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Chapter 815: 815

Chapter 815: An ancient love

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She tried her best to think of where she was at, but her body was not under her own control .

“You Yue, why are you zoning out?” The male hugged her from behind, his head resting on the side of her neck .

It was a very familiar and intimate gesture .

He was clearly a stranger whose appearance she didn’t even recognise . However, why did his hug feel so familiar?

“Azure, where did you get this from? Didn’t we agree that you wouldn’t do so much for me?”

The lady had a musical voice that was intoxicating, but her voice was laced with an icy chill .

Sima You Yue was shocked . She called him Azure . Could it be that the one behind her was the Azure Great Emperor?

Although she was inside this body, she did not speak those words .

She was inside someone else’s body!!

“You You…” Azure sighed as he turned her around . The two of them faced each other . It was only now that she saw what he looked like .

“What a dashing and scholarly looking male!” She could not help but sigh, “However, why does he remind me of Mo Sha? He looks rather similar . ”

“You You . For you, I would be willing . ” Azure’s eyes contained traces of hurt and resolution, “As long as you like it, no matter what, I would do it for you . ”

You You stretched forth a hand and touched his face . Her finger traced the edges of his brows as she sighed, “We are of different clans . We cannot be together . You are only hurting yourself . ”

“As long as we are both in love, who cares about our clans?” Azure grabbed onto her hands, “I know that you like me too, am I right?”

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You You fell silent, but You Yue could feel her attraction at war with her hesitation .

It was a deep and suffocating pain .

She liked him, but she could not be with him .

Was it because of her identity?

“Azure, you know this . I was a black lotus from the Ninth Underworld Mountain . I came to the human realm on a mission . Once my mission is completed, I will have to return to the ghost realm . At that time, we will have to part . We should not, for a moment’s bliss, suffer eternally .

“I don’t know about the future . I only know that now, as long as we love each other, even love for the moment will last forever . You You, I love you…”

The lotus from the Ninth Underworld Mountain? Wasn’t the ninth underworld mountain the divine mountain from the rumors? Could it be that it wasn’t a rumor, but was true?

Black Lotus…

When she thought of the portaining hanging on the door in the little realm, there was a little black lotus growing on the river .

The Azure Emperor’s beloved woman was a black lotus?!!

Before she had time to digest this information, the picture suddenly changed and the environment was different once again . It was as if it was showing little bits and pieces of their interactions .

You Yue was inside You You’s body . She watched as they interacted, feeling their joys, sorrows, sweet and disappointing moments .

Seeing how similar Azure looked to Mo Sha, she couldn’t help but to think of him .

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If it was Mo Sha, would he be like this? Would he do things like that…

“You You!”

Azure suddenly cried out and pulled You Yue’s attention back .

She looked up and what met her gaze was the Sky Splitter Devil sword that was coming closer and closer!


Sky Splitter went through You You’s body, and she grabbed onto the sword . With one hand she attacked her offender, hitting him right in the chest, taking his life on the spot .

“You You!!” Azure flew beside her and hugged her . Her black blood flowed all over him . “You You, You You, don’t be afraid . I’m healing you now . You will be okay . ”

He comforted her with his lips, but he couldn’t stop trembling .

You You grabbed his hand, wanting to use the other to gently touch his face . However, she only made it halfway there before she lost the energy to continue .

“You You…”

Azure grabbed onto her hand and touched it to his own .

When she touched his face, her face broke out into a smile .

“Azure…” You You started, black blood leaking from the corner of her lips .

“You You, don’t speak . ” Azure saw the blood leaking from her mouth and cried out to stop her, “You You, don’t speak . I’m begging you…”

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Tears leaked out from the corner of You You’s eyes . She looked at him, who was on the verge of falling apart . Her eyes were as sorrowful as his . However, there were some words that she still had to say .

“Azure, don’t be sad . You know this . Those who are killed by the Sky Splitter cannot live . ” She forced herself to smile at him . However, her smile was desolate .

“You You, I will help you find a way . I will definitely rescue you . ” Azure’s tears started to pour .

“Don’t waste your energy . Sky Splitter kills the body and disperses the soul . Nobody can survive it . ” You You spat out another mouthful of fresh blood, “Actually, whether or not you rescue me is not of importance now . Even if I survived, I would… have to return… to the Ghost realm . I’d still… . Still have to leave you . To be split, yearning forever… I’d rather… die and… forget each other . ”

“No, no . I don’t want to forget you . I will never forget you . We will be together forever . ” Azure hugged her, warm tears dripping on her cold body .

“Azure, being able to meet you, love you… this has been the best part of my life . I initially wanted to leave my soul behind to accompany you . ” You You lowered her head and looked at the Sky Splitter that was still stuck into her, “It’s a pity that the sky splitter will not permit it . Those who are killed by it lose even their souls . I’m sorry, I cannot… stay with you anymore . ”

“I won’t let your soul disappear!”

Azure wanted to hug her and take her to the doctor, but she stopped him .

She shook her head weakly, “Azure, don’t waste your energy . It’s useless . You might as well spend this remaining time with me . I do not want to leave all alone . Stay with me, okay?”

“You You…”

Sima You Yue watched as Azure’s tears flowed down his nose and eyes . He really looked… ugly!

“Compared to returning to that dark place, I’d prefer it like this . Leaving in your arms, with you to send me off . ” You You smiled .

“You You, I will stay with you forever . ”

“I know, I believe you . ” You You gently retracted her hand and placed both hands on the sky splitter, saying, “I would like to accompany you forever as well, but this is impossible . I would like to do something before I die . ”

“You You, what do you want to do? I’ll help you . ”

“You cannot . ” You You could not bear to look at him, “I know that you want to eradicate this sword . But you’re not strong enough, and do not want to let it continue to harm others . I’ll help you seal it . Once you break through to the monarch rank, you will definitely be able to get rid of it . I can help you seal it for ten thousand years . I believe that you will become the emperor rank by then . ”

“You You, You You, what do you want to do?” Azure grabbed onto her hands anxiously, not letting her do anything .

You You pried her hands out and grabbed onto sky splitter . Then, she turned to look at him, wanting to burn his image into her brain forever .

“When I’m gone, you must live well . Ugh-”

She spat out a mouthful of fresh blood and felt her life slip away . She had no choice but to push Azure away as she stood up . She pulled sky splitter out of her before stabbing it straight into her heart .

“With my body, sealing spirit, Ninth Underworld’s spirit, lend me your divine power . Seal-“

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