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Chapter 895: 895

When they saw the person sleeping on the crystal bed, everyone was speechless .

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 “Ba Jia Zi, carry You Yue back . ” Hua Jing said .

 The King’s woman, they dared not to touch . Little Seven’s body was too small too, so Ba Jia Zi was the only one suitable .

 “Just carry her to the stone stage . ” Little Seven said, “If you carry her back, she’ll still need to return again tomorrow . It’ll be more convenient here . ”

 “Mm, okay . ” Hua Jing said .

 Ba Jia Zi carried her to the stone stage . The four of them dared not leave . One was still sleeping and another was unconscious . They had to stay behind to monitor the situation .

 Sima You Yue slept very deeply, but on the second day at the exact time, she woke up .

 “Yue Yue, how are you doing?” Little Seven rushed forwards .

 “Not bad . ” Sima You Yue said, “Is Senior Brother awake?”

 “No . He hasn’t made a single movement the entire day . ” Hua Jing said, “However, we can see that he has improved . This proves that your method was effective . ”

 “Alright then . ” Sima You Yue got off the stone stage as she came beside him . She saw that Wu Lingyu’s complexion had gotten better .

 She examined him once over, and his body and soul had indeed fused together slightly better .

 After examining him thoroughly, she felt a lot better . She was afraid that it would have been fruitless . Since there were results, that meant that she just had to continue working hard in the right direction .

 “You guys go outside . I’ll help him to perform acupuncture . ” She said to everyone .

 They all went out and waited for her to call them back in before they returned .

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 This time, You Yue was unconscious for a shorter period of time . When they went in, they saw her faint across Wu LIngyu . She didn’t even finish putting on his last bit of clothing .

 There was a bottle of medicine beside him . It seemed that she had prepared it before performing the acupuncture .

 Little Seven walked over, took out a pill and fed it to Wu Lingyu .

 “How are things now?” Hua Xiu asked .

 Hua Jing walked over and helped Wu Lingyu put his clothes back on, saying, “Let’s continue as we did yesterday . ”

 Ba Jia Zi placed Sima You Yue on the stone stage and the four of them began to wait .

 This time, Sima You Yue did not ask them to wake her up . That was why, after a day had passed, Little Seven did not wake her up even though she was still asleep .

 After another day passed, Sima You Yue was still in a deep sleep .

 “Little Seven, with You Yue this way, will there be any problems?” Ba Jia Zi said worriedly .

 “No problem . She’s just tired . ” Little Seven said, “It’ll be fine once she wakes up . Really . I’ve never seen her perform acupuncture on anyone to the point of falling unconscious . ”

 “It seems like she is very tired . ” Ba Jia Zi said, “But the King’s condition is truly a lot better than before . ”

 “Indeed . Yue Yue is very talented . ” Little Seven said .

 At this time, Hua Di and Ba Lang Qi came in from the outside . When they saw the two fast asleep, they asked, “How are things today? Has she not woken up yet?”

 These few days, the two had come over often to see how Wu Lingyu was doing . When they saw that Sima You Yue’s acupuncture was working, they had some hope that she would help him to get better .

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 “Grandfather . ”

 “Clan Leader . ”

 Hua Di and Ba Lang Qi came to the side of the crystal bed . They saw that Wu Lingyu’s colour was quickly returning to his face and said, “He’s much better than he was yesterday . If His Honor, the High Priest, were to come today, he would not be so angry . ”

 “Oh right, how come His Honor has not yet come to visit King?” Ba Jia Zi said .

 “His Honor had to return to the devil realm . ” Ba Lang Qi said .

 “He had to return?”

 “Mm, he had to go back to retrieve the Black Snow Lotus . ”

 “Black Snow Lotus? Isn’t that the Mo Lou’s treasure? He wanted to take it to the human realm to treat King, but I’m afraid that it won’t be easy . ” Hua Jing said, confused .

 “The way king was before… it was hard enough to place his soul back in, but then his body and soul refused to fuse together . He was worried and had no other way and could only go back to obtain the black snow lotus . ” Hua Di said .

 “That’s right . King’s previous condition was very scary . We all thought…” Ba Lang Qi said, “But I never thought that Young Master Sima would be so proficient in medical arts . King’s condition has improved a lot since then . If this continues, a complete fusion will not be a problem . ”

 “So aren’t you saying that His Highness would have made that trip in vain?” Ba Jia Zi was in a good mood since Wu Lingyu’s condition was getting better, and laughed as she made fun of Hong Yuan .

 “It’s a good thing His Highness is not here . Otherwise, he would definitely scold you . ” Hua Xiu said .

 “It’s because he’s not here that I dare to say it . ” Ba Jia Zi said gleefully, “I’m not an idiot . ”

 “Ugh . . ”

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 You Yue, who was sleeping on the stone stage, let out a light groan and everyone looked over .

 “Yue Yue, you’re awake . ” Little Seven was initially sitting on the stone stage bored, and lifted her head to look at her the moment she heard sounds of her movement .

 Sima You Yue opened her eyes and felt like her head was still throbbing, so she lifted her hands to massage her temples .

 “You Yue, you’re finally awake!” Ba Jia Zi went over, “You’ve been sleeping the past two nights . If you took any longer to wake up, we’d all be worried for you . ”

 “Yesterday… When I helped him perform acupuncture the day before, I consumed all my mental energy . I’m a little tired, so I slept a little longer . ” Sima You Yue sat up, looked at Hua Di and Ba Lang Qi and nodded .

 “Young Master You Yue, are you okay now? You still look bad . ” Hua Di said .

 “I’m fine . I’ll be better with a bit of rest . Thank you, Clan Leader Hua, for your concern . ” Sima You Yue siad .

 “Although it is very important to treat our King, you have to take care of your own health! If King woke up to find you in this state, he might skin us all!” Hua Xiu said .

 “If he really does, I won’t stop him . ” Sima You Yue said, “I’ll go take a look at his situation . ”

 She took his pulse and sensed that his condition was improving . She could finally relax somewhat .

 She didn’t care about how much energy she used to treat him .

 “How is the King’s condition?” Hua Di asked .

 “His soul and body have already begun to fuse . The compatibility is improving . ” Sima You Yue said .

 “How much better has he recovered?” Little Seven said .

 “How much better?” Sima You Yue thought for a moment, “If you take the fusion process to be like drawing a circle, it’s already two-thirds done . ”

 “Then when will the King awaken?”

 “He will awaken once the circle is complete . ” Sima You Yue said, “It’s just that the last third will take the longest . He will need more time . ”

 “Then will you be performing acupuncture again today?”

 “Yes . However, it will have to be ten days later . ” Sima You Yue said, “The time in between will depend all on him . We can’t do anything . ”

 “I wonder how His Highness will be when he returns . If he has the black snow lotus, the king will be able to wake up quicker . ”

 Sima You Yue didn’t ask what the black snow lotus was . She figured it was something useful for Wu Lingyu . Otherwise, that Hong Yuan would not go back for it .

 “Since the King is out of deep waters, we will return for now . Everyone, do not remain here . It would not do to awaken the King . Dear Jia, come back with me . ” Ba Lang Qi siad .

 “Let’s go off as well . ” Hua Di said to Hua Jing and Hua Xiu .

 Little Seven looked at everyone and followed them out .

 It was better to leave this period of time for just the two of them . You Yue had yet to spend some proper quality time with him since she woke up!

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