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Chapter 868: 868
Chapter 868: You’re jealous, aren’t you?

Everybody could see how much hard work and effort Sima You Yue put in, and they felt sorry for her .

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They knew that she shouldered all the responsibilities, so nobody tried to persuade her to slow down . They could only stay by her side, hoping to go through this together with her .

This was her personality trait . She made it a delight to be around her, and made everyone look forward to their future . Because, from what they could see, she would make their future even better .

Sima You Yue went back to the Parting Garden and headed back to the spirit pagoda .

There was some progress for the research on Shi Qiu Shuang’s poison, and she had to strike when the iron was hot so it could help with her findings on the antidote .

When she went in, Mo Sha was playing with Ling Long, her lips actually curled into a slight smile .

“You finished your contest?” He looked up at her .

“Yeah, I happened to be one of the first few matches, so I came back straight after I was done . ”

“You want to continue with the research?” Mo Sha asked .

“Yes . ” Sima You Yue walked over, patting Ling Long, “It would be best if you could finish this within the contest period . After the contest is over, you can take leave to do other things . ”

The ‘other things’ referred to Mo Sha’s matter and her establishing her own influence .

She went into her pill refining room . Seeing the equipment on the table, she let out a sigh .

Ever since she entered the inner sect, she knew about the billboard ranking competition and she always wanted to join the contest to see where she ranked among the younger people in the continent . She wanted to see how capable these youngsters were .

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But she didn’t expect something like this to happen before the contest, which made her put all her focus on researching for the antidote . She then had no time or energy to watch the contest .

When she thought of this, her heart felt helpless .

But thoughts were just thoughts . She still had to continue fighting so she could settle this issue quickly .

So, even after the second round of contest, she never once stepped out .

Before the third round of contest, Han Miao Shuang came to look for her again, reminding her to participate in the third round of contest the next day .

After the second round of elimination, there were only three hundred people left . The rules were the same, and everybody queued up on the stage and drew their own lots .

This time, her number was at the back and it was a number that she hated a lot, 250 .

“Two hundred and fifty ah, this time it’s actually two hundred fifty . ” She mocked herself while looking at her number .

One hundred and fifty rounds of competition, it wouldn’t be her turn in the first three days, so she went back into the spirit pagoda for three days .

It was her turn on the fourth day morning . Even right before her contest, she didn’t even know who her opponent was .

“I am Luo Zhi Yuan, ranked ninety six on the previous billboard’s ranking competition . ” You Yue’s opponent said, “I know you, you’re the genius among the freshmen . I saw your fight with Thunderbolt’s team leader . I know you have strengths that a freshman shouldn’t have, so I won’t let my guard down like the previous guy did . ”

Being valued by her own opponent, Sima You Yue felt honored . The opponent did not despise her, was not arrogant and didn’t back down – she admired these points about him .

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“I am Sima You Yue . Senior, please advise me . ” She cupped her hands and greeted him .

“Please . ”

Although Luo Zhi Yuan didn’t lower his guard on her, but his strength was greatly subdued by her . There was no suspense as she took her opponent down in half an hour,

“I admit my defeat . ” Luo Zhi Yuan said calmly while he saw the blade at his neck .

Sima You Yue didn’t make things difficult for him . Once he conceded, she sheathed her sword and said, “Good fight . ”

Judges saw from afar that Luo Zhi Yuan conceded and announced loudly , “Ring number two, Sima You Yue wins!”

After hearing the judges’ announcement, they both walked down the ring together, Sima You Yue’s impression on him was good, so she chatted with him .

In the spirit pagoda, Mo Sha saw her talking and laughing with a guy, and he felt rather odd in his heart . He was extremely tempted to go outside and give the guy a good slap .

Although he felt uncomfortable seeing her talking to other guys in the past, the urge wasn’t as strong as it was now .

“Hey hey hey, don’t cause the pressure to fall here!” Little spirit saw Mo Sha upsurging the strong wing and whined .

Mo Sha ignored him, only looking at Sima You Yue who was outside . He felt very angry deep down .

“Eh?” Sima You Yue felt the changes in spirit pagoda . Feeling puzzled, she said to Luo Zhi Yuan, “I have something on, I’ll get going first . ”

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“Aren’t you staying to watch the contest?” Luo Zhi Yuan saw her going back and asked with shock .

The billboard’s ranking competition was something all the students didn’t want to miss, but she wasn’t going to watch?

“I want to watch too, but I have something urgent that I need to settle . Goodbye . ” Sima You Yue waved and left quickly .

On the way back, she could sense that the spirit pagoda was in a mess and asked Little Spirit, ” What happened?”

“The Big devil is venting his anger . ” Little spirit continued,” Luckily, he didn’t startle those who were in closed door cultivation . Otherwise, his identity would have been exposed . ”

Sima You Yue thought about the elders in the Egret clan and the four winged rocs, along with grandfather and Auntie Lan that were in closed door cultivation . This movement might have startled them .

“What provoked this guy? Why was he so careless?” She criticised, ” I’ll deal with him when I get inside!”

Mo Sha heard her but didn’t respond . She wants to deal with him? He had yet to settle the scores with her! How could she get so intimate with other guys?

Sima You Yue returned to the parting garden and entered her spirit pagoda, making sure that nobody was being alarmed . She asked sullenly, “Don’t you know that they don’t know about your existence? You still dared to make such a big movement, what if the others found out about you?!”

“Then so be it!” Mo Sha said without hesitation .

“You know what kind of identity you possess, why would you let so many people find out about it!” Sima You Yue said .

“Since they can’t leave this place anyway, they won’t be able to spread the news . ”

“But your existence will affect their state of mind . They won’t be able to cultivate in peace . ”

“Have you not provoked them enough?” Mo Sha continued, “The amount of provocation you’ve already given them is enough to let them strengthen their hearts . ”

“Even if you don’t mind letting them know your identity, why would you mess up my place?!” Sima You Yue glared at him .

She still dared to ask about this!

“Who asked you to remain there and not come back to conduct more research on your antidote after your contest ended . The contest is already half done, and you still haven’t had any progress, what if you delay my things?” Mo Sha continued, “Not only did you not come back, you still chatted away happily with other guys! I’m angry, so you naturally have to suffer my wrath!”

“What do you mean that I happily chatted away with other guys? We only talked about the contest today . You call this ‘happily chatting away”? No, this is not the main point, other guys? Mo Sha, you’re jealous, aren’t you?”

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