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Published at 7th of April 2020 04:45:07 AM
Chapter 785: 785

Chapter 785: A secret

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“So what happened to Yuan Yuan?”

“If I’m not wrong, she had been attacked by something inside the violet water Swamp . ” Sima You said .

“Spirit Beast? What kind of spirit Beast will do this?” Due Ring thought over it for a moment . She couldn’t think which spirit beast would give this kind of effect and was rather confused .

Sima You Yue stood up and said: “Mirage worm, it’s a kind of transparent, small worm that is smaller than the size of a sesame seed . It’s a mental based spirit worm, and whoever is bitten by it will enter a kind of fantasy, never to wake up . He will merely look like he is sleeping . Inside the fantasy, it’s all beautiful dreams, so whoever is bitten ends up looking serene, constantly smiling . How long has she been asleep?”

“Ten days . Why?”

“For those who are bitten by the Mirage worm, if they do not retain consciousness in half a month, they will never be able to wake up . She’s still alright, she hasn’t passed the time . She can still be saved . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Then can you save her?”

“I can’t do it right now . ” Sima You Yue shook her head, “I have no way to perform acupuncture with my body like this . You can tell the teacher about her condition . The teachers will definitely know how to solve it . They just didn’t know the cause back then, so it ended up like this . ’

“What if the teacher cannot cure her?” Xue Rong said anxiously .

“If she’s still like this after four days, come look for me again . I should have healed by then . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Okay . Thank you very much for coming today . ” Xue Rong said earnestly .

“I can’t help much with my body like this . ” Sima You Yue said

“You managed to figure out the cause . This is already a huge help . ” Xue Rong said, “We will go and look for a teacher to help . If she is still not well by that time, we will still have to ask you for help . ”

*Alright . If it’s not healed by then, just look for me in Parting Garden . ”

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“You’re not well . Let me send you back . ”

“Thank you…”

When those outside saw that Xue Rong and Sima You Yue had come out after only a short moment, they thought that she didn’t know how to cure her, and their faces fell even more .

Xue Rong saw the way they were acting when she came back and asked, “Why do you guys look even more crestfallen than before?”

“Even though You Yue is a doctor, and has been so praised by Teacher Ge, he’s still rather young . It’s normal that he wouldn’t be able to find out the reason why . ”

“Sigh, I even had such hopes . But now I’m even more disappointed . ”

“It’s just a pity that we lost another bit of hope . ”

“I told you that looking for him would be pointless . ”

“What are you guys mumbling and muttering about?’ Xue Rong walked over and told Ma Bo Joan, “Let’s go look for a teacher and tell him what You Yue said . See if we can figure something out . ”

“What? Did You Yue say something?”

“Yeah . He found out the reason why Yuan Yuan fell unconscious . It’s just that he’s injured right now and can’t save her . He told me to tell the teacher the cause of her ailment and to see if the teacher could do anything about it . ” Xue Rong said, “come with me . We’ll look for a teacher . ”

“Okay . ”

The both of them casually informed the rest of their group before heading off to look for a teacher .

“Hey, that Sima You Yue only went in for a short moment, but was able to figure out the reason why? Is he that great?” That small guy from before daren’t believe it, and felt as if it was too unreal .

*I told you, You Yue is really great . ”

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“Didn’t you say you were disappointed just now?”

“Ah? Did I? There’s no way I said that!”

The teacher who had previously taken a look at Yuan Yuan came out from the alchemy room as Xue Rong and Ma Bo Jian came forward .

“Teacher Xu . ” Xue Rong came forward and bowed towards Teacher Xu .

“Xue Rong?” Teacher Xu saw the both of them and thought that they had come to look for him to diagnose Yuan Yuan again, “I have already reported upwards about Shu Yuan Yuan’s condition . The school will quickly contact…”

“Teacher Xu, we have found the cause for Yuan Yuan falling unconscious . ” Xue Rong said .

“You found the cause?” Teacher Xu was shocked .

“Yes . ’ Xue Rong nodded, “We found a fellow sect mate and asked him to take a look . He found out the cause of her falling unconscious . ”

“Sect mate? Which one?”

“Sima You Yue . He said that Yuan Should have been bitten by a Mirage spirit worm . ”

“Mirage worm?” Teacher Xu thought about it deeply, “It is really possible to end up like this if it was due to the Mirage worm . Let’s go, quickly lead me there . ”

Xue Rong knew that he had a way to fix it when she saw the way he was acting . She happily nodded and led him over there .

Teacher Xu checked Yuan Yuan thoroughly and with this lead, it was definitely easier for him to find some characteristics during his examination .

“Teacher Xu, how is it?”

“Mm . It really is a symptom of the Mirage worm . ” Teacher Xu said, “How could I not have noticed this before?”

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“You Yue said that the mirage worm is rarely seen and only present in the violet water swamp . That’s why most people don’t think of it . ” Xue Rong said .

“You Yue? Sima You Yue?’ teacher Xu asked .

“Yes . ”

“So it was him…” Teacher Xu said .

“Does Teacher Xu know of him?”

“I’ve heard a few things . ” Teacher Xu said, “Since we know that it’s the mirage worm, we can save her . But I’ll need seven days to prepare for it . ”

“Seven days? That won’t do . Yuan Yuan has already been conscious for ten days . You Yue said that she can only hold on for five more days . Otherwise, she will never be able to wake up again . ” Xue Rong said .

“Five days?” Teacher Xu looked worriedly at the person lying on the bed . “I’ll discuss this with the other teachers . We’ll see if there’s anything else we can do . I’ll be heading back for now . ”

“I’ll have to trouble you, Teacher Xu . ”

Once Teacher Xu left, Xue Rong left to update the rest of the group .

“It seems that we have to make a backup plan . If Teacher and the others are unable to do it, we can only ask You Yue for help . ”

“I hope Yuan Yuan will be okay . ”

“If Yuan Yuan wakes up, we have to tell her not to speak of that incident . ”

“Even if she doesn’t, news of that will properly spread really quickly . ”

“Even if that’s the case, we still have some time . ”

“If it wasn’t for that, Yuan Yuan wouldn’t…”

Ma Bo Jian walked over and scolded, “Shut up . Do you want to discuss that here? If others heard, we would be in so much trouble!”

Those people immediately shut up after getting scolded, as if they had done something wrong .

Ma Bo Jian and Xue Rong exchanged glances, entering the room together .

“What do you think about what happened?” Xue Rong asked .

“It would be better to wait for Yuan Yuan to wake up before we can figure out what happened exactly . ” Ma Bo Jian said, “If it really was… then we should report it to the sect . ”

“It’s a pity that those brothers… . ”

“There were so many of them, but only Yuan Yuan survived . Once she’s awake, we’ll ask her what really happened . We can only hand this over to the sect . ”

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