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Chapter 783: 783

“You Yue, what happened to you that day? Why did you end up so injured that even Teacher Xu was unable to do anything?” Fatty Qu was anxious the moment he saw Sima You Yue .

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“You Yue, how are you feeling now?” Wei Zi Qi asked concernedly .

Sima You Yue smiled at them as she waved her hands, saying, “You guys should sit down . I’ll tell you in a bit . ”

Bei Gong Tang walked beside Sima You Yue and sat down, saying, “You’re still pale . Why did you come out after only one day?”

“I’m fine already . ” Sima You Yue said .

“You Yue, tell us about what happened that day…”

Sima You Yue said it simply . She told them about how she had been injured by the ghost aura and how Yuan Shao Jie and the others had saved her .

“That thing is still inside your body?” Sima You Lin asked with furrowed eyebrows .

If that were really the case, wouldn’t she be in danger at all times?

“That death aura can’t threaten me anymore . RIght now, it’s because I just woke up . Once i’m healed, I’ll get rid of it . You guys don’t have to worry . ”

“The ghost aura is a thing from another world . Are you able to get rid of it?” Fatty Qu asked anxiously, “Why don’t you ask Principal of Teacher Xu?”

“The principal and my master are no longer in school . If I really cannot, I will find someone else to help me . ” Sima You Yue wasn’t worried at all .

That death aura was now lying contentedly in her body . She was warning it occasionally not to think about triggering the dark aura in her body .

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When she thought about the death aura that had come out earlier, she was rather puzzled . She had always thought that she only had dark attributes in her body . She never knew she had death aura . Even crimson flame and Mo Sha didn’t know .

As such, she was always unsure whether or not her mother was from the devil clan or the ghost clan .

However, who would have thought that the moment the death aura entered her body, the death aura inside her body would appear from who knows where . Also, there was so much of it . Even the reservoir that had come from her spirit pagoda had been half filled by it . It was not less than the dark aura attribute pool .

“This might be the power that your mother left behind for you . ” Mo Sha guessed .


“Mm . I can’t think of where else it might come from . ”

“Maybe . ”

Actually, she had thought of this too . Her mother had left some death aura inside her body . Perhaps it was for the moment where her seal was unlocked, where the dark aura and the light aura would battle . However, she probably didn’t think that her death aura would be drawn out by a bout of the ghost clan’s energy, causing her to almost perish .

“You Yue, what are you thinking?” Bei Gong Tang asked when she saw Sima You Yue zoning out .

Sima You Yue was pulled out from her daze and saw that everyone was looking at her . “Oh, nothing much . I was just thinking about the ranking match . ”


“I heard Director Mao discussing it with another teacher in his office . ”

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“Based on your strength, you should be able to get first place no sweat, right?” Fatty Qu beamed .

“Has the time been chosen?” Sima You Ran asked .

They didn’t know why but the ranking matches had been delayed again and again . It was unlike the ranking matches before .

“Already set . Three months later . ” Sima You Yue said, “We just happened to finish our mission, and can change it for points . ”

“You Yue, if you don’t go anywhere during this time, we’ll go into your spirit pagoda to cultivate . Little Spirit’s place is a lot better than the cultivation pagodas here . The spirit energy is also a lot denser, and there’s more time . ” Fatty Qu opened his eyes wide as he looked at her .

Sima You Yue thought about it and agreed, “But we should still change the cultivation points . You can keep them for times when I’m not around . ”

“Mm . Second brother and I will go . ” Sima You Ming said .

“Okay . ”

Sima You Yue and the others chatted for a moment before Sima You Ming and Sima You Qi returned . They were both smiling .

“Why are you so happy?”

“When we went to exchange them for cultivation points, that teacher said that he would give us twice the number because we took back twenty flamingo eggs . Then he found out that we had gone to Bright Red Mountain Peak, and because of the weird happenings and the upper management had sent word saying that the situation had become more intense, so he gave us triple .

“Triple?” Sima You Le jumped up, “Isn’t that thirty two thousand cultivation points?”

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“That’s right . ”

“Adding on the flamingo eggs, we earned thirty two thousand?!”

“That’s right . After splitting it, each of us gets two thousand nine hundred . ”

“Hot damn, it’s enough to use the cultivation pagoda for eight years! One single mission gave us eight years of access . This is too worth it!”

“That’s because of Fifth Bro . If not for him, we wouldn’t have completed the mission, and might have lost our lives too . ” Sima You Ming said .

“Eldest Bro, if you keep saying that, be careful or I might get mad . ” Sima You Yue smiled, “There’s no need to give me my portion . I don’t go to the cultivation pagoda anyway, so it would be a waste . Also, Little Seven doesn’t need it either . ”

“Fifth Bro, you have a cultivation pagoda, so it’s okay for us not to split the points with you . But Little Seven went with us, it wouldn’t be good not to split it . ” Sima You Ming said .

“Little Seven doesn’t go to the cultivation pagoda to cultivate either . ” Sima YOu Yue thought of Little Seven who was in her spirit pagoda, and was rather worried, “No worries . There’s no need to count for us . You guys can just split it . ”

They knew that Little Seven wasn’t human, so since Sima You Yue said that there was no need, they didn’t count them in .

“Since we have nine of us, splitting it evenly, we each had three thousand, five hundred and fifty…”

Sima You Yue’s face blossomed into a smile . Three thousand, five hundred and fifty cultivation points . This was around ten year’s worth! They could cultivate in the cultivation pagoda for ten years!

“Big Bro You Ming, we don’t need that much either . You can just give each of us one thousand . ” Wei Zi Qi said .

“How could that do? We…”

“Big Bro You Ming, we focus more on our professions, so it’s easier for us to accept missions . We can complete them just by practicing . But for you guys, you waste a lot of time going to accept missions . You need them more, so you can spend more time cultivating . ” Wei Zi Qi explained .

They didn’t lack cultivation points to begin with, so they didn’t mind not having as much points .

“Big Bro, just split it as Zi Qi says . ” Sima You Yue said .

Finally, Sima You Lina nd Wei Zi Qi and the other three got five thousand points in total, Sima You Ming and the other brothers got the remaining twenty thousand seven hundred, with each of them getting six thousand seven hundred and fifty points .

“Over six thousand points . We can stay in the cultivation pagoda for eighteen years . This is too crazy!” Sima YOu Le said as he took his name plate, smiling till his eyes disappeared .

Sima You Ming and the others were elated as well . They initially thought that the rewards weren’t bad, but they actually got so many points in the end . This meant that they didn’t need to go out to complete a mission for a long time .

Eighteen years, this was enough to let them advance in rank!

It was at this moment that a familiar voice was heard from the outside .

“I could hear your laughter from the gate . You were gone for such a long time, and you’re finally back . ”

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