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Chapter 798: 798

Fan Lei, Big Wei, Little Wei, and the rest were shocked . This guy actually used scarlet honey to barbecue?

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This was too luxurious!

“You Yue, I now know you are too good! I am really blessed!” Han Miao Shuang hugged Sima You Yue as she jumped excitedly . She kissed her on the face .

Everyone stared at them in astonishment . It was basically unruly!

“Alright, aren’t you ashamed!” Sima You Yue wiped the saliva off her face .

“What’s so shameful about it!” We’re both females .

Han Miao Shuang did not speak out the last part, otherwise, that little girl would blow her head .

“By the way, little junior brother, when we go back, give me a big pot . I want to practice alchemy . ”

Sima You Yue was helpless against her . “Okay, okay, I’ll give you one later .  Now we have business to do!”

“Hmm-mm . Okay!” Han Miao Shuang thought of the big pot of scarlet honey and grinned from ear to ear .

Everyone else was dumbfounded . She was willing to give her a big pot of scarlet honey?

This was too generous!

“I also want one . ” Since Han Miao Shuang could get one, he should also .

“Mm . Each of you will get a pot . ” Sima You Yue noticed Jiang Jun Zhe looking at her . His gaze was obvious .

“Okay! Thank you little junior brother!” Su Xiao Xiao was also happy .

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The teachers’ eyes turned red . Three pots of scarlet honey! All for giving away! They wanted to ask if there were any more? They also want one too!

Unfortunately, their relationship wasn’t very close, so they didn’t ask . But if there were a chance later, they could buy some from her .

“You Yue, this…”


Sima You Yue interrupted Kong Xiang Yi with her finger against her lip, indicating to listen carefully .

After a while, she finally said to Kong Xiang Yi, “The scarlet bees found Jing Wen and the group, but their situation is a bit serious . They won’t be able to hold on for long . We need to hurry over . ”

“Then let’s go . ”

“Sigh, wait a minute . ” Sima You Yue stopped Kong Xiang Yi . “There are so many arrays and Qi spirits here . Don’t move casually . ”

“What should we do?”

“Follow me . ”

Sima You Yue glanced at Fan Lei . Seeing his nod, she told Kong Xiang, “Let’s go . ”

She selected a pathway . Kong Xiang Yi and Ximen Feng quickly followed . Han Miao Shuang and her senior brothers also followed .

The disciples of Kong Valley all went in, but the people of the sect didn’t move .

“Old Fan, should we go too?” Big Wei asked .

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“Go . Since the students of the sect all went, we’ve nothing to do here . Old Xu’s four disciples all went . If we don’t go, something happened to them, when Old Xu returned . He’ll be anxious . ” Fan Lei shook his head . He took the lead and entered the passage .

When Big Wei and Little Wei thought of Xu Jin’s furious appearance, they helplessly shook their heads and followed .

Fan Lei, Big Wei, and Little Wei went, so the rest of the teachers had to follow .

“The path they took is amazing . ” Big Wei followed for a while before commenting, “We avoided all the arrays . The detour took some time, but it saved us a lot of energy . ”

“How did she know the path?” A teacher behind asked .

“It must have been found by the scarlet bees . ”

“Are those scarlet bees so powerful?”

“Scarlet bees are the most powerful out of all spirit bees . No matter whether it is hiding their aura or investigating, they are excellent . ” Little Wei replied .

“There are so many scarlet bees . It is not difficult to check all the passages . ”

Sima You Yue led them for some time, and gradually, they began to hear fighting and screams .

The people of Kong Valley were anxious while Sima You Yue continued forward unhurriedly . They did not dare to rush off .

When they came before a fork in the road . Fighting sounds could be heard from the left passage . Sima You Yue stopped at the intersection and led them to the right .

“You Yue, aren’t the sounds from the left side?” Kong Xiang Yi asked .

“You won’t be wrong if you follow me . ” Sima You Yue focused her attention on the path and did not have the time to explain to her .

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Fortunately, Kong Xiang Yi completely trusted her . She didn’t question her words and continued to move along .

Seeing this, the people of the Kong Valley had to follow . They originally thought they would go the wrong way, but they did not expect to see Jing Wen and others fighting through this passage .

“Let’s go help!” Kong Xiang Yi told a lightning attribute spirit master .

Sima Yu Yue rapidly condensed her spirit power . Before Kong Xiang Yi’s words fell, she had sent out her spirit power .


The lightning bolt struck the spirit beast on top of Jing Huan . Before it dissipated, its claws were a centimeter away from Jing Huan’s heart .

Jing Huan was pressed down to the ground by the spirit beast . He watched the spirit beast’s claws approach his heart .

“I’m done for…”

When he was facing death, his mind went blank . Only three words remained . What would one recall on the brink of death, was this a bluff?

However, the expected death did not come, but the spirit beast was struck by lightning .


He felt pain over his body, but it was not to the point he couldn’t move . When he saw another Qi spirit bringing its fist down, he quickly rolled away, evading it .

“Fighting hand in hand with a spirit beast . You are a brave spirit master . ”

When he heard a familiar voice overhead, he raised his head to witness Sima You Yue grabbing the claw of the spirit beast .

“You Yue?!” He shouted in surprise .

Sima You Yue condensed a flame and added in crimson flame . That Qi spirit was completely burned .

Jing Huan rose from the ground . He said gratefully, “Thank you, you save me again . ”

“Remember to pay me back . ” Sima You Yue smiled . “Let’s end this battle!”

That being said, with everyone’s participation, the Qi spirits were quickly destroyed and a few escaped .

“They ran fast!” Sima You Yue collected her aura and didn’t continue to pursue .

Kong Xiang Yi and the rest also didn’t chase . Everyone regrouped . She looked at Jing Wen, “How are you doing?”

“Cough, cough… . ” Jing Wen was injured severely . He coughed twice and replied, “We’re alright, but they…”

Sima You Yue followed his gaze . There were several corpses in the room, except for a couple of complete corpses, the others were dismembered .

Kong Xiang Yi was silent and then she spoke, “They’re all disciples of Kong Valley . Collect them and bring them back to the valley for burial . Jing Wen, you guys take some pills . ”

The people of the Kong Valley went to collect the corpses,and Jing Wen’s group took the pills everyone offered .

“You Yue, I didn’t expect us to meet so soon . Last time, I heard Jing Huan said you saved them . Before we even have the time to thank you, you saved us again . ” Jing Wen told Sima You Yue .

Sima You Yue didn’t reply . She turned her attention to those passages, “They are coming…”

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