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Chapter 901: 901

“I hate ugly guys the most!” Little Seven shook her hand in disgust .

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 That poor toad hadn’t done anything, yet it was severely injured by Little Seven, lying half-dead in the water .

 “Forget it, Little Seven . ” Sima You Yue said . “Look at the fact that it saved Feng’er’s life indirectly, so let him go . ”

 “Okay, since You Yue said to let go . ” Little Seven still wanted it again . Hearing Sima You Yue,she retracted her fist .

 “Come on, let’s go inside . ” Sima You Yue said .

 “Mm . ”

 The three of them left the water pool and went on, leaving the scared toad behind .

 What the hell was this?

 A little doll injured itself badly . As a result, because another person survived, it survived . What was saving Feng’er’s life about? Could someone tell it what happened in the last few minutes?

 They continued to move forward and encountered some poisonous creatures on the way . What centipedes or vipers, all of them were dealt with Little Seven’s fist .

 Sima You Yue couldn’t help shaking her head when she saw her fighting spirit . Why was this little guy so aggressive?

 “According to what the little centipede, we should be in the inner regions . ”Little Seven said, “But there are not many poisonous insects here?”

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 “Normally, ordinary poisonous insects are outside . The deeper you go in, the fewer poisonous insects . ” Sima You Yue explained . “Because the poisonous creatures inside are much stronger, ordinary poisonous insects are afraid of them and do not dare to come inside . ”

 “Then we don’t have to worry about poisonous insects . ” Little Seven breathed a sigh of relief .

 She was not afraid of the poisonous insects, but seeing those poisonous insects being helpless, her fists felt strenuous to deal with the numerous small insects .

 She wanted to attack a group of them, but You Yue said no . It would affect other poisonous creatures . Finally, it was better . There weren’t as many insects which made her happy .

 Since entering the inner regions’ Heartbreak Valley, You Yue summoned Little Vermillion Bird . With his aura, the poisonous creatures did not dare to come over and the poison gas were burned away by him .

 Sima You Yue’s group of them circled around and observed the terrain . They found several wider canyons which were suitable for building houses

 “The environment here is good . If it can be developed, it’ll also be a resort . ” Wu Lingyu stood on the cliff and looked at the scenery in front of him .

 “Looking from here, you can take in the beautiful scenery nearby . ” Sima You Yue remarked .

 “After having a look around, do you have an understanding of the situation here?” Wu Lingyu looked at her sideways . When the setting sun fell on her, it added a warm glow to her .

 “I’m almost completely aware . ” Sima You Yue replied . “Besides the poisonous creatures, let’s focus on the miasma . I have counted at least a hundred . And the degrees of each are different . It’s a pain to research an antidote for them . ”

 “Every place has a different miasma which requires a different antidote . ” Wu Lingyu said . “The miasma is not as controllable as the other poisonous creatures, which is more troublesome to handle . ”

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 “It’s best to develop a pill that can detoxify all . As long as one take the pill, it will have the same effect no matter where you go . ” Sima You Yue said .

 “Can you do it?”

 “I need time . ”

 Wu Lingyu knew that she meant that she could do it but he still reminded her, “Don’t forget, you have less than ten months . ”

 “It should be enough . Besides, it doesn’t matter if I can’t research one . Although it’s urgent, it’s not at this moment . ” Sima You Yue said .

 “Aren’t we going to recruit more people, You Yue?” Little Seven asked .

 “We’ll go again if there’s time . Let’s solve the problem first . ” Sima You Yue replied . “Things need to be done step by step, and you can’t eat a fat man at once . ”

 “I can beat a fat man!” Little Seven waved her fist .

 “Pfft—– I know you’re strong . But girls shouldn’t be violent . ” Sima You Yue smiled . “Okay, this the end of walk, let’s go back . ”

 The crowd waited on the cliff for several days and finally saw them coming up .

 “Boss, what’s the situation below?” Ni An Yi asked when he saw they weren’t injured .

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 “We walked to the center and encountered a lot of miasma and encountered a lot of poisonous creatures, many of which are powerful . ” Sima You Yue said .

 “Can we establish a force there?”

 “Poisonous creatures are easier to solve . We just establish some conditions with them . The primary problem now is to solve the miasma problem . ” Sima You Yue explained . “We only went in from one side and visited less than a quarter of the place . There are already hundreds of cases of miasma . The poison contained in each place is different . It’s a more troublesome problem . ”

 “The whole Heartbreak Valley is vast and there are too many poisons . It is really not easy to solve this problem . ” Feng Kai said .

 There were numerous miasma, and each poison is different . One just couldn’t make an antidote for each . If this was the case, for one to two people would be fine . If it was for a sect, how many antidotes would they need? Furthermore, it was not easy to distinguish which and it would be bad to take the wrong antidote .

 Everyone thought so, and immediately felt that it was too much trouble to solve this matter!

 “Will we be building our force here?” Ni An Yi asked .

 “I will try first to make a pill that can cure hundred poisons, not to mention a pill that can let one travel through the entier Heartbreak Valley, at least it should be reduced to several pills . ” Sima You Yue replied . “Wait till I refine the pill, you can start recruiting people . ”

 “Do we still continue to search for alternative places?”

 Sima You Yue thought for a while . “No need for the time being . If this place isn’t suitable then we’ll look again . For now, I have other tasks for you . ”

 “Boss, we’ll complete the task well . ” Dai Yi said .

 Sima You Yue looked in the distance . “This is not far from Nica City . I want you to collect some information .

 When Ximen Feng heard Nica City, he was stunned momentarily .

 “What kind of information?”

 “Zong Zheng Clan’s . ” Sima You Yue murmured these words, but the the ten great evils felt her boundless hatred emitted .

 “Boss, you and Zong Zheng Clan…” You Si asked .

 “Irreconcilable hatred!” Sima You Yue’s voice trembled . “I told you at the beginning the purpose for building a force is for revenge . ”

 “Just to deal with Zong Zheng Clan?”

 “Not only then, but also the forces above them . ” Sima You Yue siad . “Zong Zheng Clan, Yin Yang Palace, and Sage Pavilion . I will not let any of them go!”

 Sage Pavilion?

 Everyone gave Wu Lingyu a glance . Boss said that in front of the Holy Son of Sage Pavilion that she’ll destroy his whole sect . Be careful if that guy killed you first in the cradle .

 But from Wu Lingyu’s expression, he had no intention of stopping her?

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