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Chapter 905: 905

“Because the one alive is not the body, it’s her soul . ”

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 Ximen Feng’s words shocked everyone .

 “Soul? Master, what do you mean?” Someone asked .

 “Yeah, Feng, you confused everyone, since the body is already dead, how can the soul be alive?”

 “Master, you are not being fooled, are you?”

 “Master is still so naive, he believes everything he hears . ”


 Little Seven heard what they said and laughed . She had been with Ximen Feng for a while, why didn’t she realise that he was naive?

 “It’s true . ” Ximen Feng interrupted, “She is Eldest Sister . ”

 “Second brother, you knew my telepathy capability, Eldest Sister is really dead . ” Ximen Li said .

 Ximen Feng shook his head, ” If you guys see her, you will believe what I said . ”

 “Then where is she?”

 Wait till they saw her, they would expose her true identity! How dare she deceived their Young Master, just because he was pure and trusts people easily?

 “There she is!”

 Ximen Feng looked towards Sima You Yue, she covered her mouth while crying .

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 “She came?”

 Everyone turned and looked behind, definitely not Qin Mo, they also saw that old man before, it wasn’t her . The ones left were Sima You Yue, Wu Lingyu and Little Seven .

 Wu Lingyu and Little Seven looked at them strangely, it wasn’t them, so that only left Sima You Yue whose tears burst forth like water from a dam .

 Everyone looked at their facial expressions and knew who Ximen Feng was talking about .

 “You’re Eldest Miss? Such a young person?”

 Everyone didn’t believe it .

 “Eldest Sister, nobody blamed you, why don’t you come over and meet everyone?” Ximen Feng looked at her .

 She walked over blankly, everyone surrounded her .

 “Li’er . ” She looked at Ximen Li and cried, “Li’er has already grown up . ”

 Ximen Li looked at Sima You Yue, her tone indeed sounded like Eldest Sister, but she looked about the same age as her, how could this be Eldest Sister?

 “Master, you said that she is Eldest Miss? A young man?”

 “Uncle Qi . ” Sima You Yue looked at Ximen Qi, ” It’s me, I’m back . I came back for redemption . ”

 “Eldest Sister was indeed dead that time, but her soul reborn to this body on the lower continent, so she really is Eldest Sister . ” Ximen Feng explained .


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 “Master, this kind of thing, how can you believe?”

 “Feng’er, I have only heard of reincarnation but have never seen it before, nobody has come across it in ten of thousands of years . She asked you to believe and you believed just like that?”

 Sima You Yue took out a crystal ball, handed it to Ximen Li and said, “Last time I promised you, I will find all the rainbow crystal balls for you . I already found three, this is the fourth one . ”

 “Master, you see, he definitely knew about the Ximen Clan and tried to impersonate her . ” Someone said, ” Everyone in Ximen Clan knew about Eldest Miss finding crystal balls for Ninth Eldest Miss, this is not a secret . It’s normal if outsiders knew . But do you know how many? Eldest Miss only found two for Ninth Eldest Miss, if she is Eldest Miss, how can she not know?

 That year, everybody knew Ximen You Yue found two crystal balls for Ximen Li .

 Only Ximen Li stared blankly at the crystal ball in her hands, the tears she held back fell uncontrollably . She left the arms of Ximen Feng, pounced and hugged her, “Eldest Sister, it’s really you, you really came back! Li’er miss you so much!”

 Sima You Yue hugged Ximen Li, her tears flowed ferociously .

 “Ninth Eldest Miss, what is… . ”

 “Li’er, she said that this is the fourth crystal ball . ”

 Ximen Li hugged Sima You Yue tightly, “You all didn’t know, that night when the mishap happened, Eldest Sister came into my room and gave me another crystal ball, saying that it’s a gift from a guest . When she saw it, she gave it to me . Not long after she left, then it happened . Nobody knew about the third crystal ball, not even Second brother . ”

 Ximen Feng didn’t even know about this, it was even more impossible for him to tell Sima You Yue .

 So, the only possibility was that You Yue came back .

 “This… . ”

 Everyone looked at each other in dismay, not sure whether to believe her or not .

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 Sima You Yue didn’t explain to them any further, she knew, this girl here would be more convincing than her .

 “Little Roar, stop screaming in there, I know you miss them, come out . ”

 She summoned Little Roar from the spirit pagoda, once he was out, everyone was already half convinced .

 “Wow, it really is Li’er! Li’er has grown so much!” Little Roar wanted to jump into Ximen Li’s arms and rubbed against her big boobs, but was thrown away by Sima You Yue and landed in Ximen Qi’s arms .

 “Wow, Uncle Qi, your chest muscles are strong, your body refinement technique must be stronger now! Even Little Roar’s diaphragm is in pain from you stopping the fall . ”

 Ximen Qi stood blankly . During that time, Little Roar disliked him because of this, everyone in Ximen knew and it became everyone’s laughing stock .

 Seeing its same action and saying the same thing again, they believed it and Sima You Yue’s identity .

 But, this was too weird!

 “It really is Little Roar!”

 “Little Roar and Eldest Miss are spiritual contracts, so she really is Eldest Miss?”

 “God! This is unbelievable!”

 “Reincarnation, I didn’t expect it to be real!”

 “You Yue, child, it has been hard on you!”

 Ximen Li leaned and cried on Sima You Yue’s shoulder, tears soon wetted her clothes .

 “Eldest Sister, you are back, awesome!”

 Sima You Yue patted Ximen Li’s back, just like long time ago .

 “Feng’er, how did you find Yue’er?” Ximen Qi asked as he held Little Roar .

 Ximen Feng shook his head,” I didn’t find her, she found me . ”

 “What happened exactly? Didn’t you say she was reborn in the lower realm?”

 “Yeah, but I met my Eldest Sister in the outer regions . ” Ximen Feng said .

 “Eldest Miss came up from the lower continents, the journey must have been tough . ”

 “Eldest Miss must have suffered a lot . ”

 “Definitely, the journey from the lower must be very dangerous and hard . Master, do you know anything about it?”

 “Regarding Eldest Sister’s matters, it’s better if she tells you herself . ” Ximen Feng laughed,” Since Eldest Sister is back, there’s plenty of time to spend with everyone . ”

 Sima You Yue felt her heart warm . After all it was her clan, she was so touched by their concern .

 Qin Mo walked over and said, “Since everybody acknowledges each other, let’s go inside and talk . ”

 “Yes yes yes, why are we standing here . Let’s go inside the house to chat . ” Ximen Qi wiped the wet corners of his eyes and brought Sima You Yue into the courtyard at the side .

 Sima You Yue pulled Ximen Li and everybody in, she had a lot of questions for them too .

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