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Chapter 923: 923

You’re mine, I’m yours .

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 The simple oath was gently but overbearing .

 The gentle kiss was not as strong as before, nor was it as a dragonfly skimming through the water . The attachment of two people to each other lingered in it .

 This was the kiss of true love . Sima You Yue thought .

 Unexpectedly, at this moment, she was actually absent minded . Wu Lingyu clasped her head and deepened the kiss .

 She, who had her mind elsewhere, lost her way into the gentle ocean with his rhythm .

 After kissing for a while, he let go of her, but when he saw her delicate red lips, he couldn’t help kissing her again .

 But Sima You Yue took advantage of this time to recover and thumped him gently on the shoulder . She sheepishly said, “Third Aunt and Little Seven are still in front!”

 Feeling the two people snickering in the distance, Wu Lingyu kissed her lips again before letting go of her, but he didn’t let go of her hands and turned to hold her hands .

 At this moment, his heart was really satisfied .

 It turned out that he felt incomplete without her .

 “Let’s go, if we don’t, Third Aunt and them will make jokes about us . ” Sima You Yue urged .

 “Third Aunt and them are experienced people . They won’t joke at us . ”

 That being said, he still led her back . They didn’t catch up to them until the next miasma .

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 When Third Aunt Du saw Sima You Yue’s red lips, she knew what the two had done just now . Looking at their clenched hands, there was nothing she didn’t understand in her heart .

 “Lingyu . ” She looked at Wu Lingyu . “Is it okay for me to call you that?”

 “Third Aunt is You Yue’s senior, and naturally is my elder . ” Wu Lingyu replied .

 “Since you’re with You Yue, I won’t say much . But if you’re together, you should be good, and you are not allowed to bully our You Yue . ”

 “Third Aunt, don’t worry . I won’t turn my back on You You . ” Wu Lingyu sincerely spoke .

 “I will believe your words first . I also believe in You Yue’s perception . ” Third Aunt Du said . “But if you abandon You Yue, we won’t be open to excuses . ”

 “Yes, I will remember Third Aunt’s words . ” Wu Lingyu obediently responded .

 “Mm, let’s go back . ” Third Aunt Du finished and turned to leave .

 Sima You Yue glanced at Third Aunt Du and then at Wu Lingyu . She laughed inwardly .

 When Third Aunt disciplined others, she possessed the momentum of an elder . Wu Lingyu was very polite in front of her relatives . This kind of obedience from him was never seen before even if he was the holy son of Sage Pavilion or the devil king of Devil Realm .

 Seeing her smiling eyes, Wu Lingyu reached out and rubbed her hair . “Let’s go . ”

 When they returned to the mountain valley, the news of Sima You Yue and Wu Lingyu getting together was quickly spread throughout the mountain valley with a microphone like Little Seven .

 Ximen Feng and Ximen Li weren’t surprised . Although they felt it was a bit fast, they had already seen the signs .

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 Ximen family members were happy for Sima You Yue when they heard the news . They knew some things about Sima You Yue; they heard she suffered so much, and they hoped there was someone who could be with her .

 Only Feng Kai and his brothers were surprised . Did Boss really get together with that man?

 They felt their hearts break . Their Boss was really bent by that guy!

 It was Little Seven who saw them hurt that kindly told them You Yue was actually a girl .

 “Female?! You’re saying that Boss is a girl?!” Ni An Yi froze for a moment before jumping directly from his stool .

 The others didn’t react exaggeratedly as him, but their expressions were similar .

 Little Seven dodged the tea spewed out by Dai Yi, watched Shi Chen’s cup fall to the ground and shattered . The tea lid spun for two circles on the ground before stopping .

 “Yue Yue is a girl . Are you so surprised?” She pulled her ears . They almost went deaf from Ni An Yi’s reaction .

 “Of course I’m surprised!” Ni An Yi exclaimed . “How is Boss a girl? How can Boss be a girl? Boss is actually a woman, whoa, my heart is seriously hurt!”

 “Do you want Yue Yue to be a man? And then be together with brother Lingyu, man and man? Damn, it turns out your taste is heavy!” Little Seven exclaimed .

 “Bah bah bah, what male and male heavy taste, I don’t want the Boss to do such a thing . ” Ni An Yi cried . “But Boss is a girl, Boss is a girl!”

 “What if she’s a girl?” Little Seven didn’t understand their surprise .

 “As a person who is a fraction of our age, but stronger than us, a man is already unacceptable . Now she’s a girl . That is too shocking . ” Dai Yi said

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 “Tsk, you prioritize men! I’m done talking to you!” Little Seven waved her hand, ignoring the ten shocked people who could not determine north south, west east .

 “Big brother, Boss is actually a girl . ” Ni An Yi looked at Feng Zhi .

 “Mm, I heard Little Seven said that . ” Feng Zhi’s expression was indifferent like an old god leaning on the chair .

 Among the ten brothers, he was the most calm .

 “Big brother is so calm . ” Ni An Yi remarked . “Aren’t you surprised?”

 “I’m surprised!” Feng Zhi replied . “But surprise can’t change anything . Boss is still Boss . ”

 “Sigh, it was really shocking . ” Dai Yi commented .

 “Actually, when Boss was a man, you weren’t so shocked, not it’s unacceptable for her to be a girl . ” Feng Zhi said . “Little Seven is right . You guys prioritize men . ”

 “Second brother and them are also as surprised as us . ” Ni An Yi said . “Sigh, I have to suggest this news . Really, it was a shock . ”

 In fact, you shouldn’t be shocked because she’s a girl . Instead, the real blow is that this girl is famous . ”


 It seemed reasonable .

 “Sigh, if we knew Boss was a girl, then we should have taken the initiative!” Ni An Yi cried holding his chest .

 “Forget it, with your unreliable look, even if you knew earlier, Boss wouldn’t be interested in you, you should go take a rest . ” Feng Zhi said .

 “Really, it makes people unable to stop thinking about it!” Ni An Yi was shocked and decided to ignore him for two days .

 “Boss in men’s clothing is handsome, I don’t know how stunning she would be in girl clothes . ” Kong Ren said .

 “Why don’t you give Boss a suggestion and have her dress in girl clothing for us?” Hong Wu said .

 “You can go if you’re not afraid of death . ”

 “Sixth brother, I don’t think Boss will kill you . You go try and say it’s to soothe your injured heart . Mm, Boss will definitely agree . ” Dai Yi encouraged him .

 “Hmph, I’ll go!” Ni An Yi declared . “You just wait, I will have Boss dress in girl’s clothes to show us . ”

 After saying that, he really ran out .

 “This Old Sixth really went!” Shi Chen didn’t have time to grab him and shook his head . “Boss won’t beat him, but that holy son might…”

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