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Chapter 779: 779

It was rare for Su Xiao Xiao to see Jiang Jun Zhe looking decent, so he asked, “How do you know?”

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“Even Master was unable to settle it, so his first option would definitely be to look for Principal Yuan . ” Jian Jun Zhe said, “What was up with that ghost aura?”

“We weren’t around back then, so we didn’t see it personally . ” Sima You Ran said . “We heard, though, that the ghost aura had directly broken through the defenses of many experts before entering his body . We even suspect that the ghost aura was intentionally aimed at You Yue . ”

“Intentionally?” Su Xiao Xiao furrowed his eyebrows, “The things of the ghost realm have already been questionable . If it was really aimed at You Yue, then we have a problem . ”

“Since Master is with the principal, let us head over . ” Han Miao Shuang said .

“We’ll go with you . ” Fatty Qu stepped forward and siad .

As such, the group of them went to the courtyard that the principal lived in . This was the back of the foot of the mountain .

Before they could get close, they felt a wave of power barring them outside . It didn’t let them take a single step near the courtyard .

“Look!” Su Xiao Xiao said as she pointed to the roof of Yuan Shao Jie’s house .

Everyone looked over as a wave of dark energy lingered over the roof . It seemed to want to break through, but was blocked by the barrier .

“Why would there be such a dense death aura?!” Jiang Jun Zhe was shocked when he saw that death aura, as if he just couldn’t believe his eyes .

Xu Jin was currently in the house, looking at the one who had been struck but by the death aura, and the Yuan Shao Jie who had been silent the entire time . His body and mind were slumping .

“Go and get them to return . Even if they came, it would be useless . They would only be scared . ” Yuan Shao Jie said .

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Xu Jin went out and looked at the group of people who were kept outside the barrier, saying, “Don’t come here for no reason . Go back . ”

“Teacher Xu, how is my Fifth Bro?” Sima You Ran asked .

“We don’t know yet . ” Xu Jin said, “With ol Yuan around, he’ll be fine . Don’t linger here, go back . ”

“You’re uncertain, which means that even the principal doesn’t know how to save Junior?” Jiang JUn Zhe said .

Xu Jin’s expression was solemn as he said, “It’s not that we have no way to save him, but, we have no idea about his current circumstance . ”

“Even principal Yuan can’t do it?”

“He can’t . ” Xu Jin said, “Ol Yun said that the ghost aura should have injured him, causing his internal body to naturally activate its defense system . With his body protected, we can’t enter . ”

“Even Principal Yuan can’t?”

“He can’t . But we’re thinking of a way . ” Xu Jin said, “Alright, I’ve already told you a lot . Go back . ”

However, not a single one left .

“Teacher Xu, can you let us in to see Fifth Bro?” Sima You Qing pleaded .

“Don’t you see the chaotic energy spinning around inside the barrier?” Xu Jin glared at him, “You’re so weak, even if you entered, you would be invaded by the ghost aura . If he isn’t healed and you fall, that would be even worse . Just go back already . ”

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“Teacher Xu, we’re already feeling terrible enough that we cannot go in . Just let us stay here and wait . ” Sima You Le said .

Xu Jin glanced at them, noticing that the expressions on the faces were exactly the same . He left with a “Do whatever you want . ” And turned around to go .

Inside the house, Yuan Shao Jie and Ge Lang were standing by Sima You Yue’s bed side with solemn expressions .

“What do you think?” Yuan Shao Jie asked Ge aLang .

Ge Lang was taking Sima You Yue’s pulse when he heard Yuan Shao Jie’s question . He shook his head, “I can’t investigate . ”

“You can’t enter his inner body either?” Yuan Shao Jie asked .

“Even if you can’t do it, how could I?” Ge Lang said, “However, although I haven’t entered his inner body, I have a guess . ”

“Why don’t you tell us?” Xu Jin came in and asked .

“His physique . ” Ge Lang said .

“His physique?”

“Do you remember the devil king who led his devil clan to break into the human realm that year?” Ge Lang asked .

“Mo Sha? Of course I do . He was the only devil king in a million years to lead a devil clan army into our human realm . ” Xu JIn said, “What does that have to do with this?”

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“I’m guessing that You Yue and that person have the same physique . ” Ge Lang said .

“The same physique? You Yue isn’t of the devil clan . ” Xu Jin was still protective of his student .

“Of course he isn’t . ” Ge Lang rolled his eyes as Xi Jin . This guy’s IQ really fell to zero whenever the people he cared about got injured . “But you know what kind of physique Mo Sha had, right?”

“Wasn’t he of the devil clan? What kind of physique could he have?” Xu Jin’s brain was still on pause .

“Mo Sha used to be a human, just a human from that place . ” Ge Lang stuck out a finger and pointed up .

“He was a human? Then how did he end up in the devil clan?”

“Because of his physique . ” Ge Lang said .

“His physique?”

“Divine Devil physique . ” Yuan Shao Jie spoke .

“I’ve heard of the Divine Devil physique before… you know of it too?” Xi Jin looked at Yuan Shao Jie . Did he know it or not?

“When the light physique and the dark physique appear on a person’s body at the same time, they end up having the Divine Devil physique . ” Yuan Shao Jie explained, “That year, Mo Sha’s mother was from there, while the other was from the devil realm . It’s rumored that those with the divine devil physique can never escape the explosion of their bodies . LAter on when he grew up, who knew what he did, but he chose the dark physique . He survived and became a member of the devil clan . ”

“Could You Yue be like that too?” Xu Jin was at a loss as he looked at his disciple, “He won’t also end up exploding right?”

“Shouldn’t you be worried about whether or not he’ll survive this round?” Ge Lang looked at Xu Jin speechlessly .

“But you and Ol Yuan are here, right?” Xu Jin still believed strongly in them .

“You guys can’t settle this issue, so how could I . ” Ge Lang said .

“But when you spoke of the divine devil physique, your expressions were not anxious . ” Xu Jin said .


“Do you think that You Yue has the Divine Devil physique?” Xu Jin said .

“He is a human, of this I am certain . If it were the simple act of inserting a bit of dead aura, he would not have ended up like this . In the past, I had seen someone get hit with devil aura and death aura, but they didn’t end up like that . ” Ge Lang said, “But now, his body has instinctively protected itself, isolating itself from the outside . This is the biggest possibility, that he has the divine devil physique . His divine devil physique of both the human and devil clan . ”

Xu Jin watched as the death aura on Sima You Yue’s body increased in density as he sighed, “So you’re saying that You Yue’s father or mother are members of the ghost clan . I wonder whether or not he knows this . ”

“I’m guessing that he does know . ” Ge Lang was a little rueful, “The Divine Devil Physique… The moment the balance is off, the body will explode . One way would be to balance the power . Alternatively, refining the body is also a possibility…”

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