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Chapter 840: 840

Chapter 840: Qualification Contest

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“This year’s billboard competition will be held as scheduled . ” That teacher remarked . “But the rules will be changed . ”

The students below were in an uproar, which was unlike the previous years . It was unknown what this year’s would be like .

“Quiet down! Whoever makes noises again will be disqualified . ” That teacher snorted .

This word was useful . Everyone immediately quieted down .

After everyone quieted down, the teacher continued, “In this competition, we won’t be using a scuffle for qualifications . We’ll use another qualification method . ”

There were not many students in the sect, but if they all competed, it would take too long to complete . So the sect allowed the top 1000 to enter the next round in the competition .

“In the past, the competition was held in the sect, but this year, we’re holding it in a field outside . ”

The teacher’s words caused the students present to start whispering amongst themselves . Most of them displayed interest in this selection trial .

“Everyone look at this . ” The teacher waved his hand, and a painting appeared over the square .

Golden scorpion-like spirit beasts flew into the oasis, killing the people inside . Not only did they kill people, they ate the bodies, leaving behind a pile of bones .

The scene was too bloody and cruel that quite a few female students couldn’t bear to watch it .

The final scene fixed on a recent picture of a spirit beast .

“This kind of spirit beast is called golden scorpion, a type of spirit beast in the Karma Desert . The golden scorpion is cruel in nature and often attacks travelers and surrounding residents . Their number was originally small and maintained balance . For unknown reasons, their number skyrocketed, and has seriously threatened the safety of the surrounding residents . ”

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“The sect was requested to help . They hoped we could deal with the golden scorpions . So this selection trial is to kill golden scorpions . When you kill one, remove their tail . The final ranking will be according to the number killed . The top 1000 will be qualified for the billboard competition . ”

“Teacher, is this dangerous?” Someone asked .

“You saw their fighting power just now . You tell me if there’s any danger?” The teacher retorted . No one said anthingmore . He continued, “This selection trial is risky, so if you don’t want to proceed, you can withdraw . ”

No one wanted to withdraw .

“This matter is possibly life threatening . ” The teacher said, “So you have one day to think about it . If you’re willing to go, come back here again tomorrow . Although this selection trial is not restricted to individuals or teams, we will look at final individual results . Okay, go back and think it over . Tomorrow, we’ll meet here again . ”

After that, the teacher directly left .

After waiting for a whole morning, everyone was in a daze . They didn’t expect to receive such a result . After the teacher left, they left in twos and threes all discussing about the selection trail .

Sima You Yue and the group did not hesitate in their decision . This difficulty could not stop them .

“Sima You Yue!” He Fang ran over . Looking at Sima You Yue, he said, “Sima You Yue, when are you going to battle me?”

Sima You Yue saw his persistent eyes . “Okay, if you can find me during the competition, I’ll have a match with you . If you can’t, then don’t mention this matter again . How about it?”

“Okay, then that’s settled . ” He Feng happily responded and left in satisfaction .

“Is he easy to talk to?” Fatty Qu watched He Feng left and was a little surprised . “When we go there, everyone will be sent to a random location . Is he so certain that he can find you?”

“Forget about him . ” Sima You Yue said . “If he really found me, then I will fight with him and satisfy his mentality of getting beaten . ”

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Everyone thought He Feng was unlikely to find You Yue, but they overlooked one thing . As a result, the next day, they watched He Feng follow them on the square . Everyone was speechless .

It was too likely that he’d follow them!

“I’m not breaking the agreement!” He Feng grinned .

Sima You Yue smiled and did not drive him away .

“Don’t you want to go with your friends?” Fatty Qu asked .

“I do!” He Feng replied . “So let’s go together . Even if we separated, there is a way of contact . ”

According to his words, did he mean that there was going to be more people with them?

After a while, Tang Yan and Mo Bin came over .

“They are my teammates . This is Mo Bin and this is Tang Yan . ” He Feng introduced them to everybody .

Mo Bin and Tang Yan greeted everyone . When Tang Yan noticed they were dumbstruck, he chuckled, “It seems that we are not very welcome . ”

“No . Nice to meet you . ” Sima You Ming smiled .

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Even if they were not welcomed, it was not good to say it directly .

Tang Yan turned his attention to Sima You Yue . “Sima You Yue, I have long admired your name . I’m glad to go with you . ”

“I heard that this teleportation array is at random . It’s too early to say we can get there together . ” Sima You Yue replied .

“Then hope it is together . ”

Sima You Yue smiled . She hoped they would not be together . She was not used to having strangers!

A while later, the teacher arrived and asked them to go in the teleportation array, which was arranged yesterday, in batches .

Travel was much convenient with the teleportation array!

“You have two month of time . After two months, you’ll come back by yourselves . Those who are overdue will be eliminated directly . ” The teacher continued, “In addition, the sect will exchange the golden scorpions you obtained for cultivation points . So everyone, work hard!”

Some people who had intended to participate were happy when they heard this news .

Their strength was low . It was impossible to get the top spot in this qualification contest . They thought it was important to participate, so they came . Now they knew that this can be exchanged for cultivation points, they were happy and eager .

Sima You Yue’s team was not in a hurry . The others had almost all left when they went up .

“Let’s go up too . ” A pleasant voice sounded .

Everyone looked over . The one that spoke was Hua Piao Miao . Beside her were the guys who ranked in the top ten .

“Why are they here now . ” Fatty Qu murmured .

These people who were in the front ranks went with them . Even if they did not get there together but if they were close by, they would snatch the spirit beasts from them .


They thought they were the last, and as a result, these people showed up . Naturally, they were going with them .

“Go . ” The sect teacher told Hua Piao Miao and them .

The group of people stood on the teleportation array and noticed Tang Yan and Mo Bin together with Sima You Yue’s group . Wang Si Miao shot them a glance . Hua Piao Miao said disdainfully, “Why are the two of you with a group of new students?”

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