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Chapter 896: 896
Chapter 896: Woken up, forced kiss

Sima You Yue sat on the crystal bed as she looked at the person whose expression was covered with weariness . She stretched forth a hand and touched his brows .

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It was clearly the same as it was before, but the soul inside him had completely changed . She could tell even when she sensed him with her five senses .

When she thought of how Mo Sha had knocked her unconscious so that he could cut the contract on his own, her heart was moved but also filled with anger .

“Really an impulsive guy . ”

She heaved a sigh as she felt like she had so much to say . However, seeing the way he was, she condensed it all into that sigh .

She ate the pill and crossed her legs as she sat down and began to move her qi to heal herself .

Eight days later, the acupuncture would need even more of her energy . She wanted to ensure its success, so she needed to adjust her state of mind .

These few days, nobody disturbed her . They only came once in between to check on Wu Lingyu’s condition and left after ascertaining that he was fine .

On this day, Sima You Yue had opened her eyes and she seemed to be in quite a good state .

She climbed off the crystal bed and came in front of the secret house . As expected, she saw the group of people waiting for her .

“Yue Yue, you’ve awakened? Why did you come out?”

“I’m preparing to perform the last round of acupuncture . In order to ensure that I will not be interrupted, I will be setting up a barrier . That’s why I came out to inform you all . ” Sima You Yue siad .

“Is there anything you need us to prepare?” Hua Jing asked .

“Nothing much . ” Sima You Yue said, “You just have to ensure that nobody forcefully breaks my barrier . ”

“We can assure you of that . You can relax . ” Hua Jing said .

Sima You Yue nodded at them before she turned around and headed back into the secret room . Closing the door behind her, she set up the barrier .

The final round of the acupuncture was the most important and she would have to focus the most . She might not even be able to persevere the whole way, so she definitely had to focus to the best of her ability .

“If this round succeeds, you will be able to fuse successfully . ”

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She stretched forth a hand and touched his face before she stood up and began the process .

This round of acupuncture would require her absolute attention for every needle . Every time she placed one down, she would insert her spirit energy to ensure that it was not a single needle more or less .

Two hours later, she finally put in all the needles, then she began to keep them away slowly .


She blacked out a few times and almost fainted .

She took out a pill and ate it, but the pill was not as good as the ones she refined personally . By the time she finished keeping all the needles away, she was already light headed .

She took his clothes and wanted to help him to put it on, but as her hands flitted across his body, the world went dark and she fainted towards the bedside

Before there was the thump of her hitting the side of the bed, a long arm grabbed onto her just as she fell . It pulled her upwards as she lay across him instead .

The eyes that had been shut for tens of days finally opened, and the blood red pupils released a kingly aura . However, the red quickly faded away as his eyes returned to their normal black .

He lowered his head and looked at the weary person, then looked at his naked body . The corner of his mouth hooked into an extremely enticing smile .

“You You, you’ve seen all of me . This time, you can’t shirk the responsibility…”

He turned towards the inner part of the bed, and Sima You Yue was carried onto the crystal bed .


You Yue furrowed her eyebrows due to the discomfort, mumbling a sound of discontent but did not wake up .

Wu Lingyu wrapped her in his embrace and placed a kiss filled with heartache on her forehead .

“It’s been hard on you . Rest well . ”

Sima You Yue moved in his embrace and found a comfortable position to lie in .

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Wu Lingyu used a hand for her pillow, and caressed her face gently with the other . His eyes trailed along her hands, lingering along her face .

Although he was not conscious back then, his soul and consciousness were clear . He knew about every time she had done acupuncture for him, and naturally knew how many times she had stripped him bare .

“You You…”

He kissed her once again and this time, it wasn’t on her forehead, but on the very pair of lips that he had been longing for for so long .

His lips gently took hers and he sucked them lightly, tasting every bit of her sweetness .

It turned out that this was kissing . He had truly bitten her too hard the last time . It was no wonder that she was so mad .

If You Yue knew about what he was thinking, she might have even woken up .

She was clearly mad at being forced to kiss him okay? How was she mad at how he did it roughly?

However, she did not know this . She was now in a deep sleep and would not wake up until she had finished recovering .

She really tempted him to ravage her!

However, he did not go any further . He merely heard her grunt once in discomfort and he let her go unwillingly .

She was too tired . It was better to let her rest .

Outside the secret room, everyone was still waiting outside the barrier . However, there wasn’t a single sound inside the room, causing everyone to worry .

“What are you all doing out here?” Hong Yuan’s voice came from outside, and it was only now that everyone realised that he had come back at an unknown time .

“Your Honor . ”

Apart from Little Seven, everyone on site bowed to him .

“I asked what you are all doing outside? How is the King’s condition?” Hong Yuan’s tone carried his rage .

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They were all waiting outside, so if something happened to the king, who was going to take responsibility?

“Your Honor, quell your anger . The King is doing very well now . Lord Sima is performing acupuncture . Because we cannot disturb them, we have been waiting outside . ” Hua Di explained .

“Acupuncture?” This was the first time that Hong Yuan had heard of this .

“Acupuncture uses needles to activate the pressure points, linking up all the meridians in the body . Accompanying it with spirit energy, it achieves a healing effect . ” Ba Jia Zi told him what Sima You Yue told them .

“This is useful for the King?” Hong Yuan did not feel like there would be any miraculous healing on the earth .

“It is . King has improved much these few days . He has also regained his colour . ” Ba Jia Zi said, “You Yue said that if it succeeds today, the King will gain consciousness . ”

“If it fails? What then of the King?” Hong Yuan asked .

“This . . ” Hua Di fell deep into contemplation .

They did not think to ask of it .

“You do not know?”

“This… the most important thing is that she succeeded the previous two times . King’s condition has indeed improved a lot . This is why we didn’t ask…”

“Rubbish!” Hong Yuan berated them, “How old is she? How could you leave King’s treatment to her? Did I not say that I would come back with the Black Snow Lotus? Why did you not wait for me?”

Hua Di and the others did not have anything to say as they lowered their heads .

“Yue Yue will not fail!” Little Seven retorted, “Only those who don’t understand her will not trust her! Hmph, strength has nothing to do with age!”

She met his rage filled eyes without backing down at all .

The others might be afraid of him, but she wasn’t . She wasn’t his subordinate .


The barrier of the secret room was suddenly dispersed as the door opened . Wu Lingyu carried You Yue as he walked out .

Wu Lingyu’s devil clan aura was unmistakable .


“Greetings to the King!”

Everyone knelt down in joy .

It was truly the aura of the devil clan . He was still their king!

“Wu Lingyu, are you healed?” Little Seven rushed over and poked at his body .

“Mm . ”

Wu Lingyu did not scold her . He merely looked at her lightly as she coughed twice and took her hand away .

“Hehe, since you’re well, wouldn’t a certain someone’s efforts to get the black snow lotus have been in vain?” Little Seven looked pointedly at Hong Yuan .

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