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Chapter 841: 841

Chapter 841: Fourth Brother is Poisoned

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Sima You Yue frowned . Such arrogant contempt was really unpleasant .

Mo Bin was indifferent to the third ranked number one beauty in the inner sect . “Although they’re freshmen, their strengths aren’t poor . Since everyone knows each other now, let’s go together . ”

“Really, since you say so, I’m curious too . How powerful are these freshmen? I wonder if they can stand out in this qualification contest…” Hua Piao Miao chuckled as he said with jest .

“I have great confidence in them . ” Mo Bin replied .

“Then we’ll wait and see . ”

The sect teacher disregarded the offhand remarks . He waved his hand and used spirit power to activate the array .

“Go . ”

Sima You Yue’s group held hands to prevent being separated . He Feng noticed this, and at the moment before disappearing, his one hand grabbed Sima You Yue’s clothes while the other grabbed Mo Bin .

Tang Yan’s eyes were quick . He grabbed Mo Bin’s arm .

At the same time, everyone disappeared from the array .

The Karma Desert was located in western Central Province, hundreds of millions of kilometers away from the sect . The area of it was several million square kilometers .

There were many spirit beasts living in the desert . There were hundreds of species of scorpions alone, among which the golden scorpion was the fiercest and cruelest .

In the past, the number of golden scorpions were not large, but in recent years, the number of other scorpions decreased sharply while the number of golden scorpions increased sharply causing an imbalance in the Karma Desert .

Sima You Yue’s group was unlucky . Many of them fell into the oasis, a few of them fell into the sand, or landed in the quicksand, almost being swallowed by the quicksand .

After they flew out, everyone’s clothes were filled with sand . It was burning hot .

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Sima You Le whispered, but his voice sounded painful .

“Fourth Brother, how are you?” Sima You Ran was right beside him . Hearing his cry, he quickly asked .

“I——” Sima You Le spat out a word before he fell down the sky .

“Fourth Brother!”

Sima You Yue moved from her spot to under Sima You Le . She held him steadily .

“Fifth brother, how is Fourth Brother?” Sima You Ran was the first to come over . He noticed Sima You Le’s dark face and was worried .

“He probably got poisoned . ” Sima You Yue took out a pill for him to eat . His body did not continue to turn black .

Sima You Ran took Sima You Le’s hand and examined it . “Here is the bite mark . ”

Sima You Yue glanced at it . “This is a scorpion sting . There are poisonous scorpions in the quicksand . Everyone, be careful!”

“Fourth Brother should have been stung by a scorpion in the quicksand . ” Sima You Qi said .

“The pill I fed him is a detoxification pill, which can suppress the hundred of poisons, but it cannot remove it . Let’s leave here . I will give him a good check . ”

“Buzz buzz——”

Suddenly, a scorpion came out of the quicksand . It was golden in color and it had a pair of wings so that it could fly in the air .

“Golden scorpion! Everyone, be careful!”

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“Damn! A golden scorpion with wings . It’s too strange . ”

“Buzz buzz——”

“Buzz buzz——”

The golden scorpions flew out of the yellow sand, one by one . There were dozens of them, and they surrounded You Yue and the group .

“Fifth brother, take Fourth Brother away . Let us take care of things here . ” Sima You Ming said .


Sima You Le’s situation could not be delayed . She controlled her thoughts and disappeared . When she appeared again, she was already a hundred meters away .

She held You Le and flew straight ahead . After leaving the quicksand range, she placed him on the ground and checked his pulse and to detoxify him .

The golden scorpions saw Sima You Yue left and immediately turned violent and attacked the rest of the group .

“You dare to sting our friend . You’re playing with fire!” Fatty Qu shouted . He attacked together with Little Seven with their fists .

Both of them used their fists to talk . It was simply too boorish!

“I didn’t expect to be rewarded in a moment . ” He Feng took out his sword, slashing and waving it .

Mo Bin and Tang Yan attacked together .

When Sima You Yue was detoxifying Sima You Le’s poison, Sima You Ming and the group dealt with the golden scorpions and flew over .

“Fifth brother, how’s Fourth Brother’s situation?”

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“The poison has been detoxified, but because it was not immediately detoxified, it eroded his nerves . He needs two days of rest . ” Sima You Yue said .

“The golden scorpion is that poisonous?!” Fatty Qu exclaimed .

“Mm, so you must be careful to not get stung . ” Sima You Yue replied .

“We will . ”

“Look to see if there is an oasis nearby . ” Sima You Yue summoned dozens of scarlet bees and let them fly in all directions .

“These are the legendary scarlet bees!” Tang Yan exclaimed in surprise when he saw the scarlet bees .

Sima You Yue nodded . Then she set up a tent for Sima You Le and waited .

After more than two hours, some scarlet bees returned with news that they found the oasis .

Sima You Yue summoned Halcyon and took everyone up . They quickly flew towards the oasis .

Halcyon’s speed was much faster than that of the scarlet bees . After an hour, they saw a moderately sized oasis .

There was a small waterhole with few lush trees beside it . The oasis was less than one kilometer wide .

“Put Fourth Brother under the tree . ” Sima You Yue said .

Sima You Ming took out a bed and placed it under the tree and put Sima You Le on it .

“Let’s put him in the tent first . ” Wei Zi Qi suggested .

They took out a tent, and a few people set up the tent in a few minutes . Then everyone started to build their own tent .

Although He Feng wanted to fight Sima You Yue . Seeing she was busy, he decided to talk about it later .

The three of them set up tents beside them . It seemed that they were accompanying them .

“I’m going to study the venom of the golden scorpion to see if I can refine an antidote for it . ” Sima You Yue said, “Third brother, give me a tail . ”

Sima You Ran gave her a tail and warned, “Be careful . ”

Sima You Yue nodded and took up the tail back to her tent .

“In the next two days, we will wait for Fourth Brother to wake up . You can leave first . Otherwise, it will delay your schedule and plan . ” Sima You Ming told He Feng .

“No need, we’ll stay with you . ” Tang Yan rejected . “Crazy[1], you haven’t fought You Yue yet, do you want to leave?”

“Of course, I won’t leave!” He Feng stated . “I won’t leave until I fight him . ”

“We are together . Since Crazy is not leaving, we will also not leave . ” Tang Yan smiled .

With his cleverness, how could they not tell that Sima You Ming did not want them to accompany them . The more unhappy they would be, the more they would not go . He enjoyed watching people not welcoming him but could not drive him away .

[1] They are referring to He Feng here in an endearing nickname . It was originally Feng Zhi, but it also means crazy so we’ve put it as Crazy for a more endearing and novel twist .

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