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Chapter 943: 943

The next morning, Mu Lian Xin woke up from a deep sleep, opened his eyes and saw a strange environment . He suddenly jumped up .

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 The so-called “bed” he had just laid on had broken into pieces .

 “My bench!” Bi Sheng stretched out his head from the back of the counter, saw pieces of rotten wood, and said, “You broke my bench, who’s going to pay for it, you or they?'”

 “Master Bi?” When Mu Lian Xin saw Bi Sheng, he was surprised .

 Now glancing at the spot where he laid, it was just two wooden benches side by side, not a bed at all .

 Because he jumped up too suddenly, the wooden benches couldn’t bear it and broke apart .

 “Master Bi, why are you here?” Mu Lian Xin took out two top-grade crystals to pay for the two wooden benches .

 “Of course I was dragged… I mean . . brought here . ” Bi Sheng replied .

 “Who?” Mu Lian Xin recalled he was knocked unconscious by someone .

 “Hmph, besides your aunt, who else would want you!” Little Seven’s voice transmitted down the second floor, and Mu Lian Xin’s body suddenly froze .

 “It’s you!” He turned around and glared at Little Seven on the second floor and his fighting intent rose .

 “What, you still want to be knocked out by me?” Little Seven waved her fist .

 “Why did you bring me here?”

 “Why? You’re one of mine now . Do you need to ask why did I bring you here?”

 “Little Seven, you’ll easily be misunderstood if you speak that way . ” Feng Kai’s voice came from outside . When Mu Lian Xin looked over, he was leaning on the railings of the second floor .

 “If my railings are broken, I have to be compensated . ” Bi Sheng muttered with his head lowered .

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 “Old Bi, I know why you only have two guests here, You Yue and I . ” Little Seven held her head on the railing . “With your way of blackmailing people, no matter how much money people have, they wouldn’t come stay here . They’ll become penniless vagrants once they leave . ”

 “My prices are fair . ” Bi Sheng said . “Otherwise you wouldn’t stay here, right?”

 “We’re staying here not because of this . ” Little Seven retorted . “Anyways, if you follow us, you wouldn’t need to pay for the room . ”

 “Heh, heh…”

 Bi Sheng laughed and didn’t say anymore .

 Mu Lian Xin watched Little Seven . As soon as she finished, he went outside .

 “Hey, hey, hey, rogue, stop there!” Little Seven yelled at him . Seeing him ignore her, her body flashed and appeared in front of him .

 “You stop!” Little Seven spread her hands out, blocking his way .

 “What do you want?” Mu Lian Xin frowned, not happy at all .

 “We agreed if I defeat you, you would follow me . What now, you’re not going to keep your word?” Little Seven waved her fist . “Do I need to remind you?”

 Mu Lian Xin recalled what happened last night and his face was dark .

 “Get out of the way!”

 “Rogue, you planned not to keep your words?” Little Seven’s smile disappeared and was replaced with fury .

 “Somebody’s going to get beaten . ” Feng Kai shielded his eyes . Following that, banging and binging sounds ranged his ears .

 Bi Sheng was ecstatic . All these things are money . If Little Seven damaged them, she would have to compensate him!

 Sima You Yue came out of her room and Mu Lian Xin was knocked unconscious again .

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 “Little Seven, you knocked him out . How did you talk to him?” She shook her head .

 “Let me deal with this guy . ” Little Seven said .

 “Can you do it?”

 “Don’t worry, in two days, I will be done . ” Little Seven confidently exclaimed .

 “Then alright, I’ll leave him to you . ” Sima You Yue agreed .

 “Yue Yue, give me some pills, those that will wake people up and recover their body . Give me extra!” Little Seven said .

 Sima You Yue came over with pills for her . “Take it easy, don’t kill him . ”

 “I won’t . ” Little Seven took the pill and took Mu Lian Xin upstairs .

 “You haven’t compensated me for the tables and chairs!” Bi Sheng shouted at Little Seven .

 Little Seven turned around . “Do you want a punch?”

 “Is a punch worth a lot?” Bi Sheng asked .

 “If I beat you half dead, you go ask Yue Yue for pills, then it’s worth money . ” Little Seven answered .

 What a powerful reasoning!

 Seeing that Bi Sheng didn’t reply, Little Seven took Mu Lian Xin to her room . Not long later, banging and binging sounded again .

 Fortunately, the room was relatively solid and it didn’t cause the building to collapse .

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 Sima You Yue walked to the counter and placed her hand on the countertop . She looked at Bi Sheng . “Do you want to make a deal with me?”

 “What deal?”

 “I give you a life worth living and a chance for revenge . You, just need to hand your life to me . . ”

 A half day later, Feng Kai and Shi Chen sat in the hall of the inn, waiting for news of the situation inside .

 “What do you think of their negotiation?” Feng Kai asked .

 “Old Bi will go with us . ” Shi Chen confidently stated . “Boss has this capability . ”

 “I also think so . But there haven’t been any movements for a while . I wonder how’s the situation inside . ”

 “She’s probably removing poison for Old Bi . ” Shi Chen guessed . “But if they don’t come out soon, it’ll be too late to go to the Blood Arena . ”


 The sound of the door opening was heard upstairs and the two people looked over .

 They saw Little Seven with a pleased look coming down with a bloody nose and swollen face Mu Lian Xin following behind .

 Although Mu Lian Xin looked reluctantly at Little Seven, he still obediently followed behind her .

 “Dealt with?” Feng Kai raised an eyebrow .

 “Of course . With me, there’s nothing that can’t be dealt with!” Little Seven proudly raised her chin .

 “Mu Lian Xin, are you really willing to go with us?” Shi Chen asked .

 “Going with you will I have a chance to defeat her!” Mu Lian Xin replied .

 “This goal is pretty good . Work hard and one day you will defeat her!” Feng Kai couldn’t help but laughed .

 “I will defeat her . ” Mu Lian Xin said certainly .

 “I will be waiting . ” Little Seven grinned . “I said as long as you defeat me, I will not force you to stay . By then, you will be free . ”

 Mu Lian Xin frowned and gazed at Little Seven with fighting intent .


 The sound of the door opening came again . Needless to say, it was You Yue and Bi Sheng .

 After Sima You Yue said those words, these two people entered the room for a talk until now they came out .

 Shi Chen and them looked over, waiting for Sima You Yue to announce the result .

 Sima You Yue and Bi Sheng descended the stairs . “Let’s go, we have to go to the Blood Arena . ”

 “Boss, Old Bi, have you both agreed?” Feng Kai asked .

 “Mm, yep . I detoxify him before we leave . He’ll go with us . In the future, he’ll be like you, allies . ” Sima You Yue did not reveal the content of their talk .

 Thinking of his situation, Sima You Yue sighed in her heart, sighing how the future road wouldn’t be easy to go!

 But Bi Sheng was really powerful, really strong . She now lacked that sort of person .

 “Let’s go . Very soon, the Blood Arena will open . Tonight, I believe this will forever be in the Blood Arena’s memory…”

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