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Chapter 891: 891
Chapter 891: In the Future, I’m Yours!

A staring contest competing with each other’s concentration .

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It took a while for Hong Yuan to withdraw his gaze and nod to Mo Sha .

“Hong Yuan greets my King . ”

After he retracted his gaze, Sima You Yue felt her surrounding air rushed up again . Sweat was forming on her back .

Such a strong aura! She secretly thought . If he continued, she’s afraid she might be defeated .

“Descendent of Hong Ming, you are this generation’s High Priest?”

“Yes . ” Hong Yuan said as he removed his hood, revealing silver hair and silver eyes .

The silver hair glowed dazzlingly in the sunlight and was extremely supple .

Silver eyes?

Just then, when she looked at him, she felt his gaze was unfathomable and deep but she didn’t see the colour of his eyes . But the moment Mo Sha saw his silver hair and silver eyes, he said nostalgically, “There are many clans in the Devil Realm, only your family can be so pure . ”

“Thank you my King for the compliment . ” Hong Yuan said .

“That year, your ancestor answered this King the same way . The same words, the same tone . ” Mo Sha said .

“If ancestor knew that King is back, he would be very happy . ” Hong Yuan spoke lightly .

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“The next time I go to the Devil Realm, I’ll go and see him . ” Mo Sha said .

“Congratulations to my King’s return . ” Hong Yuan said . “King, the generations of priests have always supported King, please let me follow you . ”

“I know what you want to say . ” Mo Sha said . “I already swore to the divine devil that after the contract is lifted, I would not bother him, his family and friends . What you want to do can’t be done . ”

“King, how can you…”

For the first time Hong Yuan came in, he showed a surprised expression . Obviously, he did not expect Mo Sha to do so .

When Sima You Yue who was aside heard Mo Sha’s words, she recalled the time when he went to the Devil Realm, he made an oath in order to make her feel at ease .

At that time, she didn’t think much about it . Now it seems that he was not only reassuring herself, but also letting his subordinates understand .

They did not want their King to have this stain of life, so they would kill her . Everyone knew about this . Now that he swore to the divine devil, he naturally dared not act lightly .

The matter of killing You Yue was small, but it would hurt Mo Sha badly .

Although it was in Wu Lingyu’s body at that time whose soul was asleep, so he didn’t know about the oath . He looked at Sima You Yue’s calm expression, wondering why she was so calm . It turned out that Mo Sha had already given his life to her .

“Don’t pursue the matter about You Yue in the future . ” Mo Sha said . “You don’t need to manage the things about me and him . ”

“…Yes, King . ” Hong Yuan replied, but his murderous gaze towards Sima You Yue still remained .

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“I don’t want to explain this to everyone, so I’ll leave it to you to deal with in the future . ” Mo Sha said .

He trusted Hong Yuan such that he trusted Hong Ming .

“I, Hong Ming, swears to the divine devil that in this life, I will only be loyal to my King . My descendants will also only be loyal to the King’s descendants . ”

Despite hundreds of thousands of years passed, the voice of the oath was as if it were in the ears and had never disappeared .

Perhaps it was the original oath that the descendants of Hong Ming had inherited this legacy, loyal only to the Devil King for generations, waiting for the Devil King to return, and remaining loyal .

“You have the aura of Hong Ming . Are you his inheritor?” Mo Sha asked .

“Yes . ” Hong Yuan admitted .

“Now that you are here, it is up to you to handle the matter of fusing . ” Mo Sha didn’t continue to ask the matter about Hong Ming . Maybe without asking, he could guess the latter .

“Yes . ”

“You Yue, give him the devil crystal stone you got last time . ” Mo Sha said .

Sima You Yue was stunned for a while, and then remembered the huge devil crystal stone, which she obtained from the Little Realm of Wenhai .

At that time, Mo Sha said that this thing could provide a lot of devil power when he and Senior Brother merged . Later… . Didn’t he store it in the Devil Snare bracelet himself? Why did he want her to take it out now?

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Fortunately, the Devil Snare bracelet was connected to her . With a single thought, the huge devil crystal stone appeared in front of everyone .

“This devil crystal stone…” Hong Yuan, who was used to all kinds of treasure, was taken aback by the size of this devil crystal stone . “According to records, the largest devil crystal stone that King once obtained is the size of the human head . Unexpectedly, there’s actually a devil crystal stone that’s twice the size! There is no need to worry about the fusion lacking devil power . When King’s soul merges, there won’t be any problem!”

Sima You Yue handed the devil crystal stone to Hong Yuan . “This is something that I’ve worked hard to dig up . You have to store it well . ”

“You go check with Hua Di and them and make sure there are no other factors that will affect the fusion . ” Mo Sha ordered .

“Then Hong Yuan will leave first . ” Hong Yuan paid his respects to Mo Sha before leaving .

Knowing that the treasure was obtained by Sima You Yue, he saw she was less obtrusive . However, it was still impossible to accept her . At most his killing intent diminished a bit .

Sima You Yue watched the red cloak figure leave . Thinking of his eyes on her when he left, she understood why Mo Sha asked her to take out the devil crystal stone .

“Hong Ming’s relationship to me is very different, so I cannot force his descendants . ” Mo Sha explained .

“I understand . ” Sima You Yue said . “I didn’t say anything particular . As long as they don’t seek my life, I won’t bother your people . ”

That Hong Yuan’s strength was high, but with all of her power, it was not impossible to perish together, merely saying, she can attract a lightning tribulation and the Little Vermillion Bird which was enough for her to sweep the entire Devil Realm .

Mo Sha understood this point, so it was Hong Yuan who needed defending, not her .

Mo Sha nodded and returned to the Devil Snare bracelet .

Sima You Yue looked at Wu Lingyu and said a bit sadly, “Senior Brother, no matter what you become after you merge with Mo Sha, you are still my Senior Brother . ”

Wu Lingyu raised an eyebrow . “How come you are so sad all of sudden?”

Sima You Yue sighed . “I just realized something that after fusion, you may become their Devil King, no longer the holy son of Sage Pavilion . If the Divine Devil Valley cannot accept you and you are no longer someone of Divine Devil Valley, but no matter how, you are still my Senior Brother . ”

Wu Lingyu chuckled, “Aren’t you going to establish a force? If the Devil Realm and the sect don’t want me, you take me in . ”

“Okay . ” Sima You Yue nodded without hesitation . Then she noticed his smile, why did she feel strange about it?

“You must remember what you said today, you promised me, so you have to take me in . ” Wu Lingyu looked at her and grinned like a cat who stole a fish . He leaned in front of her and stared closed up . “In the future, I’m yours!”

Sima You Yue felt a chill, and the sadness suddenly disappeared . She slapped his face away, somewhat regretting what she just agreed .

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