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Chapter 888: 888

Once Sima You Yue returned home, she saw an unknown male sitting in the house . Little Seven was sitting, bored, by the side sleeping .

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 “Your new look isn’t bad . ” She walked over and stretched out a hand to mess with his face, “No human mask?”

 Wu Lingyu enjoyed the way she messed with him, “A human mask is too easily recognised . ”

 “Then you changed your look? How did you do it?” You Yue released him and sat down beside him .

 “Easy . ” Wu Lingyu pointed to the ring on his finger .

 “Illusion ring?”

 “That’s right . ” Wu Lingyu pulled her hand, “Your ring allows you to change your gender and aura, but mine can change my appearance and aura . ”

 Sima You Yue swatted his hand away, “It’s good that you look this way . Things will be more convenient . ”

 “Let’s go then . ”

 “Yue Yue, Old Mo sent word saying that one year is the limit . Once you’ve done what you must do, you have to hurry back . ” Little Seven said .

 “A year’s time is rather right, but the fusion shouldn’t be a problem . ” Sima You Yue said, “Let’s not delay . We should go . ”

 Wu Lingyu opened the portal through space as he led You Yue and Little Seven through .

 A few days later, the group of three reached the Northern Sixth Prefecture, a city near the blood tunnel . When they arrived, they headed straight towards a shop that Mo Sha told them about .

 “Greetings, may I ask what you require?” The shopkeeper saw that some people had entered as he stepped forward to welcome them, “We have many devil realm tools here, if you wield them, your battle prowers will definitely improve . They’re definitely quality tools!”

 You Yue looked at the tools inside his shop . There really were a few devil realm tools, along with some from the human realm .

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 In a few of the cities near the blood tunnel, there really were a few shops that sold devil realm tools . These tools were taken out from the blood tunnel . However, the ones in this shop were not .

 This shop was in a place that was not flourishing at all . Its business was bad, and they were the only three customers in the shop .

 Sima You Yue took out a carving of a devil snare and said, “I want to see your head . ”

 The shopkeeper’s gaze turned wary when he saw that flower .

 “Who are you? What do you want with our shop manager?”

 “No, not your shop manager . I want to see the person in charge . ” Sima You Yue toyed with the flower in her hand, “Since I’ve taken the flower out, I naturally am the one you are waiting for . ”

 As she spoke, she tossed the flower over to the shopkeeper, saying, “You can take me there or ask them to come out . ”

 The shopkeeper took the flower, saying, “Wait here . ”

 After speaking, he turned around and headed into the courtyard behind .

 The three of them wandered around the shop, but before they finished taking a good look at the tools from the devil realm, a gust of wind blew in front of the three of them .

 “Ha, the moment I saw that flower, I knew that you had come!”

 “Hua Xiu? How could it be you?” Sima You Yue didn’t think that the manager waiting here would be him . How did he come to the human realm?”

 “It is, it is . It’s me! Isn’t it really unexpected?” Hua Xiu beamed at them .

 He was similar to how he looked back then as a guard of the blood tunnel . He looked just like a human .

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 “Very unexpected . ” Sima You Yue nodded, “I thought that the person in charge here would be a mature and steady person…”

 “Hey hey hey, don’t hurt me like this!” Hua Xiu countered . What she was saying was that he wasn’t a mature and steady person, right?

 “I’m just saying it like it is! If other humans find out about this place, it will be really problematic . It would be better for them to find someone who knew how to get things done . For you, you should leave this place and get as far away as possible . ” In order to add to her credibility, she even said it while nodding very seriously .

 “I’m mature and steady as well, and I know how to get things done, okay? At that time, I had been hiding amongst you people for many years . ” Hua Xiu said, disgruntled .

 “Being a guard and being the manager of this place . Is it the same thing?” Sima You Yue said .

 “We did spend some time together after all . Do you have to hurt me like this upon meeting me?”

 “I’m good at bearing grudges . Who asked you to kidnap me . ”


 “Lord Sima is right . When will you grow up a little . ” Hua Jing came from the back and looked at Sima You Yue . He bowed in greeting, “We have been waiting here for a long time . ”

 Sima You Yue nodded, “Let’s find a more secure place and speak!”

 “Please follow me . ”

 Hua Jing and Hua Xiu led the three of them to the back courtyard . Sima You Yue casually set up a boundary as Mo Sha came out from the devil snare bracelet .

 “Greetings to the emperor!”

 Hua Xiu and Hua Jing knelt down .

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 “Rise . ” Mo Sha waved his hand, his kingly aura clear for all to see .

 Little Seven saw Mo Sha and her eyes were wide opened .

 “Yue Yue, Yue Yue, a devil king was by your side all this while? How did I not know? This is just too cool?!” She grabbed onto You Yue’s arm and cried out animatedly while looking at Mo Sha .

 “Don’t you know what we’re doing?”

 “I just know that you’re here to help some souls fuse . I didn’t know it was the devil king, okay!”

 Mo Sha glanced at Little Seven, and she immediately quieted down .

 “What are the King’s orders today?” Hua Jing asked .

 “The things I asked you to prepare last time . How are they?” Mo Sha asked .

 “Almost done . We’ve brought a few things over when we came this time, and a few more arrived yesterday . However, there are still a few things that we are tracking down . ” Hua Jing replied .

 “Let me see those items . ”

 Hua Jing took out the things that they had prepared as Mo Sha examined them one by one .

 His speed was even faster than they had imagined . It seemed that he had really employed some kind of kung fu .

 “We have a rough idea of the remaining items and are doing our best to obtain them . In one or two more years…”

 “No need . ” Mo Sha interrupted them, “Notify that place . I will be entering there to fuse with my soul . ”

 “But we have yet to complete the search for those items . If you fuse right now, will you not be at risk?” Hua Xiu asked .

 Mo Sha didn’t want to reply, but saw that Sima You Yue was looking at him worriedly, so he said, “Those items are to strengthen my soul later on . Initially, I got you to search for them because my soul was weak . After fusing with Azure’s soul, my soul is a lot different from how it was back then . Therefore, I will not be in need of those items . ”

 “Then I will now notify the clan leader . ” Hua Jing said rather emotionally . When he saw Mo Sha nod, he turned around and left .

 “Will we be going to the devil realm now?” Little Seven asked You Yue .

 She had yet to go to the devil realm before . It wouldn’t be bad to take a look .

 Sima You Yue didn’t know either, so she looked questioningly at Mo sha .

 “No, we’re going to fuse in the human realm . The body is human, so it will be safer to fuse here . ” Mo Sha said, “Also, the fusion will not attract the attention of those people . ”

 They couldn’t go?! Little Seven felt like her happiness was in vain .

 As for Sima You Yue, she noticed what Mo Sha said .

 Those people?

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