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Chapter 804: 804

Chapter 804: Burn Burn Burn!!!

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Time passed by in silence for a while . When sima You Yue finished reading his memory, a dense aura of hatred poured out of her .

“A person like you… it’s only right that you’re dead!” She punched him in the chest and a slow flame started to spread from her hands, engulfing the person until he was nothing but a bunch of charred remains .

After her attack, Little Birdie flew back into her hands . When they saw her flame, Jiang Jun Zhe’s pupils contracted .

This flame…

“Junior Brother, what’s wrong?” It was the first time that Han Miao Shuang had seen Sima You Yue this way, and was a little frightened by her .

“Inside his memory, apart from him receiving some cruel practices in some unknown place, all he’s done is kill, kill and kill! For a few reasons that even he didn’t know, they could slaughter entire cities . And not only once!” Sima You Yue said .

“What a bastard!” Han Miao Shuang was incensed as well when she heard it .

As Spirit Masters, they would not usually go after the average person . These kinds of people, who would kill ordinary people for no reason, were the most despicable .

“Then have you gotten any information about what happened?” Ximen Feng asked .

Sima You Yue shook her head, “The leader of their group was very strict in terms of information . This person was the lowliest assassin, and would only act to fulfill orders . He wouldn’t ask anything . There isn’t any information to be gleaned at all . Even if they were all together, they had never seen each other’s real appearance . The only useful information would be that their boss had a scar at the corner of his eye . ”

“So we don’t know what our next plans are?” Su Xiao Xiao asked .

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“Not a clue . ”

“We initially thought we could get something after finding this person . Who would’ve thought we wouldn’t . ” Kong Xiang Yi said, “Even those in here don’t know what’s going on . It would be even more difficult to scout for information outside . ”

“I hope the school will be able to succeed somehow . ” Sima You Yue collected herself and stopped herself from being so angry . Otherwise, it would be bad if she was distracted during a dangerous time .

“Let’s go in . ” Han Miao Shuang said when she saw that she had calmed down .

“Mm . ”

The few of them kept their wits together as they walked inside . This time, they didn’t encounter any spirit qi .

“Will there be any unknown creatures here?” Kong Xiang Yi followed Ximen Feng as she asked .

“Don’t think so . ” Ximen Feng said, “This cemetery has been around for a long time and has a barrier isolating it . It would be hard for those spirit qi and things like that to appear . Before, there was something protecting it . But it couldn’t live till now anyway . They say that ancient beasts are more powerful than they are now . These types of cemeteries are also more safe than the current ones .

It was true when she thought about it . They had come in for such a long time, but no spirit qi had attacked them . It was really safer than the average cemetery .

“Zz zz zz-”

Sounds of flapping wings came from in front of them . Hearing the sound, there must be a huge wave of them .

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The sound came closer and closer, closer and closer, but nobody saw the appearance of any spirit beast .

“The mirage worm is coming . Everyone, be careful . ” Jiang Jun Zhe said

The mirage worm was only the size of a fingernail, and did resemble a beetle somewhat . Its body was translucent, and you couldn’t even see it’s organs . There were just two black dots at the front and end of it . Which was why, when the group of mirage worms flew over, all they saw was a mass sea of black dots .

Ever since they heard something, everyone immediately released a flow of spirit energy to cover their body . When they saw the mirage worms flowing over, they immediately attacked them .

Everyone decided to use fire attacks on these types of colony-type spirit beasts .

Wave after wave of mirage worms were burned, littering the floor with their corpses .

“The shell of the mirage worm is really tough . The average flame won’t burn them up completely . ” Han Miao Shuang lamented as she looked at the carcasses .

“just focus on dealing with your mirage worms . Careful or they’ll bite you!” Su Xiao Xiao put out a ring of fire and burned them all . He couldn’t help but comment when he saw her sighing over there .

“My Xiao Xiao is so good . How would he let me get bitten, right?” Han Miao Shuang said while battling the mirage worms .

The first wave of mirage worms were burnt away before they even had the chance to launch an attack . Then, the second wave was smarter . Before charging to them, they launched their attack from far away .

It was a pity that these long distance attacks were not a problem at all for spirit masters . As such, they were far away and were hit by the spirit attacks, dying wave after wave .

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“Be careful of the yellow mist they’re spraying out! Don’t breathe it in!” Sima You Yue told Ximen Feng and Kong Xiang Yi .

Kong Xiang Yi happened to be surrounded by the mirage worms and saw the yellow mist and hurriedly stopped breathing when she saw them spray the yellow mist . She didn’t breathe it in .

“Bullying those of us who don’t have the fire attribute, eh?”

She took out a little bell and inserted some spirit energy into it, giving it a light shake . The bell released a clean light sound .

The sound waves came from all directions, and when those mirage worms heard the sound, they became sluggish and their battle abilities slowed .

Han Miao Shuang saw the reactions of those mirage worms and couldn’t help but praise, “What a powerful attack!”

In order to preserve her spirit power, they had switched over to using a deviant flame . They could burn tens of thousands of worms at one shot .

Ximen Feng had fire spirit energy as well, but it was weaker than Jiang Jun Zhe and the others . That was why the mirage worms flocked over to them .

Kong Xiang Yi saw that there were more worms flocking over to Ximen Feng, and ran over to him, shaking her bell at those mirage worms .

With her help, the pressure on Ximen Feng decreased and it was easier to deal with them .

“Just how many mirage worms are there? With so many, how could they not have already completely filled the cemetery?” Han Miao Shuang was irritated after having to battle wave after wave of them and she cursed with frustration .

Sima You Yue felt the same . How were there so many of them? She had never felt them before .

Actually, what they did not was that the spirit qi had suppressed the mirage worms so they were afraid to move about as they liked . Now that it was gone, the entire place had become their backyard

They burned them for half an hour, and the whole place was filled with the putrid smell of burnt worms .

Han Miao Shuang kept her flames away, saying, “We’ve been burning them for such a long time . If we were working based on only our spirit energy, we would have been exhausted . ”

“These mirage worms are stupid too . They see their companions being killed, but keep flocking here wave after wave .

“Humans don’t have that great of an understanding of the mirage worm . The descriptions written are merely those shallow understanding from the past, of those who encountered a few . ” Sima You Yue said, “I’m thinking that they must be rather simplistic in thinking and just want to be with their companions . That’s’ why they continue to come when they see their companions dying . They don’t think of running away . This is rather similar to the other types of herd animals . ”

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