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Chapter 892: 892
Chapter 892: The Eve Before Fusing

Hong Yuan exited, and the people who were waiting outside stood straight . They didn’t dare to breathe loudly .

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Little Seven glared at him and ran into the courtyard to check on You Yue’s situation . When she ran past Hong Yuan, he narrowed his eyes but did not look at her deeply as she rushed into the courtyard . Even after she disappeared, he didn’t retract his gaze .

“High Priest?” Hua Di whispered softly .

Hong Yuan retracted his gaze . “You two come with me . ”

These two were the two clan elders .

“Yes . ”

The two clan elders followed Hong Yuan obediently . Ba Jia Zi gave her grandpa a sympathetic look, then…she quickly pushed him to back of her mind and ran to find Sima You Yue .

Hua Xiu and Hua Jing also followed . Wu Lingyu already returned to his room . Only Sima You Yue and Little Seven were left in the courtyard .

“You Yue, are you okay?” Ba Jia Zi walked over and looked at Sima You Yue worriedly .

“I’m okay . ” Sima You Yue replied .

“Really?” Ba Jia Zi didn’t believe it . “I heard this High Priest has the strangest temper . He hates humans in particular . Now he knows of your contract with King . He didn’t harm you?”

“Look at me, do I look harmed?” Sima You Yue spread her hands and shrugged .

“It looks like… you are really fine . ” Hua Xiu rubbed his chin in puzzlement . “It stands to reason that even if he doesn’t kill you, he won’t let you be in comfort . Why did you just leave without doing anything? Strange! Strange!”

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“Shoo you!” Sima You Yue slapped her hand down . “You want to see me hurt?”

“No, no, how would I dare! I am just curious . ” Hua Xiu quickly smiled .

He was just kidding . This was the woman that King likes . If he was hated by her and King knew, that wouldn’t be any good days left!

“You Yue, how did you make him let you go?” Ba Jia Zi curiously asked .

“I didn’t do anything?” Sima You Yue said . “And he didn’t do anything to me . Why are you all nervous like that?”

That’s why you don’t know what kind of person the High Priest is . ” Ba Jia Zi said . “If you knew, you would understand why we were anxious then and shocked now . ”

“Alright . ” Sima You Yue said . “Anyways, thank you for your concern . ”

“What’s there to thank . ” Ba Jia Zi held her hand and spoke, “Although you’re human, we’re still friends!”


On the other hand, Hua Di and Ba Liang Qi followed Hong Yuan to the meeting hall .

“Have you prepared everything for King’s fusion?”Hong Yuan sat in the center, and the two clan elders sat beside them .

“Replying to High Priest, it’s all prepared . ” Hua Di answered . “But the energy is a little low . I have sent people back to get more crystals . ”

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“No need . ” Hong Yuan said .

“High Priest, if the energy is not enough, it may affect King’s fusion . ” Ba Liang Qi reminded .

“That’s right . ” Hua Di chimed in . “King delayed the fusion time, so we can go to the Devil Realm to get more for overprotection . ”

“I said no need . ” Hong Yuan said again . “The devil power matter has been solved . ”


“Mm . ”

Hong Yuan brought out the devil crystal stone, and the two old guys’ eyes lit up . They stepped closer with trembling hands .

“Such a large devil crystal stone?! High Priest, where did you find it? It’s two to three times bigger than the one before!” Ba Liang Qi’s eyes were popping out .

“With this, there is no need to worry about the lack of energy for the fusion . ” Hua Di said . “High Priest, such a large devil crystal stone, why wasn’t there any commotion? I wonder where you dug it from?”

“I didn’t find it . ” Hong Yuan said .

“You didn’t find it?”

“Mm . ” Hong Yuan stored away the devil crystal stone and continued, “This was found by Sima You Yue from a Little Realm . ”

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“Young Master You Yue found it?” Ba Liang Qi was stunned for a moment before exclaiming, “Young Master You Yue is the King’s blessing . If it weren’t for him, King’s soul would still be asleep, and would have dissipated in sleep . Now we have such a large devil crystal stone;it will help King’s fusion greatly!”

Hua Di frowned at Hong Yuan and shot Ba Liang Qi a look, who immediately stopped and shut up .

Unexpectedly, Hong Yuan was not angry at the two . He just said, “Since King has handed the preparations to you, you must check it several times in person and you cannot make a mistake . Got it?”

“Yes, High Priest . ”

“High Priest, since you came to the Human Realm, then there’s no issue with the Devil King’s side? They won’t find out… right?” Ba Liang Qi asked .

“I’ve already arranged everything . Mo Luo has no suspicions for the time being . Now let’s check those things again…”

In the following days, everyone was busy . Hua Jing and them ran left and right, while Hua Di and them were so busy that their figures hardly appeared . Even Wu Lingyu and Mo Sha left together and did not return for several days .

Only Sima You Yue and Little Seven were free in the entire courtyard .

“Yue Yue . ” Little Seven ran in front of Sima You Yue, placing a flower in her book .

“What’s wrong?” Sima You Yue closed the book and asked .

“Tomorrow is the day of fusion, aren’t you worried? How can you still read books?” Little Seven asked .

“If we don’t read books, what can we do?” Sima You Yue refuted .

“You can go and see what you can do . You have to express your worry . ” Little Seven said .

“Unfortunately, I’m worried that it’s useless . We’re not preparing or part of the fusion . So what we can do now is wait and see the changes . Wait until tomorrow’s time and after termination of contract . ” Sima You Yue said . “Even if we go help out, we don’t understand the stuff of Devil Realm, we’ll only add on more work . It is useless to worry . It is better to do our own things here . ”

“You’re really open . ” Little Seven said, “You’re not worried about your Senior Brother’s safety . You two even shared a bed . ”

“What are you saying . ” Sima You Yue poked Little Seven’s head . “No matter what happens later, Senior Brother must take this step . His soul is incomplete, which will affect his future, and will give the old guys of Sage Pavilion a chance to hurt him . So Senior Brother doesn’t have a choice . After this step, he might start a new life . If he cannot… I don’t know what to tell master if he asked of Senior Brother . ”

Since Old Man Devil told them he was going to find Feng Ru Yan, his news had disappeared . He forgot about the possible dangers his two disciples might encounter and what they would do .

Sigh, what an incompetent master!

“Ah choo…”

An old man who was thousands of miles away felt his nose was itchy . He rubbed his nose as he muttered under his breath, “Who is badmouthing me…?”

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