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Chapter 950: 950
Chapter 950: A body with two souls

Feng Kai and the others felt like her guess was too far off .

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However, they couldn’t think of an alternative reason either .

“Then what’s causing those people to go crazy when they’re on stage?” Little Seven asked .

“I’m guessing that it should be because the stage releases some kind of gas . That gas gets absorbed into the bloodstream, causing them to go crazy . ” Sima You Yue said .

“I think the same way . ” Bi Sheng said, “Actually, everyone understands this . However, many enjoy things this way and feel it to be more exciting . That’s why nobody minds . ”

Sima You Yue nodded . This was easy to guess . It’s not like those people were idiots . They would definitely figure this out .

“However, it causes harm for both sides like you saw that day . If they still retained a bit of their senses, they probably wouldn’t have ended up in that state . ” Little Seven said .

“That’s true . ”

“Boss, why do you think the City Lord gifted you that bag of tea leaves?” Feng Kai asked .

“I’m guessing that he’s hinting something . However, I just don’t understand . I can’t figure out what he’s hinting . ” Sima You Yue said with a shake of her head .

“Blood Demon Tree, smell of blood, flesh, red moon…”

“Could it be…” Shi Chen was terrified by his own thoughts and couldn’t even speak of it .

“Big Brother Shi Chen, did you think of something?” Little Seven looked at him, curiosity piqued .

Shi Chen breathed out deeply before saying his guess, “Could it be that everything is a result of that Blood Demon Tree?”

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“Blood Demon Tree?”

“Yes . The Blood Demon Tree absorbs the flesh, which is why it’s leaves have the smell of blood . Also, that blood arena absorbs the flesh, which means that the tree is the arena!” Shi Chen became more convicted of his idea the more he spoke .

“Then why could the City Lord want You Yue to notice the Blood Demon Tree?” Little Seven didn’t understand . “If the Blood Demon Tree wants to eat someone, wouldn’t what he did reveal the secret of the Blood Demon Tree?”

After she said this, it didn’t seem to be the case anymore .

“You Yue, when he saw you, did the City Lord tell you what his name was?” Bi Sheng asked .

“He asked me to call him Li Hong . ” Sima You Yue replied, “Now that you mention it, when he told me his name, he placed emphasis on the ‘Hong’ part of his name . As if he was trying to place focus on it . ”

“Li Hong, Li Hong . ” Bi Sheng chewed it over before his eyes suddenly shone, saying, “I remember hearing someone mention before that the City Lord was called Li Zhi!’

“When was that?”

“Many years ago, when I was checking up on the City Lord’s residence in the middle of the night, I saw a man clothed in black outside it . He was heavily injured and when he saw me, he said two words, ‘Li Zhi’… then, he died . ” Bi Sheng said, “At that time, they were only two words, so I never linked it with the City Lord’s name . Thinking of it now, he should have been talking about Li Zhi . ”

Sima You Yue siad, “Has nobody noticed his name before?”

“In Blood Fiend City, nobody knows the City Lord’s name . Everyone only knows that his surname is Li, but nobody has ever asked for his full name . As such, when they meet him, they only address him as City Lord Li . ” Shi Chen said, “Also, the City Lord is very secretive . Very few have met him . ”

“That’s right . ” Feng Zhi said, “The previous City Lords were also very secretive . Since this one is the same, nobody felt anything strange about it . ”

“Li Zhi, Li Hong . ” Sima You Yue said, “I’m thinking that the words that man died to reveal should not be false . However, the one I met should be true as well . ”

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“How can that one person have two names?” Little Seven was dumbfounded .

“I’m guessing that it’s possible that City Lord Li’s body houses two souls . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Two souls?”

“Two souls? How is that possible?!” Feng Zhi cried out with surprise .

“It’s not impossible . ” Bi Sheng said solemnly, “I’ve heard before that some people do indeed possess two souls . There are times that one appears, and times that the other one appears . ”

“Did they steal the souls?”

“They are not stolen . ” Sima You Yue said, “Some are born with two souls . It’s another type of twin . ”

“Something like that exists?”

“It does . It’s just something you don’t see often . ” Sima You Yue siad, “There are those who just have dual personalities . Those are more commonly seen . However, those people don’t usually have two names . For someone like City Lord Li, he should have a dual soul . ”

“Hehe, thinking about it now, that might really be the case . ” Bi Sheng siad, “I’m thinking that it’s possible that he has two souls . One of which is good and the others is bad . However, whether it’s good or bad is up to your own judgement . ”

“However, why would he want to let you know?” Little Seven asked, “Also, why would he want to hint to you about the Blood Demon Tree?”

“We’ll know once we check it out . ” Sima You Yue said .


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“We’ll go tonight . As for how we will do it, we’ll find out once we go there . ”

That night, a group of people returned to the blood arena .

“Ah, Lord Si Yue and Lady Little Seven, you’re here!” The steward walked up and greeted them . When he didn’t see Bi Sheng, he asked, “Is Lord Bi not here today?”

“Old Bi isn’t feeling well today so he didn’t come . ” Sima You Yue said, “Take us to the private room you did before . ”

“Gladly, please follow me!”

The steward led them in, and when all from the Blood Arena saw them, they began to mutter amongst themselves .

When they reached the room, Little Seven chased the steward out before turning to Sima You Yue, “Thousand Resonance, you really didn’t get recognised after turning into Sima You Yue . ”

“I have a contract with You Yue, so I can turn into her appearance and, naturally, mimic her aura . ” Thousand Resonance said, “If you want me to turn into somebody else, I can only assume their physical appearance . I cannot change my aura . ”

“I hope that Boss and the others will be okay . ” Feng Kai said worriedly .

“With the Old Dragon King around, it will be fine . ” Little Seven said, “Tonight, we just have to help Yue Yue take care of the few of them . Hehe, I wonder how many people will let me beat them up today…”

At this time, three silhouettes appeared from Bi Sheng’s inn and headed quickly towards the City Lord’s residence .

Very quickly, they stopped at the gates of the City Lord’s residence .

Bi Sheng looked at the moonlight shining above them, saying, “There are still two more days to the red moon . ”

“The moon is almost full . ” Sima You Yue lifted her head to take a look at the moonlight, “I hope that we will have some returns from tonight . Godfather, I’ll have to trouble you tonight . ”

“I just have to conceal your aura . This little thing is no big deal . ” Wu La Mai said .

“Then, we will enter the City Lord’s residence to take a look inside . ”

Wu La Mai concealed the aura of the three of them as they went to a secluded corner, flying inside .

The moment they entered, they saw a few patrollers coming over . They hurriedly hid in the shadows and waited for them to leave before reappearing .

“Over there . ”

The Blood Demon Tree did not grow that tall, however, it would still cause someone to double take . They headed over them, avoiding the patrollers .

Very quickly, they arrived at the house that Sima You Yue had drunk tea in that day .

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