her, can’t let anything happen… . . ”

 He carried Sima You Yue up and looking at the desolated mountains, a deep sense of helplessness started surging within him .

 What to do? What to do?

 At this time, there were some movements in the space and the both of them gazed over simultaneously with their faces filled with alertness .

 If those people chased over, they must ensure her safety .

 The space tunnel opened and a familiar figure hurriedly walked out from it .

 Seeing Sima You Yue filled entirely with blood, an alarmed expression flashed past Wu Lingyu’s face as he asked, “What’s the matter with her?”

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 Seeing Wu Lingyu, Little Seven and Halcyon’s hearts seemed to have found support .

 “Brother Lingyu! Quickly come take a look, Yue Yue’s body is about to explode!” Little Seven shouted out .

 Wu Lingyu instantly moved next to Sima You Yue and placed his fingers on her wrist to check on her as his expression underwent a huge change, “Why did the aura in her body suddenly lose control? Protect us, I’m going to suppress the two bursts of auras in her body!”

 Halcyon and Little Seven stood next to them to ensure that they would not be interrupted .

 Wu Lingyu sat opposite Sima You Yue and held on to her hand so that she wouldn’t fall down . After that his palms congealed two bursts of spiritual energy, one light and one dark and slowly importing it into her body through her palms .

 Although Sima You Yue wasn’t able to speak a word as she was unconscious, but her divine knowledge was awake . She was attempting to control the turbulent aura in her body but no matter what she did, it was of no use . She didn’t know what had agitated it as it turned rampant, totally not listening to her at all .

 Just as she was hard-pressed, two bursts of energy were imported from outside and the minute it entered, it went straight for the dark and light auras and suppressed it, making her body’s two auras totally not having any resistance to continue fighting .

 Overwhelming suppression!

 Sima You Yue felt two bursts of power which bore Wu Lingyu and Mo Sha’s aura as her mouth twitched . This fellow is much more incredible than herself!

 By the time the aura in her started to quieten down once again, her senses then withdrew from her inward vision and she finally regained consciousness .

 “How could you be so careless! Do you know how critical the situation was earlier? If it wasn’t that I sensed that something had happened to you and managed to run over in time, you’d have already reported to Ghost Realm!” Wu Lingyu didn’t wait for her to say anything and started with a round of berating .

 This time he was really scared stiff . Her situation was more perilous than previous times by several folds and if he hadn’t rushed over in time, if it wasn’t for the fact that he had both dark and light auras, her body would have exploded and she would have died .

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 It was the first time Sima You Yue saw Wu Lingyu throwing his temper at her and even if it was Mo Sha in the past, he had never thrown his temper at her in such a way before . Looked like this time round, it had really scared him badly .

 “Senior Brother…”

 She called out weakly as the pain from her body made her subconsciously creased her brows tightly .

 Wu Lingyu saw her in so much pain and the fire in him quickly extinguished . He carried her dotingly as he opened his little realm and brought her inside .

 “WTF, he just left us here like this?” Little Seven watched the two disappearing and couldn’t help but spill out profanity .

 “Just wait here for a bit . It wouldn’t take long before they come back . ” Halcyon laughed as he deeply felt helpless towards Wu Lingyu leaving them behind .

 “Hmpf, even if this is so, I cannot forgive him!” Little Seven pouted . If it wasn’t for the fact that he had given her an unfathomable feeling, she would definitely head up and give him a good punch!

 When Sima You Yue returned back to this little realm, the feeling was different from the previous time .

 “There’s quite a bit of change around here . ” She leaned in his arms, still very weak .

 “After the merging of the souls, it merged with the other little realm . ” Wu Lingyu explained .

 “Both souls have their own little realms?” Sima You Yue was slightly astonished as she had never heard Mo Sha talk about this before .

 “En . ”

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 Wu Lingyu retrieved his big bed and placed her on it, then taking out some pills for her to take, he sat down next to the bed .

 “What happened to you? How did you lose control?”

 Sima You Yue thought about it for a second and replied, “Should have something to do with the vow . ”


 Sima You Yue nodded and told him everything about what happened in Blood Fiend City .

 Wu Lingyu’s forehead creased when the story was finished and said, “Let me do a check up for you . ”

 Sima You Yue stretched out her hand and Wu Lingyu’s divine knowledge entered her body as it followed her meridians coming to her dantian . When he saw a halo floating above her dantian, he was astonished .

 “How is this… . . ”

 He retreated out from Sima You Yue’s body and looked at her while saying, “There’s an extra halo in your body . ”

 “What’s that thing?” Sima You Yue’s eyes grew side .

 Just what kind of body did she had, previously there was an extra top grade purple lightning and now there’s an extra halo?

 “If I’m not wrong, that should be… . principle1!” Wu Lingyu shared his view .

 “Principle? The halo is principle?” Sima You Yue was speechless, her own body could develop the Rule of Heaven?

 “Not Rule of Heaven but principle . ” Wu Lingyu clarified .

 “What thing is principle?”

 “There are many varieties of principles . Rule of Heaven is most powerful among all the rules as it constricts the whole world . But Rule of Heaven is not the only principle . ” Wu Lingyu explained .

 “Then what kind is principle is mine?”

 “A kind of strength . This time round it’s because you had absorbed too much vows of energy so I’m guessing that yours should be the Principle of Faith . ” Wu Lignyu continued .

 “Principle of Faith?” Sima You Yue still didn’t quite understand this .

 “Let me put it in this way, this is something similar to Sage Pavilion’s cultivation methods . ” Because faith can give people strength hence Sage Pavilion kept on expanding their influence, distributing all over the entire Continent . These people’s faith towards us are like a source for the strength which we will obtain . ”

 “Is mine the same?”

 “Not totally . ” Wu Lingyu said, “Yours and ours are not the same . ”

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