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Chapter 831: 831

Chapter 831: Next time, call me Winning Buddha!

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“Is Senior afraid that Shi Qian Zhi will snatch Little Seven?” Sima You Yue asked .

“The Black Dragon Cult members already know of Little Seven’s existence . Now that they’ve appeared once again, it’s definitely for Little Seven . ” Han Miao Shuang said .

“Let them come . I want to test them and check myself!” Little Seven punched her fists into a hand, as if she was pumped up for battle .

“Little Seven, aren’t you the Eye of the Earth? Why do you seem like a Winning Buddha instead?” Sima You Yue asked as she looked at her helplessly .

“Winning Buddha? What’s that?” Little Seven opened her eyes wide and looked at her, “No matter what it is, it sounds cool . Call me Winning Buddha in the future . ”

“Winning Buddha has to win every battle without fail . Can you?”

“Of course I can, you just have to wait and see!” Little Seven raised her chin proudly as she spoke .

Sima You Yue smiled, not taking her words to heart . She said goodbye to Han Miao Suhang and the others before she left .

Big Wei and Little Wei were very familiar with her . Once they saw her, they didn’t say anything, directly sending her where she wanted to go .

The moment You Yue and LIttle Seven went out of the main gates of the sect, Little Seven grabbed onto her hand, saying, “There’s someone following us . ”

“If they want to follow us, they can go ahead . We’re going to buy things . ” Sima You Yue pulled Little Seven over to shop, as if she didn’t realise that there was another person .

Divine Envoy Mu and two other subordinates watched them exit and leave from the corner of the street .

“Sir Divine Envoy, that’s Sima You Yue . However, the child beside him does not seem to be the Eye of the Earth . Didn’t Sir Right Emissary say that the eye of the earth was a four to six year old child?”

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“We can’t say for certain at this moment . ” Divine Envoy Mu said, “Jiang Jun Xian also said that the eye of the earth was undergoing an evolution when he left . She might look like this after her evolution . ”

“We’ve been here for such a long time and have found her after much difficulty . Regardless of whether or not that child really is the Eye of the Earth, we must take her back for questioning . We’ll know then . ” Another subordinate said .

“Divine Envoy Mu, should we follow them?”

Divine Envoy Mu looked at the gates of the sect and said, “Send men to tail them . Act when there’s an opportunity . ”

“Yes, Sir Divine Envoy!’

The two of them retreated, moving to contact their people, telling them to act .

In a tea shop on the other side of the street, Shi Qian Zhi was leaning on the railing, standing with a black robed man .

“Sir Divine Envoy, Divine Envoy Mu has already begun to act . ” That person said respectfully .

“I saw that . ” Shi Qian Zhi picked up the tea cup, took out a black pill and placed it in . He waited for the pill to dissolve completely before drinking it down .

“Are we going to do something?”

“Do something? No, we’re not going to do anything . We are merely here to observe, not to help . ” Shi Qian Zhi said, “However, do get them to prepare . Who knows, we might have to get involved . ”

“Sir Divine Envoy, they are still being punished . ”

Shi Qian Zhi slapped his head, “I’d have forgotten if you didn’t mention it . Give them the antidote . Tell them that this is an exception, that things will be concluded here this time . The next time they mess up, they will not be let off so lightly . ”

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“Yes, Sir Divine Envoy . ”

“Go ahead . ”

Shi Qian Zhi tossed the bottle of medicine to him, sending him off with a wave of his hands .

The last time, he had gotten them to kill the Jiang clansmen, but who would have thought that Jiang Cheng would have been able to escape . Since they didn’t manage to accomplish their mission, they would naturally have to be punished . He only had one type of punishment for them . He got them to eat poison . Whenever he felt like they had suffered enough, he would give them the antidote .

It was one type of punishment, but there were many different types of poisons . They inflicted suffering in different ways .

In the same way, he was pretty open about it . Although they had been poisoned, if they could find someone to cure them, being able to cure the poison was a skill as well, so the punishment would just be like that .

In the beginning, there were those who tried to find people to cure them, but not a single one was successful . They found out later on that the poisons were personally refined by him . Even if they wanted to look outside for an antidote, there was none .

Shi Qian Zhi toyed with the teacup with the side of his lips hooked into a smile, “I just want to see if you are as powerful as they say . ”

Sima You Yue wanted to buy some daily necessities, and had no choice but to leave the heart of the city and head towards the more common shops to look for them .

They left the bustling district and walked past a few streets . When they walked past a small alley, they saw a black robed man standing in the middle of the road .

You Yue turned around and saw that two other black robed men had wordlessly appeared from the entrance .

“They are all experts at the monarch rank . ” She took note of her opponent’s strength .

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“Just three of them . I’ll get rid of them . ” Little Seven’s eyes shone as she looked eager to give it a try .

“Then I’ll leave it to you?”

“Just leave it to me . ” Little Seven put her hands together, in a show that she was ready to act .

“Alright . ” Sima You Yue stood to the side and released her spirit aura to surround herself,preparing herself for the upcoming battle .

Little Seven stretched out a finger and pointed to the one right in front . She hooked her finger and said, “Come on, this aunty will let you experience my power!”

The person’s eyes flashed . He didn’t think much of Little Seven because she was a child . He quickly released his spirit energy . Sima You Yue could feel herself getting suppressed by that boundless force, but Little Seven didn’t seem to have felt it . She didn’t even need to use the spirit energy to protect herself as she brandished a fist while charging at them .

“Little Seven, be careful!”

You Yue had just cried out when she saw little Seven heading up . With a single fist, she dispersed the opponent’s spirit skill, causing her mouth to fall open with shock .

This was too fierce!

The opponent didn’t seem to think that Little Seven would be that powerful either . When she dispelled his spirit attack, he was stunned . In that single moment, Little Seven ran in front of him and punched him .

That person had a quick reaction and hurriedly dodged, narrowly avoiding her attack . However, Little Seven kicked her leg and moved forwards . With a flip of her hand, she easily punched his chest, sending him flying far away .


Although that person had protected his body in a layer of spirit energy, his inner body had been shattered . Fresh blood continued to pour out of him . Then, his eyes rolled back and he immediately fainted .

Sima You Yue’s chin almost dropped to the floor . She caused a monarch-ranked expert to faint with a single punch?

She looked at Little Seven’s little hand . It had been really soft when she held it just now . How did it contain such energy that she didn’t just break through his defense, but knocked him unconscious directly .

The other two on the opposite side of the alley saw that little Seven had eliminated one of their one in a single move, and their expressions immediately changed, sending out their attacks together .

“If one person comes, I’ll kill one . If two come, I’ll kill two!”

With a single kick, her body flew forwards and passed through their spirit attacks . She landed in front of them in a few breaths…

A few tens of minutes later, You Yue and Little Seven were holding hands as they walked out of the alley . Behind them, three huge flames were roaring .

“How was it, didn’t I say I was strong?!” Little Seven raised her chin proudly .

“Mm, Little Seven is much stronger than I . I’ll have to depend on you to protect me in the future . ” Sima You Yue said with a smile .

“Seeing how sincere you are, I’ll just have to force myself to agree…”

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