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Chapter 833: 833

Chapter 833: Little Seven’s opinion

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However, even if that was the case, she did not want to use Little Seven as a bargaining tool .

“I have no way of guaranteeing . What if you bring a dead person here . How am I supposed to bring him back to life?” Little Seven said .

“I won’t . Why would I do such a pointless thing . ” Shi Qian Zhi said, “Our doctor has said that he just needs to smell your aura and will be able to recover . ”

“If he can’t be healed, don’t blame me . Your arrangement with Yue Yue will still be valid . ” Little Seven said .

“Alright . It’s a deal . ”

Sima You Yue saw that Little Seven had agreed so quickly and pulled her hand, saying, “Little Seven, this has to do with your safety . How could you agree so easily?”

Little Seven smiled sweetly and said, “I know that you have a lot of things to do . How could I drag you down? Although I don’t like being threatened, he’s right . If news about me doesn’t leak out, our days ahead would be even easier . Of course, I’m not afraid of them either . If they dare to come, I’ll just take them down . ”

“Little Seven, you know his identity…”

“It’s because I know who he is that I agreed!” Little Seven said, “Didn’t we already say it? They’re quite prestigious in the inner regions . If they can protect us for fifty years after we enter the place, we wouldn’t have to fear anything after going in!”

“But if we want to go to the inner regions, it might take us another hundred years . At that time, who knows whether or not they’ll still be around!”

With the Devil Sword Sky Splitter, there would definitely be many plotting against them . It was highly possible that their cult would be exterminated .

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Shi Qian Zhi pursed his lips when he heard what she said . He was still here okay, could she not speak so straightforwardly?

“That actually has nothing to do with us . We don’t lose out directly . ” Little Seven said, “However, it still saves us quite a bit of trouble right now . Aiya, just leave it to me to handle . Right, I still have a request . ”

“What request?”

“If we face danger before heading to the inner regions, you definitely have to send help over . ” Little Seven requested .

Shi Qian Zhi hesitated .

“We don’t have much influence here . If we just call whoever, we won’t make it in time . Furthermore, if it is this, wouldn’t we have given you another few hundred years of support?”

“Of course, it will only be when it is related to you that we will request for help . ” Little Seven said, “If it is because of me or because you leaked out my information to put us in danger . In these circumstances, you must send help . Otherwise, if you accidentally leak out information about me, we will be in so much danger . Not to mention going to the inner regions, we might even forfeit our lives . Those fifty years would be useless to us then . ”

Shi Qian Zhi thought over it for a moment before nodded, “Alright, I’ll tell my Master once I return . ”

Sima You Yue saw her say this and could only nod her head and agree . Without having those powers on her tail would definitely make it a lot more convenient whenever she went out to do something .

“Then we will go and bring that person over right now . We’ll contact you again when the time comes? Shi Qian Zhi said .

Sima You Yue gave him the way to contact them, only then did he leave satisfactorily .

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“Little Seven, have you already decided upon it?” Sima You Yue asked .

“I have . Let him bring the person over . It’s a good thing that this territory belongs to our sect and we won’t have to worry that anything untoward will happen . When the time comes, we will have to set up an influence, if we keep being watched, how will we get that done? That’s why this is the best option . ” Little Seven spoke with conviction .

“But he was clearly threatening you . This really makes me feel upset . ” Sima You Yue said, “Although, with this arrangement, they won’t leak the news of your existence, but this is also hard to confirm . ”

“That’s why we have to do our best and hurriedly set up our sect!” Little Seven swung her hands, “At that time, when we have that sect set up, you’ll be able to protect me . ”

“The sect will be able to protect you as well . Much better than a newly established one can . ”

“I’ve spent enough time in the sect compounds . They always make me stay in there and don’t let me out to play at all . ” Little Seven said, “Compared to this, I’m happier following you around . Sigh, you won’t make me stay in the sect compounds as well, right?”

“I’m just stating a fact . ” Sima You Yue said .

“In comparison to before, I enjoy this kind of exciting life a lot more . ” Little Seven said with a smile, “But, Yue Yue, when will we start setting up our influence? I can’t wait any longer . ”

“Let’s wait till the gathering is over . ” Sima You Yue said, “I have quite a bit of things to do recently . Once these things are settled, we can start to set up our influence . ”

The sect’s competition was one thing, while Wu Lingyu’s lack of information was even more concerning .

“Didn’t you let those people go? Those ten brothers . ” Little Seven asked .

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Since someone was handling it, why did she have to wait until she was no longer busy?

“Feng Zhi and the others?” Sima You Yue thought for a moment before saying, “I got them to find a place for us where we can set our sect up in the future . Once they’ve chosen a place, it’ll be easier for us to proceed with the future arrangements . ”

“Where do you plan to choose? The inner or outer regions?”

“As long as it is a suitable place, we’ll see where they choose and let that be the place . I don’t have any requirement on whether it should be the inner or outer regions . ” Sima You Yue said, “Recently, they’ve sent back a few locations . We’ll wait till they’re done before we go and take a look . Once we’ve settled on a place, we’ll recruit them . ”

“Alright, then . In any case, the sect’s competition will start in a few days . ”

“Let’s go, we should head back . ”

When they returned to the sect, Sima You Yue took out a table and placed the vegetables on it before going inside the Little Realm and giving a gift to the two who were burying their head in research and updating them on what Shi Qian Zhi had told her .

Then, she went to the Spirit Pagoda and handed out some daily necessities to them . After chatting with them for a bit, she began to cultivate as well and prepared for the later competition .

Time passed by in a flash, and the Three Great Conventions gathering that everyone was waiting for was finally here .

The day before the competition, Sima You Yue went to a remote mountain near the sect . Then, she took out the whole group of them . Everyone had just reached the outside world when the rays of light indicating their advancement started to shine down from the sky, enveloping the group of them .

“This is truly a sight to behold . ” Sima You Yue and Little Seven stood by the side and sighed .

“They all actually advanced in rank . ” Little Seven sighed as well .

Once everyone had finished advancing, nobody else went in . Instead, they all returned to the sect .

“You Yue . ” Xue Rong walked out from the group and came in front of Sima You Yue, saying, “Instructor Mao wants you to head to his office . He’s been looking for you quite a few times but couldn’t find you . ”

“Instructor Mao is looking for me? Did something happen?” Sima You Yue asked, puzzledly .

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